Elliot Rodger and the Rise of Autistic and Frustrated Nice Guys


For those of you who have not heard about this incident, Elliot Rodger, the son of the assistant director for The Hunger Games, had gone on a suicide mission on Saturday, May 24th, 2014. What triggered this incident was Rodger’s disappointment and frustration due to the opposite sex’s lack of attraction of him. To put it as simple as possible, Rodger was not only sexually frustrated, but he was also a misogynist, an egomaniac, a possible manospherian (he has made vlogs on YouTube voicing out his unhappiness and exposing his possible victimhood of mild autism and Asperger syndrome) and he is not a poster boy for a lot of the unfortunate males in western society who women have zero interest in. Regardless of his father’s popularity and financial stability or the young man owning his own BMW, Elliot Rodger apparently was not a Top Gun (i.e. one of the men in the 20-25% range where women choose from, due to their hypergamous tendencies and being insanely picky on who they sleep with). The ego was his pimp. Therefore, he was still unable to get pussy.

Now, this is a very complex issue to me. I do believe that if men would take better care of their mental health, physical appearances and acquire currency, their lives would improve sexually as well. But the reality is that… the world needs maintenance men and ditch diggers, too! Elliot Rodger was barely 20 and to be honest, most young men in their 2os have no clue about how to frequent female escorts and that sort of thing. I mean, very few do, if their youth and societal upbringings would not prevent them from looking that far, wide and deep into life’s possibilities. Most guys in their 20s are still impressionable, stupid and get their asses kicked a lot.

In my view of things, if more men would stop chasing, sitting on the bench watching other studs score touchdowns before them and stop gaming women, they could have it good like all the pooners or ‘mongerers’ who rent time with 5-star supermodels, the world would probably be a better place (although many men would refrain from LTRs, marriages and reproducing with mediocre women). Something also tells me that if Elliot Rodger spent some of that money on escorts, this incident would have never happened and the people whom he murdered, including himself, would still be alive today. Then again, I could be wrong, because while some guys want some type of mutual emotional connection or traditional love, others are just downright batshit insane. Case in point? James Holmes, aka the Colorado shooter who murdered several people at a movie theater in the Summer of 2012. James Holmes also had mental illness, but he was also ahead of most young men his age. I say that because even he frequented escorts, was smart enough to know how to frequent them and also had a line of hookups via social networks. Advocatus Diaboli provides lots of information about James Holmes, his mental state and why he was so pissed. While some sex workers’ patrons are high-end males, many other patrons are average or below-average men who have some type of physical or psychological discrepancies that go unchecked for years. But hey, even they have biological urges that need to be see’d about too, am I right?


I am not surprised, nor shocked at this incident because I have seen this coming from miles away. This is not the first time some loser male with a twisted soul went on women-killing rampages due to their own insecurities and limp-dick shortcomings. Decades ago, it was Charles Manson. In 2009, George Sodini (a possible TFL enthusiast) went on a murder spree at an LA Fitness gym near Pittsburgh, PA and murdered several women before offing himself. I could bring up multiple examples of sexually frustrated, eunuch men who have gone on suicide missions out of sexual frustration, allowing their frustration with the opposite sex to become an outlet of anarchy, but for one, that would make for another blog topic. Two and more importantly, I am only mentioning the most honorable – or dishonorable – incidents.

Some argue that this is a misogyny issue and I disagree, due to it being more of a mental illness issue, even though misogyny and male frustration does play it’s part, hugely. While misogyny, mental illness and violence are three different things, combining the three together is lethal. However, the same thing would happen is misandry, mental illness and violence collaborate and though it has happened before (Aileen Wuornos), women do not go on man-hating mass-murder sprees as much as men do. However, I would not put it past a female to go on mass-murder sprees just because white male patriarchy and feminism alike states that women are “the weaker sex”. Women can successfully kill off males in multitudes not with physical violence, but by knowingly and intentionally spreading HIV to her male sexual partners. Unless they fall in the well-known sex worker category, society gives these women free passes and go as far as providing them with psychiatric counseling.

