Black Masculinity, Domestic Violence and Fake Outrage


Over the past several weeks, there has been a lot of headlines and unnecessary attention aimed towards the personal lives of black athletes playing for the NFL, particularly regarding incidents of domestic violence and disciplinary methods of children.

Now, any backlash I may receive will most likely come from feminist windbags, weak-kneed whites and other self-enabling apologists who excuse the bad behavior of the women. But the current fiasco with feminists trying to invade the NFL, ‘demanding’ that certain players and even the commissioner Roger Goodell resign from their careers has ‘the fear of the big, black boogeyman’ written all over it.

Now, I can get into depths of how feminists (and their retarded white-knighting minions) and other ‘infallible-types’ (including law enforcement, racial purists, patriotic idiots, religious nutcases, etc.) cut off their noses to spite their faces, but that makes up for an entirely different post and would have to be made into a series. But right now, I want to point out how feminism has sent an entire nation on witch hunts, displaying of fake outrage, choosing useless battles and how these creatively stupid women attempt to use threats, business coercion and other women as catalysts to further their pathetic agenda.

Let me start by saying this: One goal of the feminist agenda is to somehow put an end to violence against women. While I agree that men are more capable of violence than women and the fact that a fight between a man and a woman is ultimately no contest, this certainly does not imply that women themselves are not capable of violence towards any human being (man, woman or child). We can argue about testosterone vs. estrogen and human evolution all day long. But evidence shows us on an annual basis of how violence-prone African-American women are. It can be observed in inner cities and public schools (both are matriarchal settings), on reality TV shows and how women provoke certain situations, and yet gain free passes and applause for their violent behaviors in public. In some instances, some women face their biggest fears of retribution.

Some conspiracy-theorists or black race-CONscious types can argue that black women are used as catalysts and Trojan horses by the American government and inferior white men to attack black men. This is highly possible. The same shit Cleopatra, Jezebel and Sapphire has done to men and their empires throughout history is the same shit these bitches are doing now. That said, it comes to no surprise to me why handfuls of black men avoid these women as a whole and leave their asses in the dust, which has become more rampant within the last 20-30 odd years.

But since when have women become the biggest victims of violence?

Violence against women vs. violence against men (especially men of color) at the hands of other men (especially white men) pales in comparison. I could name a lot of incidents that has involved men having their lives taken at the hands of other men:

Murder, suicide missions, suicide, unarmed black men being murdered by the police, American ‘cops’ who ‘accidentally’ kill innocent civilians because they were ‘guilty by association’, the war on drugs, the war in Iraq, Vietnam, The Rape Of Nanking, World War I & II, the Holocaust, the African slave trade, black youths murdered by the hands of drug dealers, murders committed onto blacks, Indians, Jews, Middle-Easterns and Asians by the hands of patriotic and patriarchal white men, mass murderers, hate crimes based on race or sexual orientation, gang violence, etc. Much of which still occurs to date and will continue to occur.

So, how did ‘violence against women’ become so vital to where we have lost focus on the number of unarmed black men being murdered by American Gangsters (the police) – something that happens on almost a weekly basis? How did this become more important than what’s happening with martial law and the militarization of the police in Ferguson, MO? Some of these same feminist cunts have not only created fundraisers, but make financial donations to acquit and protect cops who purposely murder black males and cops in OKC who has a knack for raping black women. It also amazes me how feminists and white men alike will make black men poster children for attacking women, while they allow white brutes to get away with brutalizing and raping women, only to hiding all of the evidence. No public outcry occurs when female athletes attack other women or men for that matter.

Now who cannot read between the lines on this?

How did ‘violence against women’ become so vital to the point to where we, as men, have to emasculate ourselves or allow ourselves to be pissed on by women? Again, I understand men should not attack women, but women should also refrain from putting themselves in positions to be attacked to begin with. Now, of course some idiot may say that is a ‘blame the victim’ platform. But if people choose their battles wisely, they will not put themselves out there in a manner to be a victim to begin with. Am I right?

