How Infallible-Types Cut Off Their Noses to Spite Their Faces: 01

There are not very many writings or books which goes into depths about the dark side of human nature. This is one reason why I enjoy reading Advocatus Diaboli’s blog and I’ve located his blog on the ‘Hardcore Sociology’ section of my blogroll. Generally, the truth hurts and this is why most people lie. Others search for it in order to be at ease with themselves and cool those flames of anger, stupidity and unanswered questions.

My general viewpoints about humanity was never very positive, with the exception of embracing fountains of youth – recklessness, promiscuity, rebellion, individualism, self-defense and healthy amounts of disrespect for authority and the ‘status quo’. Most people fear revolting against the ‘status quo’ because they believe in an afterlife, some reward or social change, let alone furthering their agendas and personal vendettas. Not to mention, there’s the fear of losing their jobs, the fear of their oppressors or because they want to have their cake and eat it too. Essentially, people who will fuck someone over for a temporary victory or for egotistical gratification. Almost every ideology and form of infallibility has done more harm to the people they thought they were ‘helping’. At the end of the day, it’s about flexing muscle or saving face. You may say, ‘People cannot be this fucking retarded, can they?’ You’ll be amazed. Dealing with these people is like owning a hostel full of Alzheimer’s patients.

It has gotten to a point to where people will brainlessly give total strangers the benefit of the doubt, even when it works against their stupid asses. You would expect this from someone who is depressed, brain dead, scarred for life, fresh out of diapers, but even some children can comprehend this, given they aren’t being sheltered all of their lives by morality-obsessed, fear-driven adults. But people have this obsession with wanting to be ‘right’ (which is based on past knowledge) to where they yearn to be infallible. Those people will go as far as disfiguring their own identity in order to gain acceptance from infallible, ‘respectable’ or righteous members of society, or their ‘superiors’ or ‘abusers’. Or they may do so because they feel it will not have an impact on their future… as if the world revolves around them, their dislikes and so forth.

In this mini-series, I’ll explain how certain people, groups, races, religions, genders and ideologies have tendencies to destroy and alter their true nature and how they fuck up innocent bystanders (the rest of the world) with their desires to appear ‘respectable’. Now, I may not describe every ideology or every example – I’d have to write a book about that. I’ll turn this into a mini-series, but I’ll try my hardest to be brief and spitefully nasty with it.

In this post, I’ll discuss martiarchy/feminism.

FEMINISM 1.0 (aka “matriarchy”) – I’ve made several topics previously about how the matriarchal thought process ultimately send black boys down a path of ruination and I can see myself getting more in depth about its aftermath in another topic. To put it simply and without making a broad swipe at single black mothers as a whole, they – like most women – are incapable of thinking pragmatically. Whether the reason lies within them being pumped-and-dumped by a series of men, wasting their time with relationships or believing their own ‘superiority’ complex, they have a motto of uplifting their daughters while grooming their sons to be a bunch of bitch-ass men. It’s usually single mothers who force-feed that bullshit about spirituality, morality and matrimony onto their sons more than their daughters. As a result, their sons enter the world as big, man-babies incapable of competing with other men who are not spiritual, moral or monogamy-minded. Single black mothers also have a poisonous tendency to use spirituality (the story of Adam & Eve, per se) as a way to scare their children from having sex. The conclusion is made that these women raise their sons to be fat calves ready for the slaughter, amid teaching their daughters to be hustlers, divas and ‘whores’ in training.

At the end of the day, what these women are trying to do is groom them into being the kind of men who they would have like to have spent their lives with. This is what I mean by spousification. Then, there’s the ‘sins of thy father’ complex, which is a way of getting back at the kids’ father for using her ass as a ‘cum dumpster’, turning her into a ‘hoe with a house full of babies’. Thus, the mother tries to mind-fuck him, not realizing the impact it may have on his failures or views with other women, especially women who look like her.

-I am also very aware that this attitude is prevalent in Indian cultures as well. I know the Indians have it bad, but some African-American households are just as fucked up. Handfuls of single mothers in the black community strive to maintain this Florida Evans-esque facade.

FEMINISM 2.0 – Most of topics I discuss are about the sexualities and hypergamous tendencies of women. I also bring to light of how diabolical women are, especially when it comes to dealing with men and how insanely jealous they are of other women. But getting to the heart of the matter isn’t always necessary. You see, women think in group-think, just like ‘law’ enforcers, religious fanatics, ‘holy’ crusaders, tabloid junkies and employees (slaves). Men, on the other hand, embrace traditional ‘divide and conquer’ platforms and separate themselves from other men based on ethnicity, class, lifestyle, ideology, political affiliation and even things like sexual orientation and aesthetic preferences. And this is one main reason why feminism is a success while many male-centric movements are failures (with the exception of white male patriarchy, which vaguely and unconsciously became a breeding ground for feminism to ever occur to start with).

