Be More Resilient With Women


A guy I once knew – let’s call him Alfred – was a high-value black alpha stud who was a fireman. Alfred was 5’9″, with the physique of your average NBA basketball star, which he had to keep up for his dangerous occupation as a fireman, but he also had his own line of self-employment, which included various handyman professions (roofing, textiles, home repair, etc.). He was not only sharp physically and socially, but he also had bevies of women flocking towards his presence like magnesium to magnets. I mean, he wasn’t the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome type, as he was not only above-average in his stature, but in his looks.

The real reason why he had so many options (lines of women itching to give him the pussy) was because of the assumption that Alfred was a high-end stud. This is because of the reality that even to date, the availability of successful black men who have a consistent and legitimate annual income of 40K+ is quite rare. So, women saw Alfred as a black man who has his shit together, which again, is a rarity in western societies (although today, it is not as rare as it was years ago). Plus the fact that he was a blue-collar dude. Women are sexually aroused by blue-collar men, as well as underhanded men who dodge and disrespects authority. These are the hard-working, pipe-laying, take-no-shit type of men who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and this is what makes the pussies and assholes of women feel some type of way… Even though it’s stereotypical and judgmental, guys in office jobs just don’t do that for the ladies, unless they can present themselves with some type of edgy bravado outside of their profession (which, in some cases, can rub off into their profession and cause them to lose their livelihood – blue-collar guys just don’t have to worry about losing their jobs based on what they do in their personal lives).

So, Alfred has a successful side-business which is based solely upon repairing homes, cars and appliances. Though he enjoyed his line of work, his major pet peeve involved his clients pointing out other fixtures at the very last minute, after the assumption that his job was finished. His Facebook page, plus his residency in a predominantly black middle-class town causes multiples of black females (from the lonely established to the skanks and babymamas) to lure him into their homes to fix their appliances. Long story short, there would be instances where the women could not pay Alfred in currency ($), so they would offer him sex as repayment for installing their new garage doors, toilet bowls or repairing their vehicles, washer-and-dryer appliances, wall-mounting their flat-screen televisions, etc. Because he had such high criterion and discriminating tastes in women, he would literally go home and contemplate on whether or not he wanted to fuck some of these women. Sometimes, it would have him days or even minutes to conclude whether or not she was worthy of him. Lots of them, he sexually rejected and either insisted on being paid in cash or just considered it as a small favor.

The women who he avoided or did not insert his dick in either had a house full of kids, were overweight, ball-busting, plain-looking, had vile odors and essentially kept their houses and their own personal grooming nasty and massively trifling. I mean, he talked about those women like they were toilet bowls full of smoky hunks of shit. He had a very healthy amount of contempt and disrespect for the average woman, which did not always have anything to do with aesthetics or carnality. Alfred’s frequent vacations abroad to the Caribbean Islands (Hedonism) and the Dominican Republic added more to his utter disgust in mediocre, ratchet, ball-breaking cunts.

I am using Alfred as a fine example of how more high-end and on-point males are starting to be with women, particularly western women, irrelevant of race. More men should be more resilient with women, maybe not in the exact ways Alfred (not his real name) was, but perhaps even worse to the point to where he may be labeled as an ‘asshole’ or a ‘misogynist’. Especially in feminized cultures where women can get away with anything they please, the only way to switch the tables around is to come to the realism that (even as the Japanese Herbivores acknowledge) most women are not worth the respect, the time, the money, the attention, nor the sexual stamina that desperate young punks, white knights and dirty old men provide them with freely.

In post-feminist societies, women have the upper hand. How long that will last depends solely on male desperation, pedestalizing and brown-nosing. It is the men who give them the upper hand by playing their games and laying with bitter, flea-bitten bitches who are just plain-old fucked up. The problem will worsen as long as men disregard black science, cynicism, rationale and reservation. Granted, there are men whose desires include having the best, which first had to occur by them waking the fuck up. So, female vainglory and solipsism will worsen before any type of social progress occurs. Gentlemen, it is up to us.

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