Feminists and Manospherians are the Same Beasts, but With Different Snow Jobs and Demographics: 01

It has been my desire to create this post and I know it is guaranteed to irk some people. This is not my intention as I do not say things for shock value, but telling it like it is will guarantee the disruption of the status quo, which also involves shattering some egos. I chose to divide this topic up into several different posts, because it is a vital subject and because I hate long-winded posts.

Advocatus Diaboli admits that loyalty to your own species is counterproductive, especially in this generation. This is why I do not engage in stupid shit like cultural pride, racial pride, gender pride or gender wars.

Larry Elder once said about America’s politics that Republicans and Democrats are the same beasts but in different rhetoric. My reason for agreeing with this is that both are lapdogs for the same corporations and capitalists who could care less about anyone below middle class (though Democrats pretend to care about lower-class ‘citizens’ by offering welfare, jobs and such). The same can be said about America’s battle of the sexes. Feminists and Manospherians (which also includes PUAs, Gamers and some MGTOWs) are the same beasts, but with completely different snow jobs (exaggerations) and demographic.

Without going into long summaries about the various types of feminism or the various types of manospheres, let me first begin by saying that they both have the same qualities, which makes them both similar to one another. There are certain feminist theories which do not perpetuate male emasculation, just as there are certain manospherian theories which are not misogynistic. However, feminism has more power and gains more nationwide attention than any type of versions of male empowerment. And this is not because women outnumber men by at least 10:1 (30+:1 for black males). Demographics for feminism is much larger than those for male empowerment, even though globally, male dominate all resources of power (with the exception of ‘pussy power’). One reason could possibly that men are too preoccupied with themselves (their careers and their own desires) than to worry about toxic ideologies and behaviors from the opposite sex. Or maybe they have not experienced being shitted on or attacked by hoards of female vultures. Or it could be because there are men who refuse to put up with shit from any woman and is already empowered by his own brand of virility, physically, psychologically or otherwise.

Feminism (regardless of the type) happens to be beneficial for nearly all women, from college girls and power-hungry bitches to lower-class trash and rape victims nationwide (even those in third-world countries). Even in certain scenarios where feminism is unheard of, females learn and benefit from eachother’s fortunes of past tragedies (even though some females may hate eachother openly or secretively).

How many women do you hear attacking women of prestige and power whose demographic mainly consist of women, girls and manginas? For example, how many women do you hear vehemently attacking the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Angela Burt Murray or Alexys K. Tylor? Or even females who get away with heinous crimes against men, such as Lorena Bobbit or white trash like Courtney Love, whether they agree with their stances or not? As retarded as it sounds, there are handfuls of AA women who praise the aforementioned women who did not leave any real contribution to American sociology, even though they shudder at the thought of black men dating white women. Why? Because it feeds into their own bitterness and inferiority complexes. They feel that these pathetic women put fear in the hearts of men (which is honestly what some feminazis crave). This is representative of misandric feminists wanting nothing more than to be feared by men, because it gives them the power.

There are men who support feminism, but these types are not in it for ‘equality’ or to protect women from tragedies such as rape, miscarriages or domestic violence. Most men who support feminism are self-enabling manginas who believe that by them doing so, they may magically uplift some family structure (which is a joke), or they idiotically believe that coming to the aid of women (or playing Cape Crusaders for Damsels in Distress) will get them sex or because they were abused by their fathers, stepfathers or their mother’s boyfriends. Believe it or not, young boys who witnessed their mothers being abused by men become some of the world’s greatest Captain Save-A-Hoes alongside with conservatives. If you don’t believe me, ask Tyler Perry and Jewel Woods (a self-proclaimed ‘male refusenik’ who wrote a ridiculous book against black men engaging in sex travels).

There are handfuls of women who do feel that feminism is not only “creatively stupid” as Ann Coulter would have said, but they also feel it harms women more than it helps them.  This is simply because many forms of feminism demands equality, yet treats women as if they are incapable of making their own choices, good or bad and that women need mentors, suitors and guard dogs to guard them or protect them from their own ‘bad behavior’, treating them like kids… to protect them from engaging in natural forms of sex with ‘those evil men’. Simultaneously, they come up with tactics like fat-shaming or slut-shaming in order to them to get free passes.

Again, stupid people are supposed to be sold dreams to keep the gravy train rolling and I’ve said this about game. This is what makes the likes of Oprah, Tyler Perry and daytime talk show divas so successful, by profiting off of stupid women. As Tom Leykis said not too long ago, if you ever wonder why most American women are so fucking stupid, look at who they look up to and who they turn to for information about life and men in general! This is where I side in with free-thinking women and even certain manospherians and say that feminism is a joke. But the manosphere is an even bigger joke!

Manosphere cover 2

In regards to male empowerment blogs, or dare I say Manospherians, only very few of them are really about informing men on how to improve their lives by acquiring currency, better health and enriching their lives with travel, finances, education, various methods of physical fitness, avoiding the unfortunate and the unlucky and having sex with the world’s most elegant females nationwide. Only few of them will tell men how to write off bullshit and be fathers to their sons. Even then, only few of them really practice what they preach and they provide methods and self-help advice they themselves aren’t even following. Granted, some feminists are the same exact way. It’s like taking dieting advice or relationship advice from people who are in worse shape than those whose in their demographic who they sell dreams to. Feminists, however, have such a large demographic to where they have cash cows. Manospherians just are not that powerful or influential. Not even gamers or pickup artists who write endless kindle books on how to get pussy are as influential or contributing to society.

PROOF: Oprah is worth more than 50 RooshVs!


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3 thoughts on “Feminists and Manospherians are the Same Beasts, but With Different Snow Jobs and Demographics: 01

  1. lol, you are equating MRAs with red pill, just like feminists do. they are not the same.

    What makes you say that? I have zero problem with red pill theories and those are reflections of the real and ugly side of humanity. MRAs differ, even though they also practice RP, but some manospherians also practice RP. The manosphere, like many MRAs, are a bunch of losers, whether they worship RP or not. I live by RP theories, but I am far from a MRA or a manospherian.

  2. the manosphere describes every blog that is about men. that includes, you, the black pill, my blog, mgtow, pua, red pill & mras. any blog that is about men or men’s issues is part of the manosphere. but you keep using that word like it’s only mras.

    Even if that is the case, still, feminism has a much larger and potent demographic than the manosphere does. My reasons for why that is is located in parts 2 & 3 of this trilogy. Nothing wrong with being a MGTOW or believing in Red Pill theories. However, most manospherians bring nothing to the table but contempt, like feminism does and is full of pissed-and-proud people who want to vent instead of helping men out to make their lives better.

    Again, we hardly live in that kind of world anymore and I refuse to be linked to a bunch of whiners or scam artists who refuse to grab life by the balls. Now granted, some manospherians I do respect as they offer methods for making the lives of other men vital and to caution men about horror stories or ‘whore-ror’ stories. Others do not and they even railroad eachother for extra brownie points. I am all for self-improvement and self-reliance. As far as bitter MRAs and Game, fuck them. Game is lame and I would only join forces with MRAs if feminists succeeded in making flirtation and male sexuality a crime. Even still, rules are meant to be broken!

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