Feminists and Manospherians are the Same Beasts, but With Different Snow Jobs and Demographics: 03

Picking up where I’ve left off, I am finalizing my contempt… oops, I meant my view of how feminists and manospherians have similarities, although one ideology is more potent than the other.

As for demographics of feminism and the manosphere, the former has a much larger audience than the latter, because groupies of feminism consists of women and children. The manosphere has a ‘no girls allowed’ platform for various reasons. Both, however, consist of pissed-and-proud and broken people who were fucked over and bullied at one point in their lives and they either refuse to accept it or they realize it very late in life, as if they are slow or born with autism and slow development.


Oprah has a much higher demographic than RooshV, Tariq Nasheed and all game/PUA practitioners and manospherians combined. Oprah had enough money and influence to further her sexist agenda in Africa by opening up an all-girls school, which was hit with a sex scandal (female teacher sexually abusing three young girls). Idiotically, her demographic chooses to stick by her and worship her like a ruler.

Feminism and the manosphere both perpetuate useless gender wars, even though feminists are much more biased than men are today. It just has to be seen an quietly observed to be believed. They both tell their brethren to not tolerate disrespect from the opposite sex and they both expose a lot of the games that men and women play. So while feminists and manospherians are the both the same beasts with the same unhealthy amounts of cynicism, slick copouts and misanthropic behaviors, they both have different audiences, sponsors, snow jobs, motives and playbooks.

The male playbook has been kept discreet for years (‘the game is to be sold, never told’) until insiders and traitors exposed the playbook and cheat codes. The female playbook, however, is much stronger and has more influence over the general female populace. Women, however, tell on themselves and openly expose their skeletons and their hatred for men because they generally can get away with it. In other instances, scandalous female behaviors and conversations they have amongst eachother in public settings and on social networks just has to be observed quietly.


Both ideologies embrace their own brands of stupidity. Both ideologies think they can get away with telling their audience that it’s okay to run the show on someone else’s dime (even though feminists have gotten away with this in America’s public schools and in marriages where the husband is the chief breadwinner). While certain feminists want to make flirtation a crime while simultaneously having no problem with landing themselves a better deal, certain manospherians choose to avoid women and sex in general. Both ideologies and their supporters need eachother and feed off their opponents’ negative traits and attitudinal patterns. I do believe that game is lame and all the game in the world won’t stop a woman from exploring her options. Likewise, all of the feminism in the world will not stop women from chasing studs, selling sex or dickteasing, let alone rewire the male species’ nature of puberty, the laws of attraction and obtaining hard-ons while bitch-watching. Both are like cults, religion and conference centers which caters to weak people. Both are equally destructive to those who serves as their target audience because dreams are being sold in addition to the laziness and victim mentalities (like rape culture) that are being bred.

America profits from victim mentalities enough as it is, with all of the self-help scams, religion, relationship experts, psychiatrists, doctors, attorneys and law enforcers that survive from it. If everyone were happy and engaging in natural human behaviors, victim pimps would not get as much ratings, prestige and cash flow. In the case of America’s gender war, victim mentalities are further perpetuated for personal vendettas and ego instead of financial gain. But what’s strange, too, is that in relativity to America profiting from people’s stupidity, women make up 80% of America’s consumers. Women (hell, black people alike) have lots of buying power in the USA, so this also caters to feminism in ways I choose not to get into right now. I can write a book on how American ‘experts’, law enforcement, fashion designers and self-help bullshit artists profit off of women and other people who have low self-esteem. It’s amazing how even though men make more money than women, women spend more money than men. In some strange way, this can also be the reason why male empowerment movements are such a joke!

Truth is, feminism and the manosphere are both safe havens for certain people who were exploited, mistreated and mind-fucked. The manosphere is a Godsend for white guys (and a handful of black guys who complain about hypergamous and promiscuous tendencies of black women who choose roughnecks) who were sidetracked, cuckolded and who feel emasculated by women and some of these losers just don’t like black men, due to their hidden penis envy. The same way black women embrace feminism (which did not really benefit them) to the point to where they beat their own men to dust and worry too much about being disrespected, rather than being respectful of themselves and everyone else, yet they complain about black male sexuality and black male reluctance of choosing boring Cliff Huxtable wife-and-kids routines.

The manosphere really isn’t a movement. Feminism is, especially since these women have financial help from the government and have economic power to carry on with their movements. Not to say women do not have their own blogs where they talk bad about men because of their lifestyle and sexual preferences (the same way Donald Sterling recently attacked former NBA player, “Magic” Johnson for his past sexual promiscuity). There’s even a low-key feminist movement entitled Vagina Power. But even though pussy power is only as strong as a man’s ignorance, that has more power than any form of male empowerment. Why? Because men give into pussy power way too much. Too many men have allowed themselves to fall prey to pussy power by listening too literally to too many women tell too many lies that they want a nice guy, while nice guys stand at the very end of the lunch line, forced to take the cold scraps that no one else wants or that everyone has breathed all over. That is where the manosphere comes in.


