Game Spawns Losers in High Places


Before I begin, I want to briefly explain the concept of game as it pertains to the American dating scene. First, we all should comprehend with the fact that game is a form of competition against other ‘opponents’ for trophies and grand prizes. The same exact rules apply in sports, business, relationships, etc. All cutthroat elements involved includes a desire to dominate ‘opponents’ or subordinates — the practiced one-upmanship causes participants to perform underhanded, slick and sneaky acts to reach the finish line, whether it’s worthwhile or not.

Here’s a prime example of game or, more literally, pimping.
This clip is from the 1973 movie, The Mack, starring Richard Pryor.

Game and PUA is only watered-down and plagiarized pimping and macking; a concept created and popularized by black men way back in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, pimping and prostitution is ‘illegal’ and was made so only because black men started getting into the game of prostitution, adding white females to their stables and getting tax-free dollars. Most people with balls and half a brain disregard and have no respect for this ‘law’ simply because it is an assault on common sense and the reality that you always pay for pussy in one way or another (be it via marriage, child support, alimony, dinner dates, drinks, a pair of heels, etc). Unfortunately, America is such a sex prison country that there is high scrutiny brought upon sex workers and their patrons (unless you count the porn industry, which is severely retarded). Pimps, however, are given lengthy prison sentences while sex workers and their patrons are hit with misdemeanor charges. Because of this and the fact that women are only interested in less that 25% of the male population, the rest of the unfortunate male populace resort to becoming chronic masturbators, cuckolds, sex offenders or bottom-feeders of game and pickup artistry, which is a recipe for unforeseen fuckery.

Listen up. If you have what it takes to get high-quality or even mediocre pussy on a regular basis (paid or unpaid), why are you reading books by RooshV, Tariq Nasheed, Neil Strauss or any other books about why nice guys get the leftovers? While it’s not as bad as listening to pseudo-manginas such as Paul Elam, Tommy Sotomayor or Sergeant Willie Pete or those TFL (True Forced Loneliness) looney-ward rejects on YouTube complain about female sexuality causing them or their ‘communities’ pain, why waste your time and money reading this shit?! Why practice game in a generation where women are giving up ass and pussy faster than groupies at a Lil’ Wayne or Eminem concert?

While I have no qualms with showing people there’s a better world than the drudging undercurrents they may be adhering to, most self-help advice are scams. Gaming women is exclusively based on scams, hypnosis, Jedi mind fucks and numbers games. Game books (just like relationship books aimed towards women by mangina authors) are purchased by losers, just like porn is majorly consumed by guys who can’t get none and doesn’t have what it takes to have a variety of females on rotation, in case one acts shitty or dodges them. Men like these feel as if they have no other alternative, because they have far too much pride and are more castrated than the Japanese Herbivores.

The upside of game is that it exposes how women play men like idiots and it tells men to never take shit off of women. Simultaneously, most game pushers complain about female sexuality, the loss of traditional family values and they engage in slut-shaming and idiotically tell men that they can literally get away with running the show on a woman’s dime, like pimps, cops and conservatives seem to enjoy. If you do not believe me, listen to some of the things Tariq says on some of his radio show episodes.

I usually listen to Advocatus Diaboli, Tom Leykis and Player Supreme when I feel the need to listen to knowledge about life in general. I admit to listening to RooshV, Tariq Nasheed and the likes when it comes to business, the differences between westernized and non-westernized women and call-outs. However, I do not go beyond that.

Learning about game and how to pimp, mack, play or game women is not something a man like me needs to hear. But for mama’s boys, betas with low self-esteem, the sheltered and guys who can’t get pussy to save their pathetic lives (even if they went to a Freaknik or a Girls Gone Wild convention full of drunk college girls), RooshV, Tariq are larger than Christ. In addition to that, those whose sex lives are a bore or nonexistent, they would rather listen to the sex lives of others instead of creating their own. These are not the kind of guys who I want as friends, let alone ones who I can speak with for more than several seconds, because they are basic and products of mediocrity and possibly matriarchal babies. These are the kind of guys who purchase Axe Body Wash after watching those pathetic commercials, assuming this will make the ladies pull their panties down.

Game spawns losers in high places, plus larger slews of men making themselves vulnerable by approaching women at gyms, grocery stores, shopping malls, Starbucks and other places where women aren’t even trying to be approached. I know guys who approach females at Meijer after reading a game article that suggests this, only to have these females who are trying to shop in peace either ignore these losers or react to them in a wintry cold fashion. This causes guys to be barred or be made examples of by the owners of certain establishments and trust me, I’ve seen it happen. Nightclubs and sports bars are also filled with undesirables and hygienically foul losers trying to game 3s, barhoppers and ditsy drunk chicks, only for some to discover themselves with hard dicks, empty wallets and fake phone numbers. Because the ladies are simply not attracted to these retards or are already aware of their motives, these women wind up gaming them in the long run. The science of attraction plays a huge role in this as well. Just like high-value men, women can easily look at a man’s aesthetic appearance and listen to his conversational skills and determine whether or not she wants to fuck him, friend-zone him or simply duck and dodge him.

