Feminists and Manospherians are the Same Beasts, but With Different Snow Jobs and Demographics: 02

Picking up where I’ve left off in the first part of this series, I will continue to discuss how feminists and manospherians have similarities, though they both are two different ideologies with totally different demographics. Both, however, have their amounts of toxicity, even though feminism is way more toxic than the manosphere. Feminism is more of a success than the manosphere for reasons being that men do not honestly have eachother’s best interest. Such as the MRAs who will shame men for not getting pussy, but once guys get sex with hot females and ‘bad bitches’ on are regular basis, these same MRAs will accuse the fortunate few of sabotaging men’s rights. MRAs are quick call the studs ‘pussy beggars’, while begging the government for protection from pussy, as RooshV once stated!

Feminists and manospherians remind me of tabloid and headline news junkies who have no self control and yet, they constantly seek approval and the opinions of venomous people, knowing it’s going to piss them off, instead of moving forward. These ideologies not only corrupt daily life, but the internet as well.

I’ve mentioned before that if you are already dedicated to getting in shape, there is no need to engage in fad diets, providing you intake very low amounts of sugar, salt, fat and carbohydrates. Plus, exercising daily is paramount, but watching your food intake is even more vital. Certain diet regimes do not work for everyone because everyone’s body type differs. The same goes for dealing with the opposite sex. If you already have what it takes to make panties get pulled down or if you choose to pay for sex with 5s and 4s, there is no need to read kindle books and blogs about game or manospherian blogs or YouTube videos about how unfair female hypergamy is.

You can either complain about how unfair life is or go out and find bad bitches who want to get spanked, choked and sodomized in the ass by you. Most manospherians choose the former, instead of taking action and control of their lives. High-value women in the sexual marketplace don’t piss and moan about oppression or ‘those evil men’ and high-value men don’t have time to make endless vlogs and blogs about how fucked up women are, let alone read books about other guys raising hell, simply because they are too occupied raising their own hell.


In regards to game, it is embraced by some of the biggest losers who can’t get pussy to save their lives, particularly because they either have no social skills or they have been sheltered most of their lives by their matriarchal ‘caregivers’. Manospherians and game patrons dream of fulfilling sex lives, yet complain about the loss of family values, female hypergamy or illegitimate kids or they chastise women for being simply opinionated. More importantly, the manosphere is such a joke because, unlike women (regardless of their paths and preferences), men do not stick together as much as they used to – which is why there were powerful empires and civil rights movements that lasted for decades. Even though certain segments of men discover they have commonalities, men are often involved with doing their own thing and they all have individualistic route, which I do not protest at all.

There was a time when men would not only focus on their achievements, but they would also work with other guys and show them that there’s so much better than what their communities have tried to force upon them. We just don’t live in that kind of world anymore.


This is not because nostalgia sucks and we have more advancements today, but again, people are too involved with their own selfish desires to where they will sell you out for mediocre pussy or meager prizes and treats. I myself have seen guys try to help other guys out only to regret it, because of ego, laziness, lack of appreciation, one-upmanship or because dirty secrets were shared with outsiders and agents who were not supposed to know certain specifics. Men – especially black men – do not stick together because for one, men have various premonitions, even though they have similar interests. Whether women in individuals have various interests, they realize that they all have commonalities… The only men who create strong pacts are businessmen, men at war and are those who want to rise above female oppression, if such even exists… or white supremacy.


Men sell eachother out and beat eachother to pulps over mediocre pussy, money, votes, financial gain, etc. While some manospherians are devoted to sharing with the world how good they’ve got it, others can be described like the certain kind of emasculated guys in America and Europe: Emasculated drunks who cannot get over the fact that they are losing economic power and control over their own women who choose guys better than them or who just simply will not take their abuse. They become drunks, homosexuals and whiners who use lots of drugs or who are just bitch-made anyway.

Before discovering the manosphere, I’ve discovered a group of black men on YouTube back in 2009 who made vlogs, sounding worse than manospherians with their complaints about black women’s attitudes, hypergamous tendencies and their choice of hypersexual studs and bad boys. Then, there’s retards like the True Forced Loneliness movement who threaten women with rape and violent acts via internet, simply out of their anger or being rejected by women.

But let’s face it, some women are the same exact way. Women also sell out their own brethren, their children or communities for alpha dick, delusions and welfare checks. African-American women are notoriously known for this shit.


“I have a strong suspicion that the majority of women understand, at some level, that most of the guys they are supposed to be happy with are actually nothing more than credulous and easily manipulated morons.

Most people (especially men) are stupid suckers who get conned, fleeced and exploited and yet they will never accept they were conned in the first place. They will just vent their cognitive dissonances online and call it the ‘manosphere’.” ~  Advocatus Diaboli

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