I know those dudes from TFL, PUAHate and a few manospherians will hate me, just like feminists and the pompous women at Jezebel.com alike will not like what I have to say, but I could care less about their criticism of me and my theories. I am not here to impress them or anyone else. I know that I disagree with a lot of their platforms, so the feeling is mutual. Fuck it. It may be very harsh of me to label Elliot Rodgers a ‘loser’, but again, fuck it. He was. I am not labeling him as a loser because he was a 20-year-old virgin (I didn’t break mine until 20 and I am damn happy that I waited because for one, my sex life was not really awakened until I turned damn-near 30 – a time when men can have the greatest of the litter once he becomes established). I label guys like him and other frustrated nice guys losers because they have fed into society’s bullshit, which makes them bloom late in life, if they fucking bloom at all. Even if most game advice is a scam, it can work only to a certain extent, providing guys do not overtly appear to be something they are not.


I also consider Elliot Rodger types to be losers not only because their ego clouds their ability to use logic and be reasonable with themselves and their surroundings, but also because they chose to buy the dreams sold to them by lying female vultures who say they want all that lovey-dovey Hallmark cards with the flowers-and-candy bullshit, only to make the nice guys sit on the bench while touchdowns happen in the field of pussy by guys who score and disappear. Aforementioned elsewhere here, too many young men are brainwashed by their mothers, public schooling and religious centers to be nice guys and they go along with that advice, regardless of all of the concrete evidence written in stone that being nice will not make the girls bend their asses over. People choose to believe fairy tales that are sold to them. All this does is create more Elliot Rodger, Anders Behring Breivik, Charles Manson, Anthony Powell (YouTube alias: Tony48219) and George Sodini types.

Now, I am all for female or male hypergamy. I am all for women and men rejecting advances from certain persons who they do not find desirable. I am all for women having the right to reject guys and tell them ‘no’. However, the worst advice we can ever give young men is to be nice to women or anyone who has the natural ability to screw them over. That old advice is counterproductive. It’s equally damaging as preaching old, traditional theories about getting good grades and going off to college in an age where job uncertainty, youth unemployment and capitalism is at an all-time high. This perpetuates nothing but mediocrity and herd mentalities and only few who has the balls to deviate from the norm will experience the world’s greatest wonders. In a post-feminist society, women are sidetracking average dudes for top guns now more than ever. This natural selective behavior has also invaded non-western countries simply because selectivity is a very natural trait, regardless of gender.

Bottom line: Regardless of how much money you have or who your father is and regardless of which geographical location you choose, never underestimate a woman’s innate and insatiable appetite or ability to land herself a better deal. And ain’t a damned thing you can do about it!

I will not knock on wood when I say this and though I do not want this to happen, Elliot Rodger types will be on the rise and incidents like this will happen again, especially in a post-feminist. If and when it does, America will not have anyone to blame but themselves. This will be due to societal conditioning about accepting female dominance as the natural order of things, which includes an increase in raising manginas, feminists blocking funding and sponsorship programs for men’s health while overvaluing women, raising nice guys who allow women to walk over them and lie about how they want nice guys, but brush them off for pipe laying Neanderthal assholes who fuck and run (score and disappear), especially if the chick is smothering, a nuisance or if he has women on rotation. These people are preparing young men like fat cows ready for the slaughter. So ladies and gentlemen, be afraid. Be very, very afraid!


Women are only sexually interested in 20-25% of the male population. That said, I’m sure some women are innately applauding the suicide of Elliot Rodger, but they just will not let it air out. I’m pretty sure many feminists would not shed a damned tear if the other 75-80% of the male populace were killed off. I do hate that this incident happened, but maybe this is some possible karma of spoiled children of privilege. I know now that while some manospherians will make excuses for Elliot Rodger types, feminists will also want to blame the manosphere, pickup artistry and game. Well, if manospherians are guilty of creating such monsters, feminism is even more guilty. Both manospherians and feminists would rather focus on overblown examples of misogyny and misandry instead of concerning themselves with how unbalanced Rodger was. And this is what the fuck I am talking about when I say that feminism and manospherians are the same beast, but with different snow jobs (exaggerations) and demographics (with feminism being a stronger force than the manosphere). This is also the reason why feminists boycott guys like Warren Farrell and Tariq Nasheed from speaking at college universities, in addition society’s failure to detect mental illness in young boys early on. So now that nobody really gives a shit about the mental health and other plights of the American male, situations like this will only worsen before it improves. America has failed in gender relations and I am enjoying myself, watching the show while drinking protein drinks.