I remember one night at a club, 7 years ago, a white girl approached me and conversed with me. We both were interrupted by a middle eastern dude who approaches me, trying to patronize me and shake my hand, telling me that I resemble a celebrity. The white girl rolls her eyes and tells me that she just rejected his advances 5 minutes before noticing me and I knew right then he was jealously congratulating me for doing what he could not, which was charm this young white girl who sat beside me. I’ve witnessed many scenarios where white chicks at nightclubs roll their eyes and disrespect Arabic, Indian and even suit-and-tie black men for trying to approach them, only to leave the clubs alone with their girlfriends or with hardass street thugs wearing thermals. Situations like these are common in nightclubs and today, I avoid nightclubs (unless it’s NYE) because they are a waste of time.

I’ve witnessed how game works on Facebook and certain arenas of America nightlife. Even then, those who ARE getting a multitude of ass score chicks from social media sites, Plain Jane girls and wind up with an incestuous ring of bedfellows who actually know eachother, based on him gaming a female and her friends or female family members. This is an example of how some guys are just happy to say they are getting more than others, putting quantity over quality. And when the guy is through with her, he’ll air out all of the ladies’ dirty laundry to other guys before moving on to the next chick, thus turning the former chick bitter.


Gamers push fake expectations by spewing that certain tactics will guarantee wetting panties, when it causes men to jump through massive amounts of hula hoops, committing circus acts and to lose their minds to keep a chick by his side. This same lunacy occurs in the game of pimping. Game causes men to put women on pedestals by providing unnecessary attention and praise, which can be done by hypnosis, smooth talk or men railroading eachother over mediocre pussy, yet they simultaneously complain about why feminism succeeds and male ‘movements’ fails repeatedly. Men fail eachother and they fail their own sons over stupid bitches. These are setups for failure which causes certain type to fall flat on their asses and their faces. All of the game in the world will never stop a chick from tossing date-rape charges at dudes or being faced with other tragedies or freak accidents. Yet and still, people embrace game like those who embrace feminism, religion, the manosphere, capitalism, cultural pride and other assorted fairy-tales.

Then again, game peddlers target their demographic, just like politicians, cops, educators, Oprah, Tyler Perry and conservatives who profit from stupid people. Do you really believe these people will sacrifice their own bankrolls and demographic by telling them what’s real?

Stupid people are supposed to be kept clueless and controlled to keep the gravy train running smoothly.

This is one reason why I choose to spend my time and money on 5-star professionals (mostly mulattos) who looks similar to the likes of Jhene Aiko, V. Stiviano, Alicia Keys or better. It’s a 50/50 transaction where both parties receive everything they desire, with no drama, disappointments or disturbing surprises. Even if I have a bad experience with one sex worker, it’s always a valuable experience while being less expensive in finance or emotion. Once I started escorting, I met this fine-ass woman who is like my dream girl. I showed a close friend a photo of her and he lost his fucking mind, because he never saw someone as beautiful as her and even he admits to taking trips to Latin America. He says to me, “Damn, I want her mama! Kudos to you having high standards.” He continues, “These social networks are for the less fortunate men who can’t afford high quality females!”

I would rather a man pay for sex with 4s and 5s instead of gaming women (who are mainly below 4s), turning them bitter. Then in her own act of vengeance in order to heal her pain, she gets close to some nice guys and fucks them over or turn on her male offspring with a ‘sins of thy father’ complex. It happens all of the time. This is a dog-eat-dog world and people need to find their niche instead of trying to be cool and look cool to where they aren’t being honest with themselves, let alone their ‘prey’.

Game is a scam, just like most self-help advice that is found on blogs, written in books or shown on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and the list goes on. While game does work on most females. But it can backfire and it causes men to play themselves short and to become patronized and believing his own bullshit like pathological liars.

One thought on “Game Spawns Losers in High Places

  1. Reading your posts make me want to kill myself. I’m a black beta loser virgin. I know I will never be like you and get pussies wet. It’s killing me inside, man. I just want to kill myself.

    Dude, it’s not that serious. I love pussy probably more than the next man, but I refuse to allow it to control my life and be the end-all be-all. Grow a pair and get some damned confidence!

    My only hope is escorts, but I don’t know if they will be a good experience for a socially stunted sap like me. The thought of such intimacy scares me. But I want to fuck so badddddd.

    Try it. It’s better than engaging in debauchery such as ‘game’, which can backfire on you or patronizing mediocre women.

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