Can Great Sex With 3s Override Bad Sex With 5s?


Over the beginning of the American summer, I’ve read an intrinsic topic from Chateau Heartiste about men banging women below their league. Then a day or two later, Advocatus Diaboli posted one asking if men actually enjoy sex with mediocre, fat or ugly women. While I agree that the quality of western women are declining (and not only in aesthetics, but in persona), the truth is that most western men will never come close to even smelling the genitalia of 5s, let alone fucking them – unless they pay $150+ for it on an hourly basis, travel abroad for it or fish for it on social networks (that younger females under 35 use to parade themselves for attention from hundreds of men).

However, the reality that most men are too slow to comprehend with is that just because a woman is a 5 does not imply that she is receptive to enjoying things like sex, let alone engaging in porn-star experiences. And these women aren’t limited to those pompous-ass, career-obsessed college girls or even those in the clergy (both who I cannot stand). So it brings me to this somewhat unpleasant reality:

Great Sex With 3s Overrides Bad Sex With 5s.

I used to abhor men who banged anything lower than a 4, but the reality is that just because a woman is beautiful does not imply that she is not asexual or lives on moralistic wings and prayers. This could be one reason why some guys play numbers games, regardless of how thirsty they allow themselves to appear. I still will refuse to associate myself with guys who degrade themselves by laying up with anything lower than a 3. I came to terms long ago that beauty is only skin deep and the most beautiful people in the world do the ugliest things. I can accept that because to a degree, I am one of those people. Sometimes alike, some of the most beautiful people are asexual for various reasons – whether they are innate sluts trapped in a prude’s body or not.

But this topic is exclusively about why sometimes it is unrealistic for any single woman to be the absolute best at everything, regardless of how physically immaculate she may be. Again, she may be a ‘good girl’ (focused, overvalued college girls and clergy members) and most of us already know that sex with ‘good girls’ can be quite boring.

Though every man has his own preferences and reasoning behind his choice of women, I can most certainly understand why some men enjoy mediocre pussy, which includes certain segments of the black male populace’s (and even lower-class, blue-collar males) liking for inner-city hoodrats, BBWs, flabby chicks and borderline white trash. I used to believe that inner-city black men only had access to easy sex with 3s & below and lonely, established women. Contrary to that, any man can buy a 4 or a 5, if he makes enough money and isn’t responsible for a wife, kids and high-ass mortgage payments.

So why aren’t these men upgrading? Are they assuming that they cannot afford better? Could it be because you attract what you are (which sounds similar to the notion that “You are what you eat”)? Or could it be that 3s and 2s have something to offer that handfuls of 4s and 5s may not?


Maybe some men just play numbers games and want to have as many notches under their belt as possible or want to experience what it’s like to bang a certain look, regardless of the hideous writings on the wall. Come to think of it, based on my own observations, I’ve heard a common belief – mostly from inner-city and blue-collar dudes – that “It all feels the same when the lights go out”, or “It’s all pink on the inside.” These could be mere excuses for men to justify their own brand of thirstiness.

I have had a guy vaguely attack me in my social network inbox for pursuing a 3 (white girl) and ask me “Man, you actually like that ugly bitch? You can’t do better than that?” This said guy actually thought tht the likes of Kim Kardashian was the world’s most beautiful woman. I’ve had women finer than Kim K. and even with that being the case, women having a certain immaculate look is only half of the battle. (NOTE: I have not seen the Kim K. sex tape with that loser Ray J., but something tells me that it was bland and devoid of any animalistic vigor.). It has become very common for men to brag about their endeavors with mediocre white girls, adult runaways, tasteless harlots and girls controlled by governmental assistance, pimps or drugs. The hardcore reality is that these women are in the majority of America’s sexual marketplace and this is all that will be mostly available to the average western man… and no amount of game can fix this social ill.

I can honestly tell you guys that the absolute best sex I’ve ever had came from two 3s and since I’ve chosen the escort route, one 4 and a fistful of 5s. I’m not saying that I would never bang a 3 again, because a 3 can sometimes get the job done. Hell, some of them were downright horrible and it was like fucking a corpse, which can make a man feel like Ted Bundy – a fucking necrophile – either because the women were high or way too goddamned submissive. Other times, they reciprocate with athleticism and high amounts of insatiability, which includes the gall to goad me into going monster-mode on that ass.