Maybe it’s just time for high-value guys to get the hell out of this country before it’s too late. It’s been time.


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  1. Nice essay. I fall more towards the MGTOW corner of our messed up world. I am largely invisible to women. But, when I walk around town, or run errands, the quality of women have taken a tumble. Overweight, ill-mannered, with rugrats in tow – one looks at them and thinks, “What am I missing out on?”

    Sex? Granted, nothing happening there. I’ve thought of going the escort route, but the better ones are out of my budget. Anytime I save up enough for the high end ones, something happens and I gotta spend the money on something else. I view online porn as take-out. The quality and variety are increasingly impressive compared to what there was 20 years ago.

    Companionship? That’s a tough one. The “successful” marriage I see are one where the husband is an old-fashioned provider. That does not mean the wife is still not critical. The demands for better cars, remodels, vacations seems to be never-ending. Such items are out of my budget.

    So, when given the choice between the reality of subpar women with kids/resentments aplenty or solitude, I go with the later.

    From one of the best shows of all time, Married with Children:

    Al: Bud, quick – what’s more important – money or love?
    Bud: Money. I can always rent love.

    Smart and logical dude. The quality of Western women is low and the problem will only worsen, just like the rage of frustrated men who were raised by society to be nice instead of real about their intentions. It has become a bit harder for men to express themselves without females yelling out “rape culture”, which is another excuse for feminists to attempt to try and rewire sexual biology, which is nothing but a joke or another incident of ugly, bitter, burned-out chicks to “cry wolf”. One must always learn to break the rules for the sake of his own sanity and self-respect and discover his options and that, my friend, is exactly what you have done.

    In regards to the average Western woman, you’ve described her pretty well. Not all, but a large number either have no class, no manners, lack femininity, overweight and have multiples of illegitimate kids who they have no clue on how to raise. As Brett Tate said in one of his books, it all looks like one big giant episode of “Cows Gone Wild”. Plus, there is not one mangina or Captain Save-A-Hoe in sight. Womanizing alpha studs are also nowhere in sight, because not only do they have better sense, but they also have options.

  2. “The quality of Western women is low”
    The quality of Western men is not a fraction higher.

    Without a damned doubt. Women are only interested in 20-25% of the American male population. Men only have themselves to blame, in addition to the unfortunate reality that since adolescence, their lives were in the hands of single mothers and female teachers who brainwash them into being the kind of men who they would have liked to have dated. Guys who they wouldn’t have respected in the first fucking place!

    “In every corner of the world and in every epoch of history, the men and women of every culture deserve each other.”
    – Spengler’s Universal Law of Gender Parity

    Add to that the fact that Elliot Rodger and George Sodini would have been institutionalized merely 4 decades ago but because the mental health care system has phased out institutions in favor of out-patient drug therapy we’ve now got a bunch of nutters running loose!

    Yes and it happens with male children in America diagnosed with slight mental defects like ADD, ADHD, OCD, etc. Instead of trying to help or cure these young men, they would rather drug them into obedience. Because it is convenient and will not disrupt the status quo. Besides, as Brad Pitt’s character said in the movie Killing Them Softly, “America is not a country. It’s just a business.”

    Also, the treatment and therapy of persons with mental illnesses also depends on what ethnicity those persons are (which I won’t get into at the moment).

    1. “Also, the treatment and therapy of persons with mental illnesses also depends on what ethnicity those persons are (which I won’t get into at the moment).”
      Get into it! Globalism is nothing more than Western Universalism. There is no such thing as “universalism”, everything is culturally contextual. Christianity used “universalism” to spread its one world religion doctrine and now the entire planet is supposed to be one big Walmart.

  3. Manson was not sexually frustrated. His female cult members were having sex with him and he didn’t directly kill, he got them to kill for him.


  4. I agree with women always looking for the better deal but then the question comes to mind, “Why bother trying if she’s going to leave anyways?”
    It doesn’t seem worthwhile to invest time and money into something that won’t last.

    Right. Knowing that, especially as a man, it is time to focus on YOU!

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