ESPN sports commentator Stephen A. Smith basically stated this in so many other words than women should also choose their battles wisely with Whoopi Goldberg coming to his defense. For that, he offended a white female colleague, then presto. Off with his nuts! ESPN suspends him for a week the day after he put his foot in his mouth.


I mean, I do not condone people using violence against anyone, unless it is in self-defense. And yes, a fight between a man and a woman is a brutal thing. But what the fuck makes women think they are so special that men should go out of their way to stop all violence against women, let alone march for and defend women who will not do the same for them?

There are a lot of personal vendettas and hidden agendas on the issue of feminists calling the professional athletes’ jobs and I’m afraid it’s way deeper than the issue of domestic violence, but so far, there has not been one white male athlete being called out. There is not one white male power figure being attacked for doing worse than what Adrian Peterson (RB for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings), Ray Rice or Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson has done. It is highly possible that this is history repeating itself in a Birth Of A Nation sort of sense.

White male patriarchy has said for centuries that women are the weaker sex and they themselves are finding out the hard way that women are capable of malicious intent and getting what they want, even if it limp-dicks them. Black males, on the other hand, knew for centuries that women are not the weaker sex and the privileges, betrayals and actions from black matriarchs proved it. Black women were always capable of finding a better deal, let alone pissing on their men and children, calling it ‘rain’ and basically getting away with it.

Truth be told, white men are guilty of the world’s most heinous crimes not only against other men, but against women and children as well. They are just better at covering their shit up because of demography, geography, governmental ‘kickbacks’ and to saving face. But for black men who lose their cool only once in their entire lives – especially if they are in the limelight – it still gets brought up in conversations and in media five years later, as if the media is ran by spoiled rich pussies diagnosed with severe cases of OCD.

Feminists called for Ray Rice (former RB for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens) to lose his job. And he’s been suspended indefinitely months after the videotape leaked out and thanks to the speculation dished out from media outlets. But in all essence, how does this benefit his wife, who married him after he attacked her, by her own admission? Janay Rice could have easily taken Ray Rice to court and extract child support, alimony and post-divorce division of property from him. She can make up a lie or bring up a 5-year-old incident in order to extract more from him. But she can’t even do this, simply because her husband is without a job. Now not only is Ray Rice disenfranchised, but so is his wife and daughter who probably would have to give up their lavish lifestyle and start anew. Are these feminists who called for her husband’s job offering her a better deal? I think we all know the answer to that question. Janay Rice posts several Twitter status updates saying in so many other words that feminists and the NFL needs to refrain from invading their personal lives and – get this! – using her to promote their agenda.


But when it all comes down to it… When it comes to money and women, men are dumb as fuck. Not so much as in not knowing how to deal with women, but men are stupid when it comes to the company they choose to keep. Plus the fact that an idiot and his money is a woman’s best friend. And for those of us who are smart or observant, we’ve seen this happen too many times throughout history. Men are also stupid when it comes to ‘pussy power’, the fungibility of pussy and that there is nothing one woman can do that five others cannot. With the money these guys have, they can afford to buy sex by the hour, travel abroad or embrace strippers and flings. Women outnumber men, especially black men (30:1). And the moment you realize that, you do not have to stress yourself out with LTRs, marriages, mistresses or other assorted drama that comes with relationships. But most men are stupid, immature, sexually irresponsible and will subconsciously make it hard for others by doing stupid shit like physically abusing women. The fact that act like they’re not used to shit when money enters their palms is equally pathetic.

From a biological standpoint, regardless of how much feminists dish out ‘wolf cries’ and ‘rape culture’ crap, women are most attracted to the same ‘tall, dark and handsome’ motherfuckers who are more capable of raping or abusing them. Instead of going for guys who are shorter than them in height, they choose men who must be taller than 6’3 with bulging muscles and only 12% body fat. Women attach themselves to dominant males by nature, whether they are ‘law enforcers’, mercenaries, bodybuilders, athletes, thugs, CEOs, drug dealers, spank-happy ‘Daddies’, etc. These are the kind of men who make women’s pussies wet and anuses wink for dick.


