Several More Points About Elliot Rodger

There were several other points that I did not include in my original post about Elliot Rodger. I’ve learned a few more things after my writing about the disturbed young man who went on a murder/suicide mission after being repeatedly rejected by the opposite sex.


His father, Peter Rodger, was not only an assistant director for The Hunger Games, but he was also an art photographer who took photos of naked women’s buttocks as a hobby. Peter Rodgers was an assman. Now, whether or not Peter’s father had sex with these women, we may never know that. It may be possible and I say this only because the guy is a Hollywood filmmaker. You mean to tell me he couldn’t have hooked his son up with some poon and booty? Maybe Elliot was like most guys on YouTube and other frustrated nice guys who complained about women, yet desires love and an emotional connection. I’ve noticed years ago that guys like that are the most traditional, misogynist, feminized or autistic. I know that may be hypermasculine or stereotypical of me to categorize men as sexual beings who only want to lust instead of love, but if that’s the case, so be it. I understand people are different, but this is a prime example of how men are either too traditional or have allowed themselves to be feminized by women who love talking about loyalty and emotional connections, yet they never follow through with their own premonitions. I’m sorry, but women can be so full of shit. This is why I do not read books or focus on shit like “what women want”.

Elliot Rodger has a small history of domestic violence and being taken advantage of by people who probably saw him as feeble. One of his roommates tried to steal from him and take advantage of him. Rodger was smart enough to file a police report on the roommate.

Aforementioned, Elliot Rodger had deep seated issues and an obvious case of Asperger and autism. When you look at family portraits with him and his father, he rarely made various facial expressions. Most of his facial expressions were the same and it was painfully obvious something was innately bothering him and either himself or no one who really cared about him had the balls to trigger the problem. Even before Rodger went on his murderous rampage, he wrote a 140-page manifesto about his hatred for women, in addition to his occasional YouTube vlogs (Rodger posted one video the same day as the raged incident). He had warned his parents of his future anarchic plan. The parents could not intervene in time.

Elliot Rodger

I mentioned before somewhere else that in the USA, stupid people are supposed to be controlled and fucked over to keep the gravy train rolling. I don’t care if the lies spew out of the mouths of feminists, businessmen, self-help “gurus”, teachers, parents, clergy, etc. The USA was built on the backs of stupid people or keeping people in the dark and feeding them plenty of bullshit. I am saying that to say this:

I am certainly not blaming PUAs or gamers for this situation as much as I blame feminism, but PUAs and gamers (who join the dream-selling capitalistic crowd) cater to inflating the egos of lost men who are gullible enough to believe in medicinal-like quick fixes — that if they do 12 & 3 or AB & C, then they can and will get guaranteed pussy. Elliot Rodger did have a BMW, plus his own apartment and could have used them as bitch bait. It did not work. George Sodini went to the gym and sculpted a better body for himself to attract women (which he should have done for himself only). It did not work. Guys buy cologne and Axe Body Wash to attract women, regardless of how fat or hairy they are. Chances are, unless they take the paid route, it may not work. Another unfortunate seller of dreams are single mothers and public school teachers who, just like infomercials and PUAs, that if they buy this cologne, buy this game book or be gentlemen to women, they will come. EEEHHHH! Wrong Fucking Answer!


Rodger may be a prime example of karma being inflicted onto spoiled children of privilege. Not to say the father has ever wronged anyone, but too many children of privilege are given free passes because of who their mothers and fathers were. This massacre represents what happens when spoiled children who never worked for anything, yet believe the world should be at their feet. This is why I referred to the young man as a loser because he was spoiled to the point to where he believed the dreams he was sold and allowed his ego to dominate him to the point to where he became lethal. (However, this pretty much describes boatloads of western females and their fates will differ from that of a mentally handicapped murderer.)

What really bothers me about this situation is that feminazis and their pussy-whipped minions will continue to ignore the root cause of the problem and use this as an excuse to try to further neuter males in general. The real problem will continue to be swept under the rug until there are lumps under the rug. What bothers me even more is that I could have easily been one of the George Sodini or Elliot Rodger types. Fortunately, I was much more stronger than that!

