FULL MOVIE: “Remains of a Woman” (1993)

I’ve decided before I go on my summer hiatus to post a link for the full movie called Remains Of A Woman. I have briefly mentioned this movie in my blog about Nice Guys vs. Alpha Studs.

Released in 1993 in Hong Kong, this movie is inspired by an unfortunately real life story about a love triangle gone sour in contemporary Hong Kong, 1989. Remains Of A Woman is one of the two Hong Kong films (both released in 1993) that told the story about this love triangle laced with drug use, BDSM, dangerous catfights and a couple of sprung women who fall head over heels for an American-born Chinese man, named Billy Chan (although his real name was Patrick Wong), who gets these women obsessed with BDSM, drug-induced sex and mind games. One night, one of the two ladies gets “accidentally” killed by Billy and one of the two sex partners (named Judy Yu here) who becomes increasingly obsessed and possessive of Billy. Though Billy and Judy were both given the death sentence, Billy falls for a bible-thumping girl who visits him in prison, which causes a retrial to occur years later a retrial occurs, which leaves Judy to take the rap, being played by the alpha stud and his new Catholic religious girlfriend who, much later, turns into a third insatiable freak.

According to HK law, if a retrial occurs, regardless of proof and evidence leading to conviction, a person can be exonerated and set free, unless the person admits to the charges.

Film director Clarence Ford gave this story an erotic touch-up with his usual elegant film-making and cinematographic techniques. The real story was not so erotic, remorseful, nor as beautifying as the film director makes it out to be. Clarence Ford makes Billy Chan (aka Patrick Wong) a more likeable alpha stud, in addition to the women not being so dysfunctional (although Judy Yu aka Brenda Wong – played by Carrie Ng – has severe issues). A more realistic movie that really shows the ugly side of this 1989 bizarre love triangle was depicted in another Hong Kong movie, entitled Legal Innocence, which can be seen right here:

This may be the only time you will see these two movies, because unfortunately, they were never released on DVD. Only VHS, VCD and Laserdisc. For those who decide to view Legal Innocence, watch at your own discretion, due to it’s level of horror. Unfortunately, an uncut version of Legal Innocence is hardly available and was cut 5 times for gore. What does remain is pretty remarkable.

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