I understand that women’s liberation (Feminism 2.0) in the 1960s (along with the civil rights movement and the sexual revolution – which led to desegregation / integration) took a stand against the evils of white male patriarchy and it ruined the fairy-tales most white men had about white ‘supremacy’ prevailing into eternity and yes, that shit was long overdue and well-deserved. But the original feminine concept of ‘equality’ has not only been stolen and turned into ‘supremacy’ and solipsism, which affects everyone. Women may not be able to build the constructions or the infrastructures of society, but somehow, they are already running shit. And it goes beyond the sex ratio of women outnumbering men or women participating in social change more than men, be it with voting, dating or commerce. I’ve mentioned an example of how feminists cut off their noses to spite their faces a few weeks earlier with the fake outrage of athletes snapping on their significant others. Feminism has invaded public schooling, attempting to destroy young men before they grow by neutering them further into submission and it has even corrupted the concept of ‘higher learning’, economics and common-fucking-sense. In various ways, this has not only affected the economics of western societies, but also the sexual marketplace, not to mention the concept of loyalty and how the ones with sense in their heads vehemently refuse to play by the rules.

Feminism overuses the victim card probably more than the NAACP has overused the race card, thus making themselves look like even bigger jokes as not only ideology but as human beings. They claim they are all for women embracing free-thought or having control over their own bodies, only to pull a 180 and perpetuate victimhood under the assumption that it will give them free reign, which is their ulterior motive all along. There is a difference between being a victim and failing to accept accountability and it’s much more comfortable and takes less effort to play the victim rather than accept a mirror given to them. They will use other women as a temporary bait or catalyst to further their cause, then discard them once their goal has been attained. This is the reason behind the whole street harassment platform and the consistent illegality of prostitution, in general. I agree, some men are tactless when it comes to approaching women, but my response to the ‘street harassment’ ordeal is that those women shouldn’t be mad when men, in general, stop giving these bitches the time of day. Feminists and their lapdogs confuse prostitution to things like sex trafficking, not knowing the difference between the two.

Feminazi cunts claim that misogyny (a general mistrust of women) and prostitution promotes ‘violence against women’, in spite of the fact that professional call girls, like strippers, do it by their own admission or for agency companies, not abusive pimps. And unless the clients are abusive or violent, what is it to some fat, aging butterball white (or black) woman who we choose to have sex with and what’s being exchanged? Isn’t something always in exchange the sex, or even the possibility of sex, even if it’s dinner, drinks, dates or a pair of stilettos? Who’s calling for prostitution (or the ‘demand’) to be abolished in the first place? According to them, women should be able to have control over their bodies unless it involves any mutual transaction of pleasure to men. According to them, ‘real men’ should only desire to have sex with college-educated, ’empowered’ western women, regardless of how fugly, mediocre or diabolical they may be.

In my honest opinion, both black and white women are equally ridiculous when it comes to bestowing feminism upon western society. While white women have not only stole from the black woman’s playbook of matriarchy (the same way white dudes plagiarized the black man’s playbook of pimping and macking, calling it ‘game’), western white women has kept the fuckery alive and are using other women to further their pathetic cause. So, I can understand why folks may feel white women are the worst, because white women are already put on pedestals, benefiting from their own race of men’s patriarchy. That said, they are already ‘entitled’ to anything they want, including black dudes whom they want to fuck. If any culture of women needs feminism, it’s those in the Middle East, who live by Sharia law and who cut off their noses to spite their face in order to please traditionalism, via genital mutilation and honor killings.

You may have seen ad campaigns for putting an end to ‘violence against women’. My counterpoint is this: How did domestic violence become more alarming than genocide and mass murder of Indians and Africans, war, the killings of unarmed black men by American terrorists (the police), how legalism murders people, mass murder and hate crimes combined? Even if an American president did a press conference saying that we should stop all violence against men, first of all everyone would know he’s full of shit (hence the current war in Isis), second of all, would that really happen? I’m not condoning domestic violence, but what makes women so special and exempt that we should stop ‘violence against women’ while men kill eachother in record numbers since day damn one?!

Then, there’s this whole idea of ‘rape culture’, which is nothing more than a cognitive dissonance. Yet women are mostly attracted to the men who are most capable of raping them or putting marks on their bodies. I’m aware that Sergeant Willie Pete mentions this in a YouTube video he made about the scam of white feminism. I’m also aware that like homosexuals, feminists try to compare their ‘misfortunes’ to the plight of African-Americans or the plight of women in Middle Eastern countries. It almost like trying to compete in ‘the victim races’ where they’ll say “Your blues ain’t no worse than mine.” Or “Yeah, slavery sucked. But what about street harassment? What about rape culture?”

I can go on…

I don’t want to be over 2,000 words long in this one, so I’ll pick up where I left off in part 2. There, I will discuss religion and law-and-order.

I dislike creating ‘series’, as some folks will read part 1 and skip over parts 2 and/or 3. But I hate long-winded posts even more and I’m sure most of you do, too.

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