I met a 3 – who I’ll call Liz – a bony white girl who resembles Maggie Gyllenhaal. I’ve met Liz via internet and who helped me take my mind off of my fading love for my ex. Liz gave me some of the greatest pussy I’ve ever had. Liz gave me head in the back of her minivan, we both had sex during her menstrual cycle and we had sex in my car, which nearly damaged my shift gears permanently. We’ve had 90+ minute sex sessions in her bedroom while her kids were either at school or in walking distance. Before Liz met me, she was celibate for almost a year and was going through a horrific divorce and I had given her some type of awakening which was not only sexual in nature. I had breathed life back into her dull-ass spirit. Sex with me led to an obsession for her and occasional episodes of cattiness whenever I was not available. Only then, she would text me with disrespectful comments or accusing me of making sex ‘complicated’ because I always used condoms with her. Liz would beg me to bang her without a condom and give her my seed, telling me that she was fixed without ever showing me documentation. The sex was so good that she wanted a relationship with me, but I had informed her from the start that I am not one to be tied down. After awhile, she agreed with my stance on monogamy being unnatural and a complete waste of time and this only turned her on to me and created a more intimate connection. She became even more obsessed with my sexual prowess to where she’d even beg me to ram her in the ass while she was handcuffed, regardless of how bad it hurt her. Yes, there were games involved (‘shit tests’ or whatever you want to call them) when I became increasingly unavailable. She loved to hear details of me fucking other women. One night, she storms out of my place during sex one night because she was reminded of her abusive husband while I spanked her ass with a flogger. This caused me to ignore her the next day, when I got head from another 3; a stripper who has a massive drug problem and passed away 9 months after our first summer hookup.

When Liz got tired of me and all the other alpha males in her life, she found a beta who enjoys boring shit like watching chick-flicks or playing with her kids. Like many bitter women who couldn’t tame the studs in their lives, she deluded herself into believing that she used me for sex and that she was not looking for a relationship with me.

One of her last text messages to me stated…

“You never went down on me. I never had an orgasm with you. I felt like I was a doll that you used for practice.”

End of story. There’s more where she came from. She probably won’t be the last 3 that I fuck. But if Liz ever gave me a chance, I definitely would screw and sodomize her again. Sex with slutty, submissive and fit white girls can be very nice, even if they are 3s (as long as they reciprocate and do not just lay there like an obeying family dog). The alpha stud can manipulate them into any position he wanted. He can bend her, toss her around, twists her like a pretzels and spread them like eagles. Even though the same can be done with a 5 with an athletic figure, again, how many 5s are receptive to that in comparison to the amount of 3s? Maybe this explains why most men fight over mediocre pussy.

Biology tells us that a woman’s sex drive is like a Ferrari while a man’s sex drive is like a Chevrolet or a Buick, right? This is how the human body is wired biologically, but some females are either so washed-up or too used to sex, they become immune to any pleasure that is supposed to naturally come along with it. And this explains why some of the most glistening beauties can be so sexually devoid and impersonal to the point to where they don’t even bother to fake it. I actually expect that dead-fuck type of chemistry with 3s, but when you fuck a 5 who makes you feel as if you’re just jerking off inside of a woman, then it’s nothing more than futile and counterproductive. You fuck them in the ass, they’re puffing on a cigarette or playing on their Samsung Galaxy gadgets. You eat their pussies, they’re either watching the clock or thinking about their next flight to Texas. Sometimes, they have loose-as-a-goose pussy because they either have worn themselves out far too much or they are clueless about kegel exercises.

Months ago, I saw an escort who was a 5 (Mulatto = Native American, White, Mexican), but she had more attitude and rules than a fucking Honors English high school teacher. I asked for MSOG for the hour with her and she resisted, only to spend more time conversing about her experiences in shitty hotel rooms and her dysfunctional family (including her aunt who started her in that line of work). For that, the sex did not last very long and she turned me away from her permanently.

That said, some of these 5s? You can keep them. Sometimes the pussy is terrible and there are too many mazes to walk through. But the kind of guy I am, I still only pursue 5s because of my high-end standards. I avoid 3s based on aesthetics. Sometimes, I do feel that I am robbing myself of great sex with a woman who I can repeat with simply because she is a 3, based entirely on her looks. Then again, I am reminded of the 5s that I have repeated with for months, only to replace or temporarily sidetrack them with even more 5s.

LEFT: Miley Cyrus – RIGHT: Iggy Azalea

If any of you guys had to choose between the chick on the left who is so insatiable that she would voluntarily and nastily obey all of your sexual commands… or the chick on the right who is semi-cold with you, displaying a lack of reciprocation in sex in general and won’t even go as far as allowing you to insert your tongue or fingers in her vagina and colon… which would you choose and why? Beauty standards (either on an individual or societal level) repeatedly drums into the male psyche that an aesthetic display of a woman is certainly more vital than her sexual appetite. But is that really the case? One can only make the discovery once he either witnesses or hears of what goes on when the panties drop behind closed doors.

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