Mackenzie, A Barista Girl

Personal details have been altered for various reasons…


During the summer, I met a white girl who works at a barista where all of the female employees are dressed in lingerie and sometimes… less. I’ll call her Mackenzie. This particular barista shop isn’t far from my town, let alone my hangout spots. So, I visit the shop one day and I’m saying to myself “She’s insanely attractive.” I mean, she’s a real 5, just like most of the biracial escorts I’ve seen. Mackenzie was around 5’8”, lightly tanned, perched lips, a real tight bubble, bubblicious white-ass butt and had a hidden feistiness about her that she only displayed around her girlfriends.

So, the first time we’ve met, I pursued her and we’ve conversed for about 10 minutes. I was wearing her favorite color – yellow (a polo). So, I basically told her what I do for a living and how I tend to avoid nightclubs and she explained that she tends to avoid nightclubs as well. But she enjoys the strip club scene, parties and spending time focusing on her goals and aspirations. She told me that her goal in life was to own her own school for beauticians and this is what she was attending college for. After this, I asked if we could remain in touch and she said she had no qualms with that. But she could not give out personal info at her job. She continues, “You are a nice guy, though. I like that.”

Six weeks later, I visit her job and like my last visit, I see her in all of her bootylicious glory, jiggling, switching, bending over while making coffee and tending to her job duties. So, we both conversed again for another 10 minutes. I discovered her social network (Instagram) page and we both follow eachother. She was studying for a test she was taking later that same evening. We had conversed about her other hobbies and how she enjoys hookah bars and hitting the gym. She mentions how she beat one guy up for coming on too strong to her at a nightclub, trying to kiss her on the lips after she repeatedly rejects him. This is one reason why she does not like nightclubs, in addition to the fact that she isn’t even of legal drinking age in the U.S. (I am ten years her senior now).

So, I tell her “Good luck” on the test. And I notice that according to her body language, she was not irked out by me in the slightest. And why would she be? Not to boast, I’m not a bad looking brotha whatsoever. I even told her I was visiting the gym in her area after I left and I did happen to grab an espresso shot to give me a boost before a hardass workout.

So that same evening, she had posted a photo on her IG page and I liked the photo and commented. For some odd reason, she blocks me on IG and marks her profile as “private”. Now, if this is not a prime example of flakiness, fickleness or chicks acting ‘slow’, I don’t know what is.

Will I visit this barista ever again? Of course. There are other hot chicks at this particular place, not to mention it being nearby my hangout spots. If I see her ass again, I’ll bring to light what she did, just to let her know that I am not stupid. Will I chase her? Fuck no. Even though she is one of the 10 finest women I’ve ever seen up close and personal, no chase – no pussy – is worth losing your manhood over. Especially for a young attention whore in her 20s who knows that she can use her body, her looks, her ass and the possibility of sex (dickteasing) in order to make money, keep her ego massaged and not put out. This is something younger females are great at doing, especially in an age of modern technology, female ‘empowerment’ and male desperation.

Pussy power is only as strong as a man’s ignorance! There is nothing that 1 woman can do that 5 other ones cannot. Even if you like a certain look or feel, you can always shop around elsewhere – even if you have to pay or take a flight out of state or out of country in order to get it… but that’s it. For those guys who embrace ‘game’ and don’t mind doing magic tricks to get some ass, they’ll never comprehend that there are too many options out there, even though those options may come with easiness or a price. And like Howard Hughes once said, “Every man has their price…” The same can be said for women. That said, if a chick wants to be a bitch and flake out, it doesn’t matter. Pussy comes, pussy goes and given my having my shit together, I can always go out and smash a chick who is better than the one who rejected me, if I didn’t have the balls to reject her first.

…oh… and get this… She has a quote on her page, which says “I love romantic walks to the bank.”

One thought on “Mackenzie, A Barista Girl

  1. I had this similar story happen to me this summer, only I made the mistake of feeling emotionally involved with this college age girl (I am older as well). Was told recently she transferred to another coffee shop and now has a boyfriend. While disappointed in myself for actually having feelings toward her, reading your last two paragraphs makes me feel better about my situation, there will always be others to catch my attention.

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