Even for guys like me, I know nobody is going to give you shit. You have to take it and take the risks that come with it. Even back in the old era, no one needed books about game to get pussy. Men hunted for willing participants. But we live in an information era… the same era where western males are becoming slowly disenfranchised and I can understand that. When I fell in love with a chick, she played me. It took about 2-3 months to get over her and right around Christmas of 2011, I met a chick who I’ll rate as a 3. She helped me get over that hump and sexed me up on a regular basis and I also learned the art of laying good pipe. On two occasions, I fucked her for well over 75 minutes. And this was before I started pooning. I didn’t go on a shooting rampage. Yes, I did call my ex out and got over my oneitis and believe you me, it hurt her much more than it did me, because she found out all the softness in me had died and that I was no longer pressed about her ass. I knew that whatever I could not have could be replaced with something superior. I never wanted to go on a killing spree. The problem is that a lot of guys yearn for emotional connections with women as they are either spoiled, egotistical or never graduated from their mommy’s titty nipples.

Upon hearing this, I did assume that maybe it was the wrong choice of vehicle and asked “Could it have been different if Rodger had a Ferrari or a Bentley like P. Diddy’s son has instead?” Yesterday on Facebook, I’ve seen statuses from pompous and solipsistic female dating coaches accusing Rodger of “objectifying” women with his BMW by using it as a bitch bait. In response to that nihilistically idealistic shit, here’s a dose of common sense linked in with basic human biology: Objectification of the opposite sex is part of sexual biology and is a health form of human attraction, all in the name of aesthetics and eugenics. Of course snobby feminazis will use this to fulfill their “rape culture” campaigns and say that trying to attract females with money, eugenics, wardrobe and muscle cars is equivalent to rape. When it comes to dealing with these ignorant women (like most females here in the States), here’s how you fix them:

Avoid them. Do it for yourself and not for them. Do not even walk toward the same path as these women, let alone make eye contact with them. Let these women get a taste of their own rhetoric and then they will definitely start to feel it when men in general stop checking for them and choosing greener pastures. Understand that many times, the best response is no response. Do it for you, not for some possible reconciliation or in hopes that these women will change their ways. Let them pay for that shit dearly. They have the right to have certain beliefs and discriminations like everyone else. You also have the right to treat them like the gum at the bottom of your shoe!

People still question why Elliot Rodger would have committed this heinous act since he and his father were both rich and his father took part in creating one of America’s epic cinematic experiences. I will briefly point out that just because people work or live in America’s entertainment industry, Hollywood or other high-end and big cities does not imply they can function or are balanced individuals. Case in point? Marlon Brando and his family, Anna Nicole Smith, Robert Downey Jr., etc. Even the most prestigious have serious personal issues that are masked until tragedies occur.

I am sure many people – even small segments of the PUA community – would have reached out to Elliot Rodger in order to prevent this incident from happening, but to also show him those greener pastures that may have awaited him. We all know feminist-controlled media and newscasters would have cared less and paid more attention to the victims rather than the victimizer. I know that because that is the attitude that was taken towards James Holmes and even the likes of CNN’s Anderson Cooper would say that he could care less about Holmes, his name, his background and did not even want to give the slightest publicity to such a deranged creature and this is a huge problem. It’s as if people assume that if we ignore the problem and it’s root cause, it will just cease to exist and there would be no need to prevent or detect the problem in advance. This is also why I believe that any future tragedies America is faced with will be self-inflicted.

Elliot Rodger needed help, but there’s more where that came from…

3 thoughts on “Several More Points About Elliot Rodger

  1. The core and only issue with Elliot was CRAZY.

    He had the looks, far above average for an American guy. He had the money, the Hollywood connections and lifestyle. He definitely got second looks from women of all ages as his exotic, ethnically ambiguous (a huge turn on in today’s America) face drove around in that expensive car.

    What turned women off from him was his mental illness(es).
    Women didn’t drive Elliot crazy.
    His crazy drove women away.

    Crazy, yes. But also shy, delusional, slow and asexual to the point to where he had the mentality of a feminist (which one would to to terms with providing they read his 140-page manifesto). He also hated the fact that he was biracial (mixed with Asian) and didn’t realize that yes, being ethnically ambiguous is a turn-on in America (Keanu Reeves is also biracial and mixed with white and Asian and women see him as a sex symbol in America, even before The Matrix).

    Truth is, Elliot Rodger, like Donald Sterling, had a “white privilege” entitlement complex. They both realized – like any other sane person – that regardless of how much money and status a man has, never, ever underestimate a woman’s insatiable desire to step out and find herself a better deal (in this case, a man or men who can do whatever you can’t and better)!

    1. Also, just 4 decades ago Elliot would have been institutionalized. Our crazy houses have been down-sized and phased-out since the 70s in favor of out-patient drugging.
      Donald Sterling knew the score. She provided the walking corpse with eye candy on the arm when out in public and he provided her with a whole team of young hot chocolate.
      Even trade!

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