Are The Japanese Herbivores a Bunch of Dickless Wonders or MGTOWs?


Asian males are typically not highly sought after by women in the sexual marketplace… not even by segments of the women of their own nationalities.

At first, I thought that the Japanese Herbivores are mostly dickless and disinterested in sex. Upon further research, I’ve discovered that these guys (some of them) are like certain members of the increasing male movements in western society, such as Manospherians, MGTOWs and bachelors who are likely to be highly intelligent guys who simply have a large disinterest in mediocre females, LTRs and the traditional wife-and-kids routine. I suppose this is becoming a disturbance for traditional life in Japan, since it – like most Asian cultures – embraces shit like traditions and ‘family values’. This, along with female hypergamy (which includes certain Asian women’s lust for tourists, white and black studs), creates the ultimate recipe for low fertility, thus independence, cynicism and options. I suppose this is a disturbance because traditional Asian cultures are too damned traditional and were probably not ready to accept a generation of those choosing to live like those ‘selfish, womanizing or slutty, promiscuous westerners’.

In that case, are Asian males becoming overachieving eunuchs? Or are they prime examples of the MGTOW movement filled with men who choose to become selfish, happy dickheads who spend their money and free time on all things in relativity to instant gratification (hookups, video games, nightlife, casual sex, paid sex, etc.)?


Asian guys can be really cool to hang out with and I find I can engage in great conversations with them about life, culture, parenting, economics and academics. I respect them in regards to their dedication to achievements in the degrees of business, academics and certain forms of the entertainment industry (Anime, historic East Asian art and the Golden Era of Hong Kong Cinema in the 1980s is far superior to most American art and cinema). The reality is that Asian males are not very desirable to most women, unless you count nerdy white Mensa types or other non-westernized Asian females who do not like tourists (white or black males).

Upon reading Black Passenger, Yellow Cabs by Stefhen F.D. Bryan, I was amazed of how retarded some Japanese men are, plus how the author (a black Jamaican man with a ‘fetish’ for Asian pussy) feels that feminism is seriously needed in Japan. According to Bryan (and I’ve observed this myself), Japanese men have a serious traditional stronghold on their women. Japanese women were not allowed to stay out late or move out of their parents’ houses unless they were married with children. Even in divorce cases, the women move back in with their parents to guard female independency (which includes hypergamy and promiscuity). Japanese men also saw no problem jeering at male rapists for ‘asserting their manhood’. Yes, I’ve heard lots of stories of retarded East Asian parents interfering with their daughters sexual development, snooping through their daughters’ dorm rooms and such. But I’ve also heard of Asian celebrities (Chow Yun-Fat included) whose mothers interfered with their relationships by breaking their sons up away from their significant others.

I mean, I know East Asian cultures embrace the ‘stone age’ and are autistic to some degree. But something still tells me that Middle Eastern women have it the absolute worse. East Asian women are really starting to break free from traditional strongholds and certain segments of the Asian male populace is very unhappy about that. Again, the fragile male ego overclouds rational thinking and nature taking it’s course.


As I briefly mentioned in a topic about Southeast Asian women fawning over black studs, I’ve encountered too many instances of Asian guys despising the very thought of their women dating, having sex and children with white and black men. These moronic, hateful, needle-dick losers would yell out their curse-words and insults vehemently, labeling Asian women who date interracially as ‘whores’, threatening to inject AIDS needles inside of the veins of Asian female/ White male couples. Even going as far as blaming porn and western society for the future dilution of the Asian race or that Filipino women will not understand a word of Tagalog just so they can live like a bunch of Jersey Shore kids who love promiscuity, clubbing, raving, drugs, alcohol, etc.

And you would think black people are the only ones who had this thought process due to their intolerance of miscegenation. Once you get a bunch of jealous beta males together and hear them converse, they become identical to a bunch of angry black women who are lonely, fat, pissed and disturbed who can’t get dick to save their sad-ass fucking existence!

On top of the previously mentioned, there is an increasing culture of Japanese herbivores. I mean, these people avoid spending money, yet they live on welfare! Only a few may be interested in a culture of hookups and casual sex while avoiding LTRs and marriage; a path most high-value men of all ethnicities have chosen (my prediction is that hookup culture and paid sex will prevail over all other interactions between the sexes). Others conduct themselves like autistic, ‘slow’ grade school children and beta chumps who obsess over video games, online girlfriends, cafes, pornography, junk food and meatless, vegetarian diets.

I’ve mentioned before that even for black men who avoid marriages and believe that ‘Bitches Aint Shit’, they just aren’t that dickless.

In addition, fertility rates in China and Japan are severely decreasing, whether the Herbivores are to partial or entirely to blame or not. This just cannot be blamed on infanticide or stereotypical forms of population control in overcrowded territories anymore. Asian females are becoming more increasingly attracted to western culture and western men (tourists, white and black studs and betas). And it doesn’t matter whether the women embrace their nativity or if they are obsessed with someday becoming Americanized, if they are not FOB (fresh off the boat) or western-born.

