The Manosphere is Ran by Failed Children of Privilege

manosphere kids

I had originally titled this one The Manosphere is Ran by Key-Jockeying Fat Faggots, but I’ve chosen to change the title for the fact that I am not homophobic (and some would instantly confuse me of being so for using a simple word). It is actually more logical to consider many of these guys to be failed children or privilege, because it is exactly what they are. And I will explain why:

The manosphere is filled with mostly undesirable white guys who cannot get a date or who have difficulties accepting the rise of female sexuality and female hypergamy. This is the result of what happens when women are only interested in sex with about a quarter of the male populace of an entire continent. The men who women are sexually interested in barely visit manospherian blogs because they are busy celebrating life. Beautiful, high-value women and bad bitches have no use for feminism (unless they have a recurring history of being played by men) and studs have no use for game and manospherian blogs/books.

While a few of it’s members attempt to tell men that they can enrich their lives with travel, one-night stands, hot sex, embracing social skills and physical fitness (which men should do that anyway), others engage in endless rants where they attack the female species and a few of the guys who benefit from female sexual liberation. I most certainly understand the reason behind not exposing one’s own identity (for various reasons), if you ever discovered what most of these guys would look like, they would mostly consist of fat, balding, hairy, Pillsbury-Doughbellied white guys (rednecks) who can’t take the thought of losing their own women to other guys who are superior to them.

The reality is that most guys who spend lots of time participating in Manospherian rhetoric (almost similar to the black betas on YouTube) are ‘failed’ white guys who played the biggest mind games on themselves: They have believed in their own bullshit about white ‘supremacy’, high IQs, HBD and other nonsense which boosted their egos or delusions of superiority to other races of men. They benefit from being children of privilege and it has worked in their favor on an economic standpoint. However, regardless of how high their morality, IQs, SAT test scores or paychecks are, they realize that they are at the bottom of the sexual/social food-chain. So what do they do? They bitch, cry, piss and moan about female hypergamy and why women aren’t choosing them – or in the case of women rejecting their fat, redneck, autistic, borderline-homoerotic asses for black studs or white men of a higher value than themselves who are either athletic, club-hopping douchebags. They learned the hard way that they can no longer use their skin color, superiority complexes or high-IQs to get free passes, or in this case, high-quality pussy, if any at all. This is why they engage in derogatory free-for-alls via blogs and why they have to travel abroad to find women who will have sex with them or marry them, while women in their own hometown wouldn’t even allow these guys the opportunity to smell a whiff of their pussies and anuses.

This is a prime example of what happens when certain groups of men come to the brutally realistic conclusion that it is impossible for one man or one race of men to be the best at everything. Or maybe it’s just karma for the evil, vile shit that their forefathers have done to just about everyone else who were not on their ‘level’ (oh yeah, white ‘elitist’ types have fucked over and divided those who they labeled as ‘white trash’ or ‘nigger lovers’, aka ‘mudsharks’ as well).

The manosphere is filled with psychological-transvestites who are cursed with having feminine psyches trapped in male bodies. As a result, they sit around bad-mouthing the female gender in it’s entirety the same way bitter-ass cunts form round-table discussions, hearings and conference calls with their cackling-hen sisterhoods to talk about how promiscuous, selfish and solipsistic men are or to discuss how certain men refused to allow women game them. It doesn’t take a person with a GED to realize that some of these punks have a sexual jealousy towards women and then studs they choose. Jealousy is a disease. I’ve said before that if you round up a table full of jealous men and hear them talk, they sound equal to a bunch of fat and nasty bitter black bitches. To engage in gender wars and attack an entire gender based on negative experiences is extreme. I mean, this is what women, by nature, do. But in a post-feminist society, some men are the new women, by their own admission.

Before my discovery of ‘The Manosphere’ (2013), there was a small movement on YouTube called The Wall Of Silence (similar to the MGTOW movement; one where successful black men would avoid black women in general and choose women of other nationalities to fuck, marry and inseminate). Select black males from various walks of life created vlogs (spoken words) on YouTube complaining about black women and their shitty diva complexes, their lust for thug dick (bad boys), etc. Some of the guys were horribly on point and they chose to move on. Others (particularly the race-conscious types and the more broken men) wasted their time and since 2007 to date, they still complain about the same shit, but in different tones and choices of words. They consistently beg each other to change and try to shame others into living by their traditional, race-conscious standards. Many of these guys were accused of destroying black families for simply telling black men they can do better by traveling abroad, smashing supermodels, getting vasectomies, avoiding the wife-and-kids routine by black women and the black race-conscious types. Other black men (the race-conscious types, black manginas and black MRAs) used cry-outs to black women, putting themselves out in the public eye like wounded bitches. Some members blocked their loyal subscribers for disagreeing with them on 1-3 occasions, even if they agreed with them on everything else. One popular YouTube vlogger (The Black Authority) blocked fellow black guys just for saying they favor white women over black women. I’ve read somewhere that Paul Elam from A Voice For Men has done his followers the same way (blocking them for simple disagreements). So that said, many of these guys carry themselves like feminists, women who age like cottage cheese and fat women who the studs avoid.

