An Alternative Explanation for Black Female Rejection

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee --- Image by © Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis

“…if [every] black man keeps running behind every skinny white bitch he sees, then we’re fucked… It is hard as concrete to find a good, college-educated black man of my age and my wage and now I have these Girls Gone Wild tramps I have to compete with? Fuck that.” [a quote from the 2006 indie-film, The Cuckold]

Without starting a huge race riot, I chose to bring to the attention of my subscribers and everyone else about alternative reasons why black men reject black women, unless they are the race-conscious, family-minded types who are too much of bitches to date or fornicate outside of their race for the sake of ‘keeping it black’. According to statistics and the dating preferences of most modern studs (race irrelevant), black females (unless they work in the sex/entertainment industry – i.e.; strippers, escorts, video vixens, Nicki Minaj, etc. – or are Olivia Pope types) are the least desired women in the food chain. Now, I can very well include Indian and Middle Eastern women for reasons based on sexual conservatism and female sexual oppression (thanks to traditionalism, secular religions and white male patriarchy force-feeding the concept of women being the “weaker” sex down the throats of other cultures). But I choose to discuss alternative and unpopular reasons why many guys (particularly black men) reject African-American females. So, I will refrain from discussing overblown popular reasons (highest obesity rates, illegitimate children, Sapphire-type bitchy diva complexes, fake hair, etc.). By nature, once you unearth the ugly history of certain people, you may want to distance yourselves from them even further.

You see, I grew up in the 1990s, an era where black women maintained healthy amounts of disrespect for men in general, especially black men (whether they were lazy oafs or the hard-working family-minded types). Several forms of entertainment catered to these types of women, which were dished out like bitter pills. I witnessed these women bragging about the underhanded things done to the men in their lives. I have seen these women disrespect their own sons and view them as adversaries. Some folks think white women are bad, but the collective truth is (which is not based solely on my experiences alone) AA women are the worst when it comes to entitlement issues. This stems from them having too many enablers, ranging from bureaucrats, their fore-mothers (who encourage their reckless behavior as they reach adolescence) and their white-knighting lapdogs who are either worshipers or impotent suburbanite-types who feel more at ease with black women than black men.

I could never really put my finger on it in my teenage years, but… I’ve always suspected that black men (and their offspring) would have recognized at some point in their lives that these women (like most women in the west) aren’t worth a quarter of the trouble they cause, let alone the so-called ‘demands’ they try to make. Then, an ever-increasing multitude of white, Latin and Asian women who would eventually built a nationwide attraction for black men – based on aesthetics, athleticism and bravado – would have gotten to a point to where the average fat, bitter, baby-making or clergy-type ‘sista’ would no longer have a leg to stand on.

Here are the key inconspicuous reasons why most men reject African-American females:

1] Due to the legacy of rape by white men (slavery), it had created large slews of clergy-type females (pre-1970s) who followed religious training (mind control) and chose to abstain from all sexual activity until marriage and for procreational purposes only. This type of sexual conservatism (gullibility) led to the next generation of black females to become sexually irresponsible, hence the high HIV rates, dependence on the government (child support) and illegitimate children. This makes black men and black women sexually incompatible, on a collective level. Sure, there are exceptions, but those exceptions can be risky and deplorable in the eyes of the general public.

2] African-American women have engaged in long and healthy ancient secret sexual and systemic betrayals of black men in order to gain certain status and privilege. There has always been a sexual dynamic between black women and white women since the African slave trade. And I’m not talking about the women who got raped. I am speaking of the free women of color in the American south who attended secret sexual societies and engaged in Eyes Wide Shut like sex parties with white men, Frenchmen and Spaniards, which lasted until the early 20th century. This is part of history that would have nearly been unheard of if it had not been for certain books exposing this history (Intimate Matters, Goodpussy, etc.). Again, miscegenation was never a problem as long as there were no BBCs (Big Black Cocks) involved. This was a start of what was yet to come decades later (particularly post-1990), which I will mention in example 5.

