*Summer Hiatus – The End of Year One*

I am here to inform my fans, subscribers and foes that I am on vacation as of May 30th, 2014. I will still be here to read over other topics from those on my Blogroll and will most certainly reply to significant comments on my blog topics. I will return sometime in early September of this year to start Season Two (Year Two) of Home Is Where The Hate Is. The Summertime is here, which is the best season on Earth and this is the time for me to get shit done. This should also be the time for you all to live for yourself and get… shit… done!


Thank you,

Mr. Odessa


3 thoughts on “*Summer Hiatus – The End of Year One*

  1. Enjoy the break.

    I am already, before the official “first day of Summer”. Smashed another Latina/Italian mulatto for the first time first thing yesterday morning. I am living for myself and you should do the same.

    Thank you kindly.

  2. Mr. Odessa. Your comments on ADs website indicate you are libertarian. Am I right?

    If you are implying that in regards to freedom and individualism, then yes. Otherwise, I do not affiliate myself with political parties, nor do I discuss politics.

    1. Mate, So do I. So do I. I too believe in freedom and liberty. Did you not sense the heavy sarcasm in my comments regarding communism and planning commissions? Hahaha!

      I never say much with sarcasm and I hardly say anything I’m not sincere about. But that’s me.

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