The Wall Of Silence movement quickly faded and YouTube turned into a haven for manospherian types and PUAs who preach game and ultimately want to use game to land ‘the right woman’ who will commit themselves to one man. Which is really asinine and defeats the sole purpose of gaming women anyway. Others frequent sites like PUAHate (which was shut down directly after the Elliot Rodger incident).

Blogs and spoken words via YouTube, WordPress, etc. are filled with guys who say online what they may not be able to say publicly for various reasons (one main reason deals with their occupation, especially in a world where people lose their jobs due to FaceBook rants or photos seen of them drinking, smoking or engaging in racy sexual behaviors). I have no qualms with that. Feminists and their messenger boys reveal their identities. Manospherians hardly ever do that. ‘The Manosphere’ – like PUAHate – is laced with rejects who did not have the balls to approach women or stand up to women who had annihilated them terribly at one point in their lives. The same ones who are intimidated by a certain beauty standard and were/are social retards who rely heavy on ‘game’ to where their conversations with the general public sound scripted (like memorized scripts flown out of the mouths of Hollywood actors).

Ten years ago when I was socially awkward, I read several ‘game’ books which perpetuated both good and bad advice. One I’ve read provided insight on how to avoid allowing a female to have too much access to you and letting women know that you are busy, etc. The bad advice included how to game and pick up women at gyms, grocery stores, college campuses and the workplace where the ladies are either busy or disinterested with the thought of sex entering their minds. This causes women to push laws against attraction (outside of social gatherings) because of the long line of out-of-shape, social retards who approach them at the wrong place, wrong time. Now some manospherians are starting to realize there is a time and place for everything well after the humiliation and waste of time has occurred.

This is one reason why I know some guys only stick to online hookups, escorts, etc. The less people know of your affairs, the more peace you will have.

Even gamer RooshV (a guy who writes useless books about travel flings and game) came to the realization not too long ago that these guys are sexual losers who chose to live in misery instead of taking their asses out in the world and grabbing it by the balls. But on another side of the coin… How many black men visit ‘The Manosphere’, let alone have any real use for it? Why aren’t there any black manospherians around? Could it be because many black guys have chosen to live their own lives and have some natural charisma to where they have no use to self-help advice? Is it because black men have become increasingly desirable with women of all ethnicities? Maybe the black conscious types are right when they say black men have no business joining forces with a group of white guys whose forefathers have gone through great lengths to render them undesirable in the face of millions (even though black men have gone through worse tragedies with their own race of women than what white men have been currently destined to face)?

Maybe most black men have moved on and figured out that most women aren’t worth it without using terminologies like MGTOW. Maybe some black men are too loyal to a group of women who has fucked them over for decades. But I’m not one of them!

Before, I’ve mentioned how feminism triumphs ‘The Manosphere’ and one primary reason is that women think in group think (in other words, they do not think for themselves, unless they are the promiscuous types). Women band together like sheep, regardless of which walk-of-life they come from. Women have eachother’s best interests (or at least they PRETEND to for their own self-serving interests). Men, on the other hand, divide and conquer. Men separate eachother based on interests, hierarchies, and even sexual orientation. The reason is simple: “If what you do does not collaborate with what I do, then you go your own way and I will go mine. But you will not get in the way of my progress. So get on my level or get away from me. Until then, fuck you, stay out of my way!”

It would take a real tragedy for men to really band together and fight for their rights, such as the illegalization of worldwide prostitution, arranged marriages for men, the stock market crash or the reinstatement of slavery or Jim Crow. Women, on the other hand, band together when one of their own pretends to be in distress. In addition to that, most men are enablers of the behavior of women, either because men are obsessed with wanting to fuck them or because they enjoy the ‘perks’ or lack thereof of playing Mr. White Knight. This is the reason why feminism is a success while ‘The Manosphere’ is an epic failure.

I do consider myself an MGTOW. I am not stuck on race or trying to find the right woman to bear children with. I am certainly not a MRM, nor a PUA/Gamer. I don’t have to join any MRM not because I am a black male, but because I don’t have kids. I don’t fucking want kids. I’m having a vasectomy soon. I’m not interested in getting any woman pregnant. I know how to watch my back. I have no interest in game because for one, I have no problem getting pussy. Two, I choose the escort route routinely. Three, who needs game in a generation where women are giving pussy away in higher numbers than women at a 1970s Teddy Pendergrass concert?