3] Recent studies show that African-American women are the most ‘educated’ group of women on the planet. While I have no problem with education (although street smarts beats systematic education), the truth is that having several PhDs or making $70K+ annually never guarantees aesthetic or eugenic desirability. Black women love boasting about how ‘educated’, ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ they are, but it really is a phony delusion. For one, a real man could care less about how many degrees a woman has, unless he is making sure she isn’t trying to mooch off of him. Or unless he has a plan to fuck her over in the future, like some male character from a Terry McMillan story. When was the last time you’ve heard of a man’s dick getting hard because of how well she masters calculus or astrophysics? Men choose women based on aesthetics (body types), sexual services and availability, or the skin tones and tightness of their cunts and ass holes.

So why are black women substituting normal social lives with systematic education? It could be the same reason why women somehow became fatter yet choosier. It could be for egotistical gratification (‘woman on top’). It could be that people use high-IQ professions as a means to hide behind their social, sexual or aesthetic deficiencies. I could go on about the increasing epidemic of lonely, established women who cannot attract or keep men to save their lives.

In another sense, even educated females (like most females in general) choose hyper-masculine thugs, blue-collar types and alphas because of their strong sexual and social skills, plus their inability to allow these women to fuck them over. Because let’s face it, even educated black women sidetrack educated black men because they may not be ‘man enough to handle me’. You see, educated high-paid men were nerds who came to the conclusion that books are superior to people, or that most people were either not worth their time or socialites rejected them because they were boring. So as far as men are concerned, females were always able to separate men in two categories: Those who abide by rules vs. those who mastered the art of breaking the rules. And this is why studs, thugs and ‘bad boys’ have the upper hand to some degree.

Educated black men, however, have the options that educated black women do not have: interracial dating, swinging in the suburbs, BDSM, winter-summer flings, same-sex flings, professional call girls (escorts), strip clubs, multiples of women of other races who lust black studs, etc. Geography plays a part as well, because of white female sex tourism. Plus, educated black men can enjoy geographical sex travels in extensive ways black women may not. Let’s use Brazil for example. The women in Brazil desire American Men. Black women, on the other hand, are hugely disliked by the men and women of Brazil. The reasons include their universally-known barbaric nature and how they are portrayed as materialistic, which leads to higher amounts of vainglory. This adds to the epidemic of black women who are resentful towards black men who chose greener pastures after years of black women being rejected or pumped and dumped, leading to self-inflicted emotional sadism.

Here’s another way of looking at it. While most educated black women choose careers in the legal system and corporations, they also can be found in the clergy. Clergy-types, like conservatives, are not only delusional and creatively retarded, but they also have this extra cutthroat element, which is why most respectable guys hate their fucking guts. Indeed, those are the ones to avoid. Career-minded women, like conservatives and clergy-types, put their careers, their ideologies and their gods before any and all things, which implies they have no time to enjoy things like casual sex or maintaining eugenic or aesthetic performance. Now, if you add illegitimate kids in the mix (usually planted by desperate, sexually irresponsible losers), then that is a recipe for a serious burnout. The ‘strong black woman’ is a prime example of how female education and feminism can ultimately destroy the lives of certain women and their offspring.

4] When it comes to stereotypes about white women being more freakier (sexually uninhibited) than black women, this is essentially true. Not to say that black women are sexual prudes (unless they are clergy-types or race-conscious types), but as I’ve mentioned in example one, there are underlying reasons why black women are either conservative or reckless when it comes to carnality. There are certain fetishes and kinks that particularly white and Asian women are receptive to that most black women avoid, which mostly deals with BDSM, anal sex, group sex, asphyxiaphilia, etc. The uprising epidemic of racially selective, dick-happy cougars in the west plays a huge part as well. Sure, there are exceptions, but those are rarities due to societal contempt (which is also why the black community is homophobic).