American men who choose to disconnect from society have the options most Asian men do not have, since Asian men are not seen as masculine sex symbols. Therefore, western men are not interested in becoming dickless wonders, unless you count white male cuckolds who enjoy watching their wives and girlfriends having her face painted or being tied down and sodomized by a bunch of black men or hardass alpha men with physiques of bucks and mercenaries. Again, even for the black men who have gone through hell and scalding water with black women, some actually have the balls to go out and find other resources without resorting to lunacy, rape or pedophilia (not to say black rapists and pedophiles are nonexistent). But again, black men just don’t play that shit!


As far as East Asian cultures having tendencies of the autistic, as Advocatus Diaboli mentions repeatedly, there is merit to it. This has nothing to do with symmetry, but everything to do with boring the hell out of everyone with their mindless traditions, hardcore conformity, consistent over-achievements and face-saving. It’s painfully obvious, simply based on their greed and their obsession with tradition and trying to create a strict, marriage-based undercurrent. They strive to be ‘superior’ to everyone else who are living ‘amoral’ or ‘immoral’, yet they have no street smarts and, let’s face it, regardless of how high their IQs may be, they have not an ounce of ability to wet panties, nor can they drive worth a damn. They make big stinks out of simple provocations… I’ve seen some get highly defensive once you ask them if they or any of their friends knows martial arts, as if it is an embarrassment.

While some men do not deserve the degree of emasculation handed to them, based on histories of enslavement and a disrespect for the agencies of the female gender and other races, some emasculation dished out to certain men are well deserved. I know people aren’t going to like me for saying that shit. I also know folks will hate me for saying only the alphas really deserve good pussy. Because they grabbed life by the balls instead of allowing someone to castrate and bronze theirs. Why does a beta or anyone else deserve something they are simply not qualified or presentable for? Only losers in high places complain about it’s women not fawning over them and choosing high-value guys. I know men who live in L.A., Miami and Houston (for example) who complain about how women not showing them any love. What they fail to simply conclude is that high places and big cities are laced with studs, ballers, gamers and flashers. That said, can you ever compete?


I have to ask, is Asian male castration real? Or is this a representation and/or result of how masculine they really aren’t, according to their possibility of being at the bottom of the sexual food-chain? Maybe it’s a sign of guys valuing themselves now more than ever. Some say these men are allowing their own demise because their devoted and strong family orientation makes them bigger manginas than white guys. Yes, very few choose to hop the fence. Yet, when have you heard of Asian guys traveling abroad to smash multitudes of white pussy? How many Asian guys can attract or form LTRs with black and Latin women?

Instances of female hypergamy leads to MGTOW, which will eventually dominate the future, even though female hypergamy and feminism is momentarily more potent than MGTOW. But then again, if most desirable males choose to live by MGTOW-like ethics, who will impregnate these females? If there’s no desire to reproduce, then will this be the end of mankind? This is why African-American women become livid and bitchy when they see black men avoiding monogamous unions in general or simply choosing to sex up women outside of their race. They feel that these things create black genocide and will be the demise of the black family. Other races of men are hopping the fence, just like a certain amount of black men.

4 thoughts on “Are The Japanese Herbivores a Bunch of Dickless Wonders or MGTOWs?

  1. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “threatening to inject AIDS needles inside of the veins of Asian female/ White male couples.”
    White Nationalists/Supremacists who are sincere about their opposition to ALL race-mixing should do that, if they don’t want to be seen as beta.

    That will backfire on them, just like all other incidents of their devotion to oppressing other groups of people has. But more importantly, thank you for exposing yourself. As far as being seen as “beta”, I’m afraid it’s too late for that. The damage is already done and some of those guys are furthering their own cause. Thank you!

    1. Oh shut up and stop crying you dipshit, and lick on that pussy you beta westerner faggot. Lick it OUT of juice, I filled it with 🙂

  2. Thing is that bitches aint worth my Time. I just go around, fuck one or two in the evening and kick them out of my house.
    It is because we, humans are different to women. We are intelligent, brave, strong. We adapted, survived, hunted, build empires and we are coming up with tech innovations.

    Bitch can only spread her legs when men ask her to do it. To any other thing bitch is useless.

    That is why I like to keep all my bitches in line.
    Without strong manly hand, bitches is just a pathetic bunch.

    Westerners are dickless faggots, owned by their sub-human bitches. They are even more pathetic bunch than the pussy they dream of. That is pathetic.

    LMAO. I won’t go as far as saying “bitches are useless”, but… Play on, playa!

    It is good to have a huge pussy pounder as mine, I use to kick bitches in the face with it too.

    And that face when you are merciless to the pussy, she is angry little for a while but right after she know her place and suck on that white meat spreading her legs! It always works. 🙂

    Pussy power is only as strong as a man’s ignorance – or lack of options.

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