Mangina Awareness Month: May 29, 2014


May, 2014 was a time when not only America, but people outside of America has witnessed three disgusting, disturbing and detestable incidents of feminized, mangina behavior. That said, I am calling the month of May ‘Mangina Awareness Month’ (even if this “celebration” will not repeat itself every month of May for every year hereon out).

Unfortunately, there will be more and worsened incidents like the three that I am mentioning that we all have witnessed this past month, especially in feminized and matriarchal societies. All three incidents have involved celebrities, male feminists, male egomaniacs, spoiled rich suburbanite kids, suicide missions, the jeopardizing of public safety, married men and autistic nice guys. The messages are all one in the same: In America, it is the ‘right’ thing to do to for men to allow disrespect, beat each other to pulps, jeopardize public safety or kill themselves over mediocre pussy.


Jay-Z vs. Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s sister-in-law): Rap artist and self-made business mogul Jay-Z gets attacked by his sister-in-law on an elevator while his wife, Beyoncé, witnessed the ordeal on their way to a public gathering. The supposed reasons could be because Jay-Z may be a possible control freak or simply because Solange does not like how he would rather spend time on his work or go clubbing instead of doing the homebody ordeal with his wife and daughter. One article states that Hova may be unhappy with his marriage to the female R&B diva and is a public front, though the married couple try hard to keep their matters private.

According to website Page Six, the hotel employee had taken the surveillance video of the incident and sold it to the highest bidder. TMZ purchased the video for a quarter of a million dollars. The hotel employee was later terminated. That inning of itself instantly reminds me of the Watergate scandal; one where a hotel employee (Frank Willis) caused the downfall of former U.S. president Richard Nixon and the hotel employee later was not only terminated, but blacklisted and died in poverty. If not for the hotel security camera employer, we would have never known just how passive aggressive or aggressively submissive Jay-Z really is.


There was a time when Hova would have attacked her like he did a younger female who attempted to take a photo of him years ago. But something happened where he gave up his brutish trump card or he probably “matured” due to him being married and having a daughter with Beyoncé. He severed ties with Chris Brown for attacking Rihanna and now this shit? This incident created stirs on entertainment news and talk radio, where people discuss double standards for domestic violence (where women can attack men, but men dare not to defend themselves, or may face punishment from their mothers, law enforcement or other ‘authority’ figures). Again, the poisonous idea of accepting female dominance as ‘the natural order of things’ has been around in the black community for centuries, but is invading the rest of western society as a whole.

(Video of Jay-Z’s Attack, from


T.I. vs. Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather: Around Memorial Day weekend, we have witnessed a hooligan-like act somewhere in Las Vegas between two successful, young black millionaires (one is a rap artist, the other is a pro-boxer) fighting eachother and acting like ‘niggas’ in public over mediocre pussy (although the fight was actually over Mayweather telling T.I. about his wife by yelling “Control your bitch, motherfucker!”). Whether or not there was jealousy on T.I.’s part, what sparked this unnecessary brawl was that T.I.’s wife, ‘Tiny’ (a former singer for the female R&B group, XScape – who resembles ‘Miss Piggy’), apparently had taken a photo with Mayweather’s daughter and T.I. may have suspected that ‘Tiny’ and Mayweather could have had gotten well acquainted with eachother. T.I. was apparently upset about not only the photo, but possibly revealing personal details about their relationship.

Not only is this a prime example of men attempting to ruin eachother’s image by fighting over mediocre (and possibly disloyal) pussy, but this is also a prime example of why there are so many AA males are dead, in hell or imprisoned and a lot of times, if it’s not for bullshit drug charges, it is over a ghetto, hoodrat female who is playing both sides of the fence. If anyone should know that meager rewards, pussy included, are not worth the trouble that it causes, it should be black men. Unfortunately, most black men are used to meager rewards and have no been exposed to better. I have seen many instances of guys on social media defending T.I., saying they would be willing to fight or die for their wives or LTRs. But, guess what? Does SHE feel that way? Or are you the only idiot doing it?!





Elliot Rodger: I have made two topics (here and here) about this autistic and frustrated, yet spoiled and ego-maniacal young man who is an example of what happens when ego, feminism, pedestalizing pussy and white male privilege fails him. I will not go into lots of further details about this one, because I have said my piece, in addition to the numerous manospherian blogs about this incident (the highlights are discovered here, here and here). Being a barely-legal 22-year-old virgin who longed for that special girl to pop his cherry, his loneliness became unbearable and cause him to go on a murder rampage. Though he assumed that having a BMW, wads of cash and his own apartment would automatically transform him into an alpha badass, the pussy pedestal did this to him. Especially that on top of his own mental illness, anti-male funding (thanks to feminism), his frequenting homoerotic loser website/movements like PUA Hate (one which is only steps behind True Forced Loneliness), being sidetracked in an alpha-pipe-laying-plus-feminist dominated sexual marketplace and his own fragile ego (which included him despising his being biracial).

I am not excusing this kind of sickness, but previously stated, this incident will repeat itself in a misandric, feminized society and America can only blame itself. Now, would ‘game’ or ‘paid sex’ have prevented this from ever occurring? Possibly. I doubt he was a psychotic as someone like James Holmes was, so for a dangerously shy and innocent young man like Rodger, it probably would have. But what people need to realize is this: For men in their 20s, unless you are athletes and entertainers or travel abroad, you do not have the luxury to pick and choose who you want to fuck or who will hire you, regardless of your ‘credentials’. You take whatever scraps people in power give you, learn your way around and by the time you reach 30, the party will finally arrive! More important than ‘game’ or paying for booty, psychological evaluation would have definitely saved him, but in a society where women are given free passes and psychological evaluation for lesser dangerous acts, that’s like trying to successfully find the exit to a maze. Instead of being concerned with him whacked and disturbed this young man was, feminists and girl-power advocated would rather blame pickup artistry, over-concern themselves with sexual ‘objectification’ or link male biological urges to the ridiculous ‘rape culture’ scam.


Ironically enough, the same cop-outs occurred when the 1999 Columbine High School tragedy occurred. Instead of focusing on how mentally disturbed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were, people would rather focus on violent video games, Marilyn Manson and R-Rated movies, yet the problem only worsens as the years go by…

Welcome to the future and current state of western ‘civilization’, ladies and gentlemen!

One thought on “Mangina Awareness Month: May 29, 2014

  1. Men fought over that ugly Tiny pig who probably cheated too? Losers. & This Elliot kid, I don’t know. How do we prevent another one of these losers? Instead of learning game, he goes to PUAHate. The guys just like him should be on the web now trying to avoid being like these manginas.

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