While feminism has invaded and corrupted various aspects of human nature to where men are scared to do what comes naturally, it has mind-fucked many white men and even many black men to where it bruises and bashes their egos and now they make manospherian blogs free of charge with no financial stability to carry out any serious form of male empowerment, yet women are still being overvalued and made to feel they are worth more than what they are. This is not to say that feminism is not a joke, because even career and goal oriented educated women have the aesthetic performance and psyches of chaotic dog shit. Today’s American Women may be focused and career oriented, but this doesn’t hide the fact that these women have psychological issues and almost 80% of black women are overweight and obese. The strong, independent, don’t-need-a-man demeanor suits them well and their aesthetic performance reveals just that!


As far as feminism and race relations goes, let me be clear on something: I have no problem with white female feminism at all, even though it has bit a lot of white men in the ass and yes, some of that shit is well deserved, due to the ugly history of cruel and savage things white men have done to not only women, but blacks, Indians and other ethnicities of people so that they can cheat their way to the top of the food chain. White feminism, however, used black women to further their cause, only to sidetrack them when their feet were in the door. Black women took feminism to a new and abhorrent level to the point to where now, the ugliest of feminists only exist in the AA community, but it’s only labeled as ‘matriarchy’. It has got to the point to where most black men and men in general tend to avoid these women like viruses, or choose to retaliate by purposely impregnating or gaming (mind-fucking) these women, thus turning them bitter. AA women are now seen as laughing stocks in the dating game. At the same time, public schools are ran by bitch-pitching feminists who overvalue girls while avoiding the plight of black boys. Even places like college universities are ran by feminist ideologists who try to dumb down, intimidate or psychologically attack men, until they meet the few real men who will not allow it. Then, there are Captain Save-A-Hoes, spoiling fathers and other enablers who spoil women so much to where these women place themselves on pedestals, carrying those pedestals everywhere they go, not realizing the havoc they wreak upon society.

Regardless of how cancerous this is in regards to human nature, can the manosphere ever match this potent national retardation?

Another reason why feminism is more powerful than the manosphere is that women of all ethnicities in America benefit from and flock to feminism for their own individual purposes; to either empower themselves through business and hypergamy or to attack males for their own egotistical gratification. The manosphere does benefit men in America, but let’s be real… How many manospherian blogs cater to anyone other than white males (other than Return Of Kings)?! Others believe that the MGTOW and manospherian movements are only for white men, by white men and that black men have no business joining movements created by people who are jealous of or hateful of them (and you can tell most manospherians are conservatives anyway). Not many black men openly embrace MGTOW (though many have MGTOW-like tendencies), let alone the manosphere. As far as game goes, game is nothing but legalized, plagiarized and watered-down pimping.

Another reason why feminists always carry the upper hand is because of the male’s insatiable desire for sex, even from mediocre women. Now I know that when it comes to levels of sexual desire, women’s sexual desires are much higher than men, but women turn down sex from men at a much higher rate than men turn it down from women. Especially since America is a sex prison country, men are forced to be desperate and chase mediocre tail, causing them to look like buffoons. Women can get dick any time she wants, so therefore, it is no big deal to her. Men do not have that luxury and as a result, they spend their time gaming and chasing women, which causes fat, ugly, broke-down, prune-faced bitches, ghetto hoodrats and white trailer trash to feel they are worth more than they are. Men do not realize their desperation immediately gives these women the upper hand.


“…if there is a gender war, it is the only war where people have no problem sleeping with the enemy.” ~  Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Feminists and Manospherians are the Same Beasts, but With Different Snow Jobs and Demographics: 03

  1. On the subject of race and the manosphere: Dunno if you’ve ever heard of the guy, but thesoloist penned a great article about why black men don’t much care about the manosphere. I link it around when I can, his blog is unfortunately defunct but it’s up on the web archive, thankfully. Check it out:


    Thank you for that article. It is indeed spot on, plus it exposes the stupidity of some black men (or men in general) still having desires to marry, have families and emotional connections with women, in spite of all of the hardcore, concrete evidence written in stone. And yes, matriarchy (Feminism 1.0) has hit the AA community hard and as a result alongside other reasons, high-value black men want absolutely no parts of this retardation. Again, I thank you!

  2. The Manosphere demographic is mostly lower-middle to lower class white rednecky type dudes.

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