What Makes Amber Rose So Special?


I’m going to make this very brief post about a former stripper-turned-fashion-designer, video vixen named Amber Rose and her divorce from rapper Wiz Khalifa

Recently, there has been a lot of debates from various women and black men about how Wiz Khalifa possibly “lost” a ‘good thing’ — or in this case, a ‘bad bitch’. There are several status updates on various profile timelines and FB groups about how ‘sexy’ Amber Rose is and how Wiz Khalifa is an ‘idiot’ to cheat on her or how he may never do better than her. Then there are guys who will proudly and loudly announce that she is their ‘dream woman’ or that they’d love to be able to ‘hit that’ (in other words, be able to fuck her).

I usually don’t make posts nor engage in celebrity gossip. Nor do I waste my time watching TMZ or reading about entertainment news and beefs, because it’s all bullshit… besides I focus on myself. But let me raise several questions:

How on earth did Amber Rose become supposedly ‘the baddest bitch in the world’?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am well aware of that. But in an age of high female sexual availability and male desperation, even young female celebrities with fit and toned torsos are overvalued based on their figures and aesthetic performances alone. You can spot a mediocre woman or a butterface (i.e. “Everything looks good on her, but her face”) either online or in public and she will gain lots of special attention from a bunch of horny motherfuckers just because she has a nice ass or an hourglass-shaped figure. This concept has been called out many times in game blogs, conversations amongst men at gyms, barber shops and even several YouTube spoken words from black men who live based on The Wall Of Silence (aka MGTOW) platforms.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I am a black guy. So I don’t want to generalize while saying this, but most black men don’t mind fucking BBWs, flabby bitches, butterfaces and they’ll go at great lengths to game flaky younger females. Even for those who patronize escorts, they have no taste in elegance. But if most of them were visiting escorts like myself, they would realize that most of these females are not worth it. Not saying this to say that Amber Rose is not worthy of any type of attention because while she may have something average western women do not, truth is that if she wanted to become an escort, she’d get a lot of business.

But based on my standards, Amber Rose is most certainly not bad looking, although she looks like a feminized Bruce Willis with a butch-bitch type hairdo from certain angles. Her body is spectacular and she is a biracial woman (my specialty), but look at her hair! Doesn’t it look like a dirty Q-Tip?

What makes Amber Rose so special, let alone exempt from being cheated on?

Beauty is what drives men to approach or lust after women. But beauty is also only skin deep. The most beautiful people in the world can do the ugliest things. But if beauty is so vital, what makes men cheat on beautiful women who happen to be their wives and girlfriends? What has driven that man to cheat on her or to kick her to the curb? Regardless of how beautiful a woman is, there is always some man who either got tired of her shit, or who got tired of fucking her, if not both. Pussy Is Fungible. Women outnumber men, at least 10:1. For black men, the ratio is even higher, which means it can work to his advantage, given his ability to play his cards right. Nationwide, women possess individual physiques, scents, boundaries, heights, weights, skin tones, level of insatiability, etc. Even if a certain look or feel is desirable, guess what? There is a much better deal that can be found in another city, state, country or continent. And this is one of the reasons why I feel shit like marriages and LTRs are counterproductive. Being sidetracked for a lesser or higher quality of a sex partner can happen to anyone, even the best of us. Maybe she was a rumored nutcase like Mariah Carey (another ‘beautiful’ female entertainer who is recently feeling the sting of her young cub husband who’s leaving her hanging). Maybe the sex was awful. Maybe her genitalia intolerably stunk. Maybe she stepped out on him first. Maybe the sex was not worth the endless hours of dire stress and drama. Who knows? Who knows?!!

There’s a saying among men that goes “Ain’t nothing better than ass, except some new ass.”

Who says marriage is the ultimate goal of human existence?

I always knew that LTRs are not worth the trouble nor time wasted. Regardless of how fine a woman is, given that you have sex with her especially on a daily basis, it becomes boring and regimented, like a chore. Eventually, even she will get tired, thus her curiosity for greener pastures and other (bigger) cocks may become an outlet. Equal opportunity cheating is prevalent in western marriages and I predict a future where the playing field will be unleveled, whereas women will beat men in the game of infidelity, which further proves my point that marriage is not only a failed institution, but it was used as an excuse to govern the lives of others so that societies and hierarchies can be built. Just as vital, women and men age differently. Amber Rose may be a 5 in the eyes of some today, but who’s to say that 15 years from now, she won’t resemble Michael Chiklis?

Did Amber Rose cheat on her ex-thug-rapper husband with Nick Cannon? She says she did not, but who the hell knows? But this is not my primary reason for discussing this. This blog post provides instances of how women receive praise they do not deserve based on not only aesthetics, but desperation of men caused by the raging of uncontrollable hormones. But more importantly, this is also another example of how a lot of successful black men screw themselves by getting into LTRs and marriages with women. Amber Rose filed for divorce earlier this week and plans to take full custody of their son, Sebastian. Like most scenarios involving black men, a ‘scorned’ woman and the system of ‘law and order’, when Wiz Khalifa goes to court, he’ll more likely than not lose. On another token, he can’t rap for shit anyway…

I’ll show you guys some photos of Amber Rose and you tell me, do you see the over-hype that I see? Or do you believe that she’s one of the hottest (baddest) chicks you’ve seen?

AMBER ROSE 3  2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals  AMBER ROSE 6  AMBER ROSE 5   AMBER ROSE

One thought on “What Makes Amber Rose So Special?

  1. 8/10 would bang. she’d look better with long hair. but that’s all she’s good for. some former stripper/whore. (you know she was whoring it out in the back room) only a loser would marry her.

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