There’s More Where Donald Sterling Came From


Earlier today, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver bans the owner of the NBA team L.A. Clippers for life, which means he is barred from attending any basketball games or practice. However, Sterling is still the owner of the team and there are votes and petitions being produced to try and remove him from being the team’s owner.

Some may see this as a victory in regards to racial harmony. I think otherwise and here are my reasons:

There are different kinds of racism which makes the world go around, from racism in aesthetic preference to institutional racism. Institutional racism will always exist, just as all forms of racism. It takes every races of people to have a world; it is not intended for every individual in the human race to look exactly the same as one another. Otherwise, what kind of nation would we have? Institutional racism still exists in corporate and blue-collar America and it will, even if Donald Sterling relinquishes ownership of the L.A. Clippers NBA basketball team. The reason why the hammer was brought down hard on Donald Sterling (a rich, old, feeble and possibly impotent white slumlord who previously faced lawsuits for spewing nasty comments about his reluctance to rent out property to Blacks, Hispanics and Koreans) was simply because he is the owner of a team in the NBA; a franchise which is 80% black, thanks to it’s players. Any franchise whose main demographics are discriminated against, even by it’s owners will be ostracized at some point. But let’s not think of this as some type of advancement for people of color, because it is not!

To put it simple, this is business!

The NBA is 80% black. Corporate America is not. Therefore, institutional racism against blacks will always exist, especially since those who are running the show are still reluctant to employ blacks because of their fear of ‘black rage’ or their fear or losing their ‘power’ to other races of people. Corporations and currency will survive, with or without black America, unless people stop having children and spending money on shit they really don’t need. Even though blacks have strong buying power, truth is, even without black dollars, capitalism will always survive, unless again fertility rates and consumerism declines. Let me add, blacks love buying bullshit they don’t need to impress people who could care less even worse than high-paid suburbanites and it has only worsened over the years. For a clearer example of this, I suggest to anyone to read the lyrics of Kanye West’s All Falls Down.

Remember, this country was built on racial extermination, racial degradation and slavery, which was also a big business. Natural dislike or intolerance for other people will always remain unless the human race is completely wiped out (which I’m sure the Christian religious nutcases would enjoy, simply because their lives are just downright awful). If the NBA was dominated by 80% white males, or if Sterling was the owner of a MLB or an NFL team, do you think there would be this much outrage?

Donald Sterling obviously is conducting himself like most ‘normal’ white guys in America whose ancestors were rich, alumni or slave-owners; i.e.: white men who despise black men, but loves black pussy. His ‘GF’ V. Stivano is a black mulatto, who is mixed with Mexican and she was the one who constructed his demise by recording the said conversation Sterling and her had about his hatred for black men (which has to be fueled by black dick envy).

In other news, this is also a prime example of how stupid the male species can be to believe that they can confide in ‘friends’, side chicks, mistresses or even certain family members. This proves how lonely most men are, hence their desperation for friendship. There are so many men like Sterling who have been betrayed and publicly humiliated by their fuck buddies, colleagues, mothers, friends and strangers, based on their assumption that they can spill their guts out and that it can be entirely off the record. This can only fuel a certain form of cynicism amongst powerful, free-thinking individuals to the point to where they may become like hermits and herbivores who choose to conduct themselves as wolves in sheep’s clothing. My mother did tell me that the ability to patronize people is powerful. People do it every day in almost every single human transaction (even when it comes to dealing with family gatherings, escorts and marriages). The ability to patronize people deadly, but strong and is also the essence of things like commerce and even ‘game’.

The same thing happened with the racist L.A. police detective Mark Furhman in the O.J. Simpson trial. He could have gotten away with his nasty comments about blacks, but he chose to bring that attitude to work with him, which worked against him. That said, you never know what people’s motives are unless they unconsciously tell on themselves or confide in the ‘wrong’ people. So, why is anyone surprised? Why so much public outrage? Scarier thing is, others may feel the same way Sterling does, but even worse. Yet, they’ll just take it to their graves or reveal their true colors under faceless identities, aliases and stage names on internet blogs and such, so that their identities will not be exposed. “I hope that every bigot in this country sees what happened to Mr. Sterling and recognizes that if he can fall, so can you,” Sacramento Mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson states, but we all know that will never come about entirely.

That said, let’s not act as if this is some sort of progress just because one bigoted sports owner (who probably has black penis envy) is banned for life from the NBA, only because he got caught with his panties down. Never assume because one man told on himself and was fined $2.5M implies that racism in its entirety will end or that other individuals (players or owners) will even reveal their motives and true colors in their entireties. I am more than confident that in American sports or other franchises and careers, the ones who are running shit have this same opinion/attitude about certain people who they just don’t like. They just haven’t got caught or they understand the art of silence and cynicism. Or maybe Donald Sterling was just not that important to the point to where this incident was similar to opening Pandora’s Box.

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