Banging Below My Standards

This past summer wasn’t what I would call another Summer Of Lust. By my own admission and because of a vacation I’ve taken to another state in July, I’ve only had two sex partners. Would have been four, but I had endured a minor health complication which lasted for a week and unfortunately, for the second time in my life… I banged below my standards.

The first time I fucked below my level was during the threesome¬†that I’ve had with Janet; a reckless, broken narcissistic fucking womanbaby. The second time occurred sometime this past Summer of 2014 – a summer full of dry spells (which leads to episodes of desperation) and only one fling with another mulatto escort (mixed with Mexican & Italian).

So, I met this white-trash cougar named Olive Oyl on a BDSM-hookup website and knowing she was not well-kept, she pursued me, saying she needed a ‘Master’. At the time, I spent the past 2 months sexless, which included a voluntary lack of masturbation. Masturbating started to take a toll on my health and I witnessed the testosterone and stamina escaping my body every time I busted a nut from doing it. So, I stopped whacking off collectively, which caused me to have even higher bouts of energy in my body. Why wasn’t I visiting escorts regularly like I did last summer? Because I blew more money than I intended to on three other vices of mine: visiting sports bars, shopping for designer clothes and paying all of my bills down to $0.

Not to mention, I ended up paying a pathetic $300 ticket just for driving 3 miles over the speed limit, the day after Independence Day. You know these fucking bureaucrats get their rocks off and get their quotas met by nitpicking people during the summer holidays, using minor shit against people.


So, I met Olive Oyl in person for the first and the last time. She looked exactly like the female character from the Popeye cartoon. She was reluctant to see me because she has two grown kids who lived with her. But then, by her own admission, she snuck me into her house while her kids were asleep. Her black stud ‘Master’ who “owned” her ass died in a freak accident earlier in the year and she frantically wanted to get back into the lifestyle of BDSM. I chose to visit her to practice some hard spanks on her ass until she was remarkably bruised. This, plus the fact that she lived about an hour drive away from me. Upon visiting her, I notice that she looked worse than she did in her photos she had posted on her social networking profile: Teeth like a crack whore, eyes like a zombie, lives right within her trashy-ass means, suffers from epilepsy, has a drug habit and she smelled like shit. It was so bad that I purposely covered my nose while she gave me head with a condom on. I made up an excuse for why I had to leave and so I left. The highlight of this, if there ever was a highlight, was that I spanked her ass mercilessly while gagging her mouth with duct tape and handcuffing her with a pair of Chicago-style steel handcuffs. Now of course, she was cool with it. But I wasn’t cool with anything more than that.

Upon driving home, I shuddered and I became angry with myself for a couple of hours. Like “Odessa, what the fuck is wrong with you? How could you stoop so damned low like that, to even touch a piece of shit like her?” After the encounter, I blocked her from my social networking page and from one of my two phones. Now, I’m not one who disrespects my bedfellows after they had given me sex, but in the cases of Janet and Olive Oyl, these women were never even worthy of me from the start. Even through my utter disrespect of them, I have become temporarily angry with myself for stooping so goddamned low. Sad truth is, most western white girls I’ve smashed did not take care of themselves hygienically and/or they light drug habits. Visiting Olive Oyl and the likes of trashy bitches like her are never an option.

Now, is it ever possible for me to ever bang below my standards again? Maybe. But even then, I will definitely be even more cruelly discriminating, even if for some odd reason, I endure another dry spell for an entire season. In my entire life, there were only two unfortunate times when I’ve settled for something lesser than high quality simply because it was too easy, free or readily available. I also understand that great sex with 3s can override bad sex with 5s. But the thing is, Olive Oyl was not even a fucking 3. She was a 2 at best and even this doesn’t say much.

Why do most men bang below their standards? It could be desperation, slave mentalities, being too used to a certain look or feel regardless of how shitty it is, having something to brag about and having extra notches under the belt. This is something that many black men are notoriously guilty of. Without generalizing or degrading my own brethren, many black men have no problem laying with anorexic or flabby ugly bitches – black or white. But that’s not me. I can say that I honestly know what it feels like, though. I’ve gone through it twice!

Sometimes, we do bang below out league because sex with mediocre-to-ugly women is plentiful and cheap. Then again, sex is plentiful and cheap for male celebrities, entertainers and neighborhood bullies. But even for high-value guys who endure lengthy amounts of dry spells, it leads to desperation. Either that or because the sex was for ‘free’, which means all you had to pay for was the gas that you put in your car to drive to see her trashy ass.

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