VIDEO: Amber Rose “Ass Drop” Twerk Video

Here’s a video of Amber Rose – a famous, overhyped western mulatto black woman (former stripper, fashion model/designer and video vixen) who has dated rapper Kanye West and is recently divorcing thug-stoner-rapper Wiz Khalifa, sticking him up for $1M and $5K monthly for child support. This video was made by Amber Rose in celebration for her ex-husband’s third studio album release.

I made a topic about the idiocy of people assuming that she is so exempt from being cheated on simply due to her looks and celebrity status right here. In regards to how I view her, yes her body is immaculate. Yes, her face is mildly attractive, but I beg to differ from what many men see in her, but that’s just me. Overvalued!

Anyway, what do you think?

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