While I believe that while domestic violence is real, it is also overblown. I also believe that feminists are using it as a scam to not only further their agenda, but to further themselves as pawns to keep the scam of white male patriarchy alive – to take our minds off of the disenfranchisement of America’s black youth and to use select black males as an example to pain them as somehow ‘undesirable’ while white males are given free passes. Because let’s face it: Feminists don’t give a fuck about the problems of women of color. Some of these same white women who preach ‘girl power’ will be in bed getting the shit fucked out of them by black men while black women spend their lives lonely and bitter, in declining health.

Now people want to cry ‘domestic violence’ when black fathers discipline their children. While I agree that how black parents discipline their children is largely influenced by the African slave trade, if this is what it takes for fathers to toughen their sons up, so be it. If your sons enlist in the military or gets arrested and sent to jail simply because they are black, what makes you think they are going to be treated like abused dogs or kings and be coddled to? The world is a rough place with a dog-eat-dog concept and fathers need to prepare their sons for it so they can handle life’s challenges like men. Not pussies – black OR white!

Regardless of how much money black entertainers make, fame can eventually destroy their lives. Not only due to their bad choices in women and money management, but because the media can make him or break him based on not only how he acts in public, but what he does behind closed doors. While the lives of black men are held under a heavy radar (which is why professional black men lead double lives), the scam of white feminism has only worsened the problem. In my book, personal affairs never had anything to do with how skilled or competent a person is in regards to their careers, but in the case of entertainment, feminism and the America’s fear of black masculinity states otherwise. So far, the only white male who recently loses his job due to domestic violence is a white Alabama judge named Mark Fuller. Judges and lawmakers have the lives and fates of their citizens in their hands, so that is different.

This is a fine example of how America thrives on the fear of the black male, but how people in ‘power’ fire their weapons at noises in the dark. This is also a prime example of the feminization of western culture. The Anglosphere has made another attempt to overvalue women and as a result, the Anglosphere will eventually collapse. And I just hope that I am alive to see it.

Here’s a spoken word from TheSargeWP (a ‘Wall Of Silence’ advocate) about The Scam Of White Feminism.

3 thoughts on “Black Masculinity, Domestic Violence and Fake Outrage

  1. My biggest problem is with the holier than media who attack the Ray Rices and Chris Browns of the world yet turn right around and praise thugs like Charlie Sheen, Tommy Lee, Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Tom Sizemore and many others. There are COUNTLESS sleazy ass white males that still get glory from the very media now running with their pitchforks and torches.

  2. A number of items:

    1. Money – The NFL was willing to tolerate private violent behavior so long as it did not affect the flow of money. Ticket sales, TV contracts, advertising – as long as the money kept coming in, the NFL and team owners could manage the occasional Michael Vick.

    But, now feminist groups smell money in the water. The NFL already threw millions into breast cancer research, all the while stone-walling efforts to study & treat the damage done to NFL players over the course of their careers. Now there are millions to be made by groups that “combat: domestic violence.

    Yes. Great point. Even before Stephen A. Smith said what he said about the Ray Rice incident (which caused his 1-week suspension), he stated that he acknowledges the fact that 45% of the NFL’s fanbase are women. Now, knowing this, there may be a possibility of him trying to tip-toe in a landmine in order to not offend a certain demographic. Stephen A. Smith did not say anything wrong, but again, a female colleague at ESPN took his words out of context, got into her feelings and then you see what occurred. What made the situation even more embarrassing on his end is that he put his foot in his mouth. As far as feminists smelling money, yes that is so. This is also a way for them to promote their slanted agenda.

    The reason why athletes get away with certain things regular black men cannot is because they are being used as a cash cow to further fatten the pockets of the rich dickheads they play for. But the subject of that would have to make up for another post topic.