I don’t even give the average mediocre woman in the West my eye contact because they are not worthy of it. I’ve never been victimized by ‘street harassment’ laws or sexual harassment laws, because I know that you don’t come where you eat (unless you happen to run a brothel, a strip club or if you work in the porn industry where you basically have the luxury to fuck your co-workers). I have no use for ‘The Manosphere’.

Men of value (studs, white collar, social butterflies, rich dickheads or otherwise) also have no use for ‘The Manosphere’ ran by borderline-racist white guys who stuff their faces with Bud Light and Moon Pies, longing for traditionalism, female loyalty and other assorted bullshit.

Aforementioned, women in their prime have no use for feminism. Studs have no use for ‘The Manosphere’. Why? Because life is great for them. They are enjoying their lives. If LeBron James or Peyton Manning sat up on the internet daily or read books on How To Become A Professional Athlete, these men wouldn’t be worth shit. They would not have the life they are living today. Now, I am all for self-improvement, but that comes with experience, trial and error. Not reading books and blogs or debating with ideologists of any kind.

I restrict myself to reading content from my own blogroll to help me cope with reality, to feed and free my mind and to help me become a much better man than I am today. I am pretty sure some of my subscribers feel the same about me. But if self-improvement means that you have to stop visiting my blog for a while or anyone else’s for that matter, then I would strongly endorse anyone to feel free to leave Home Is Where The Hate Is and live your life. That’s what I’ve done this past summer…

6 thoughts on “The Manosphere is Ran by Failed Children of Privilege

  1. “one, I have no problem getting pussy. Two, I choose the escort route routinely”
    of course not, because you are paying for it. but it’s funny that you pay for it because “women are giving pussy away in higher numbers than women at a 1970s Teddy Pendergrass concert”

    Here’s the deal: Even though women have become more sexually available to few men, most women in the U.S. are mediocre at best. I happen to bang below my standards every once in a long while, especially during a dry spell, but I am very picky, just like the guys who prefer escorts and/or women outside of the west. I do not like participating in this cesspool called The American Dating Scene, even if they are filled with MILFs, Cougars and sexually available attention ‘whores’. I do not like spending my time, money or stamina with any woman below a 4 (out of 5).

    Face it, most women in the USA don’t look like shit. They don’t even look like Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus on their best days, unless they are strippers, escorts and barista girls. Most men will not even touch a woman who is a 5 or a 4.5 unless she is either an escort, a barista girl who he happened to game, very few MILFs and Cougars (who dominate the dating scene in the west) or a stripper. Even some of the most attractive women here have ‘issues’ and there’s too much bullshit to endure just to make the drawers drop.

    Regardless of how much pussy women give up, to me, looks and attitude are everything. If you want to sell yourself short by banging a bunch of 3s or lower (settling) and if you want to burn yourself out by jumping through burning rings of fire like a well-trained dog at a freak show circus (game/PUA tactics), that’s on you. Unlike most men who are thirsty, I’m not playing myself like that.

    1. have you looked around at the average woman in the US? The only good ones are the ones for sale. Once you go to South America, Africa or Eastern Europe about 75% of the women here become simply unacceptable.

      he’s right about the manosphere as well.

      Yes. But even half of the escorts here are jacked up to a degree and are airheads… at least the ones in my neck of the woods. I also don’t like how street trash has invaded that lifestyle as well. This is mostly true for the full-blooded white and black ones.

      There are exceptions when it comes to ‘regular’ women (even the cougars), but essentially… they are not desirable, especially in comparison to the younger females in their 20s. And the effort ain’t worth it.

      I need to dust off my passport. But let me also say… I know many guys who travel never mention Southeast Asia. Those chicks there are bad as hell.

    2. if you are paying for it. you are thirsty. girls are giving it away & you pay for it.

      if you call game “jumping through hoops” then you don’t get it. that’s how girls are. AWALT. you are picky? you are looking for some unicorn who looks like nicki minaj? you are unrealistic. get a clue.

      if you think it’s “too much work & “it’s hard.” then you need to stop whining about it & figure out what you are doing wrong. because it isn’t.

      you can call them escorts all you want but you are settling for hookers.

      Keep believing your Disney Myth all you want. I’m not wasting my time trying to put you up on what’s called “common sense” or “real talk”. You want to participate in sideshows for some mediocre ass, that’s on you.

      1. lol, the only one who believes in the disney myth is you. you are hoping to find some unicorn girl who is perfect & because she doesn’t exist, you get sad & pay for whores. but you need to accept that all women are low quality. all of them. & if you don’t know how to game them, you will keep being sad & spending money on whores.

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