5] After centuries and decades of the betrayal black women committed against black men and their sons, a system was created by the government who uses these same women as a Trojan Horse to ruin the lives of the men who impregnate and/or join them in matrimony or men who simply defend themselves from belligerent women (see rapper Nas, Chris Brown, Chad Ochocinco, Ray Rice, etc.). This not only creates financial ruination, but psychological ruination via drama, which interrupts any type of focus or redemption for individual progress. This is one of the reasons why men avoid Cliff Huxtable routines because they have seen what has happened to other men who chose that route with these women, only to be swindled by The Friends of the Court, also ran by children of privilege who just don’t like black men. That said, bigoted white men and their matriarchal lapdogs (who were the world’s first feminists) are the two biggest spoiled, delusional, ‘entitled’, hubris-ridden and pompous people in the west who can pretty much get away with any damned thing they please, but how long that may last depends on us. Regardless of what was said at Return Of Kings about white women being the biggest threat to successful black males, ‘entitled’ black women are perhaps the biggest threat to how upward mobile many black men could have ever been.

6] Black women by nature are very curvy women along with Latinas and select mulattoes. They have some of the greatest asses most men have laid eyes on. But due to poor diets and gym inactivity, those curves eventually turn into flab sometimes before they approach mid-30. So, when men stop checking for them, this leads to further emotional sadism that comes with age and rejection, whereas western white cougars become health conscious in higher numbers than that of their black female counterparts. This can be one reason why when it comes to black females, masculine alpha-types prefer ratchet pussy. Ratchet pussy would be even more desirable if not for the countless amount of those who are hygienically devoid, tactless, have high amounts of bastard children, drug problems and STDs. An estimated 80% of African-American females are overweight or obese and what’s even more disturbing to me is that they have a higher HIV rate than homosexual males. So to put it simply and bluntly, black women are not the most health-conscious women in the world, which cannot be blamed on poverty, but self-infliction instead. Because whether or not you choose to adapt to your surroundings is entirely on you.

So in conclusion, demography (based on preference and desperate and sexually irresponsible men) and geography (black men who never traveled abroad or outside of urban cities and ‘laws of the land’) has allowed these women to get away with a lot of shit, but that won’t last. Black women have orchestrated and systematically sputtered their own demise, causing a significant percent of black men departing with these women, communities where they are present and avoiding any possible reconciliation. Yet no matter how much these women disrespect the men in their lives, they still demand some type of loyalty or special treatment. Their favorite excuses for treating black males like shit are: “Well, it’s for the black race.” Or “It’s for the kids.” Even for the ones who were used and abused at some point in their lives, they develop high amounts emotional sadism which they inflict onto their offspring, their future relationships and generations of men who have done none of that shit to them. Now, I know this is a feminine trait more than it is a racial thing, but black women have it the absolute worse. This is the same group of females who have also historically sold their men and children out for the welfare state (friends of the court, free meals, handouts, government housing, etc).

Based on my observation and my interactions with women of all ethnicities, once black women come to the realization that they are not what they delude themselves to be, or once they realize that they were the common denominator for every fucked-up relationship they were in, they become bitter and angry for life (emotional sadism) and have no clue on how to shake that shit off. Other races of females deal with their misfortunes differently are smart enough to not make others feel responsible for any past heartbreaks and headaches. I’m not saying that other nationalities of women are superior to black women (although they are much better off), but I’m boldly saying that in order to make themselves desirable and to maintain their aesthetic performances, they innately know that they have to behave (I’m sorry… conduct themselves) a certain way for supreme results.

I don’t believe the excuse of white supremacy using black women to control the lives of black men can be used anymore. You see, I’ve seen what has happened to other generations of men before me, not to mention what is happening to guys younger than me, whether they play professional sports or not. That said, I know that I’m doing the ‘right’ thing according to my own instincts. If people choose to be puppets-on-strings, that’s exclusively on them.

The rejection of most black women (like others with historical ‘superiority complexes’) are caused by self-inflicted problems created by privilege, injustice, free reign, ‘scorned’ complexes, vanity and status.

2 thoughts on “An Alternative Explanation for Black Female Rejection

  1. Women really are just the worst. Your extensive interactions with these strange creatures clearly have made you an expert. The incredible sexism in this article is only overshadowed by the racism.

    I’m no ‘expert’. Just calling it out as I see it. That word irks me for some reason.

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