    2. If you believe that nothing a woman does warrants striking her, then you cannot argue that men and women are equal. People who are genuinely equal can mistreat each other, and hopefully the law can redress that treatment. If one party, women, can simply never be found at fault in a certain category of behavior – then in this case, you have case of “guilty until proven innocent.”

    Yes. Women and men are not equal when it comes to not only physique, but reasoning as well. Just like a fight between a man and a woman is no contest, the same can be said about which gender has the physical capacity to build the architectures and infrastructures of societies. If you built something on your own, the reward is that you can run it in any way, shape or fashion you please. If women can build their own office spaces, fight in the armed forces and do construction work, they shouldn’t complain about men acting in self-defense against a barbaric female. But human evolution and biology shows us women are not capable in that respect. The problem is… Women depend on the ability of men to build for them, yet they want all ownership rights and the freedom to destroy whatever has been built for them.

    But most men are drones. Drones are necessary for building planes, trains and automobiles, but that’s all they are good for. People would prefer that after they’ve created those things that they cease from existence. Women are not the only ones who feel this way, however.

    3. The NFL is slow. In the 1970s, the NBA faced a crisis. It was hardly watched, and too many players were caught up in drugs and violence off the court. So the league put in tough new rules, that all teams had to follow. This meant drug testing, steep fines to players and teams. The result? A boom in business. The NFL cannot argue that they have no examples in how to handle situations such as this.

    Yes. One of my favorite movie quotes is “America is not a country, it’s just a business.” And like I said, the media can make or break athletes (as well as entertainers and politicians) based on how they act in public and in the ‘privacy’ of their own homes.

    4. Since comedians often are allowed to voice uncomfortable truths, it should be noted that comedians like Chris Rock, Bill Burr, and Christopher Titus point out with their biting humor that is crap. Titus, despite being over six feet tall, was severely beaten by his live-in girlfriend for years, often while he was sleeping or coming up from behind him. He even had to call the cops on her a couple of times. He admits he struck his girlfriend (“open-palmed!”) after she gave him a black eye. No normal person wants to get into a fight, but if you feel your life is threatened, you will defend yourself.

    Even the most successful and ‘smartest’ of men screw themselves up by getting into drama with women, especially if they are in LTRs and matrimonial obligations with them. Even rappers learn this the hard way and I’m like “Why aren’t you living by your own lyrics, idiot?!”

    5. Just before my 17th birthday, I was home sick from school. Like most teens who are home sick, I was watching TV, with a blanket wrapped around me. My mom then starts yelling at me, saying, “Is this what you’re going to do today?! Just sit there in front of the TV?!” She then heads over to where I am sitting, and starts hitting me on my left shoulder and the left side of my head. Thankfully, it was not like past beatings, since the shoes and belts were out of reach.

    I snapped. I jumped up, gave her three hard thwacks on her right shoulder, while shouting, “Don’t you ever fucking hit me again! You miserable bitch!” I then stormed upstairs to my room and spent the rest of the day up there.

    For the next week, I felt like crap. Ridden with guilt. I eventually apologized. Being a woman, she felt no need to apologize for hitting me for being sick.

    That was 24 years ago. Looking back, I no longer feel guilty. There is no scenario I can imagine where I would have hit her if she did not hit me first.

    Advocatus Diaboli stated it best, “With the possible exception of your birth mother, no woman will ever love you for who you are.” Granted, some mothers aren’t worthy. I’ve only had two unpleasant altercations with my mother, but the last altercation caused me to not speak to her for months. When I put my foot down respectfully, lessons were learned on both ends.

    In “Bring the Pain”, Chris Rock pointed out the nonsense that a woman cannot go to far or say anything to a man to instigate him. He points out, “I’m a man. If I get into an argument with a man who’s bigger than me, there is a zone I don’t go into.” Somehow, women think because there are some men who hit for no reason (and there are), that MUST mean that can never be a reason to hit a woman.

    “Women will only do what you allow them to do. Do not allow it!” ~ Tariq Nasheed

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