How Infallible-Types Cut Off Their Noses to Spite Their Faces: 02

Here is the second part of this mini-series where I bring to light how nearly every ideology and institution in western society has failed and worsen problems they were supposed to solve. In the previous post of this mini-series, I have discussed the differences between black feminism (aka ‘matriarchy’) and white feminism, how they are similar, yet different and it’s impacts on society.

Here, I will discuss very touchy and uncomfortable subjects like religion and law-and-order.


RELIGION – While the concept of religion in itself is based on a theory of mind control, the people who fall for it are the biggest idiots, regardless of what type it is. I’ll probably give a free pass to the principles of Zen, because I consider that to be the religion of knowledge. In regards to the existence of God, I am not overriding that and I do know that even though he has existed at some point or time in history, the concept of worshiping something that either never or no longer exists is not only a waste of time, but a prime example of blind faith… or dare I say mental illness. Meanwhile, life passes people by as they waste their time operating on blind faith, bad faith and morality, which leads to delayed gratification, delusional mechanisms and other toxic behaviors.

Without saying that all religions are purely a thing of racial degradation, I can talk about Christianity being a mind-control tactic to disable free-thought and to ensure control and neutering of blacks and women. I can talk about how ‘the bible’ was used to piss on blacks, women and children, then calling it ‘rain’. I can talk about the hypocrisies of ‘fornication’ and homophobia in the black church and it’s similarities to Catholic priests and anti-gay Republicans who get caught inserting stiff objects between the mouths and butt-cheeks of ‘bottom boys’ and transsexuals. I can talk about pastors having unprotected sex with members of their ‘congregation’, knowing damn well they have HIV, which feeds into black women’s hatred and paranoia of ‘respectable’, infallible-types who lead double lives in order to save face (or to live their ‘American Dream’).

It’s amazing how people who are the most spiritual or ‘god-fearing’ happen to be the most dis-empowered and disenfranchised people worldwide. Now, to an extent, this has not only corrupted black life, but it has also devalued the lives of others with brown skin (from the Latinos all the way to the horribly oppressed women in the Middle East). Which leads me to this question:

If Jesus saves, then why are the lives and black and Hispanic urbanites so shitty?!

Although religious ‘scriptures’ attack female sexuality, most women disregard that crap. Most women do not operate like that when they have multiple trump cards (sex and youth) to play to get what they want. When their looks fade and men stop giving them the time of day, then and only then do they look for ‘Mr. Right’ and become ‘holy’. Even though the writings are on the wall, others choose to be in love with the ‘pie in the sky’ delusion. This, either because they have been attacked, they are too feeble to deal with reality or because they somehow find joy in being brain-dead and vague. How the fuck is this any different from people who are stuck in Supermax prisons and solitary confinement? Do I have to get into the psychological effects of living like a caged animal, separated from the rest of the world and clueless on how it revolves?

Mega-churches are located in rotting corpses of neighborhoods, which look like warzones, deserts and hellish prisons. Granted, most young people living in poverty can see through that mind game and, by their own admission, choose to engage in ‘immoral’ alternatives in order to craft paramount lifestyles for themselves and/or their offspring. It’s usually their elders who are stuck on that dumb shit, but unfortunately, their presence is still intact. As long as that is the case and as long as brown-skinned people are economically disenfranchised, there will continue to be a belief in those perpetrators (priests, preachers and pastors) who scammed their way to the top, making a tax-free living, driving high-end luxury cars while preaching fairy-tales, morality and other assorted bullshit on everyone else. 100% of their money comes from about 10-20% of every individual member of the middle class and those living in poverty.

So, why the fuck do people choose to disfigure themselves and waste their lives away by believing in blind faith and other assorted mysteries and fairy-tales?


LAW AND ORDER – The subject of ‘law and order’ is not as touchy as the other groups, ideologies and scams I am mentioning in this series, but it may be touchy to the degree of fearmongering. What I mean by this is that due to the illusion of ‘law’, many lives have been taken and destroyed by the hands of police officers. The great Johnnie Cochran once said in so many other words that a police officer has more power than a judge. Even though the judge can rule against terrorists (cops) just like any other human, a police officer carries a gun and can exterminate anyone in their presence, out of fear, cowardice, for kicks, etc.

Militarization plus the many brutal and erratic actions of American ‘law enforcers’ has made them even more like a bunch of bitches. I’m aware of the many impotent, inept retards who justify it with the notion of how they were “just doing their job”. I’ve heard classical excuses coming from lower-class folks, such as “The police have very hard jobs.” Well, I’m not buying that shit for a minute. Unlike most people, I’m not giving total strangers the benefit of the doubt when it works against me. That would be me cutting off my nose to spite my face! So if they want to fuck themselves in the ass like that, let them.




If you really want to get deeper into the core of the matter, legalism and laws were historically created to deliberately screw over blacks, poor whites, women (though feminism has changed the game) and other folks of color. I could provide various examples from history to date. As Don Spears stated in his 1991 book, Goodpussy, when blacks don’t like laws, we break them. When whites don’t like laws, especially if they are in favor of blacks, they strive to get into office or rush to the voting polls and change them. White suburbia and conservatism support the concept of ‘law and order’ only so to keep themselves entertained by watching people who they fear and despise get screwed over, under the assumption that it can’t happen to them. The same can be said about other minorities and now, men (thanks to feminism). Add capitalism to the mix, plus the fact that most policemen are white males. White males are fearful, envious and sexually insecure of black males. No wonder why Johnnie Cochran said race plays a part in everything in America.

Some of you may say “Well, there are black officers of the law.” True, for some, it’s just a job with huge paydays, perks (hookups, benefits) and sweet-ass pension deals. I understand that most are shitty, but that does not excuse the hidden reality that most folks are only pawns in whichever game they choose to play. But consider these two points:

1] Before anyone accepts a job or a career move, it would be in their best interests to review the job description, it’s requirements and any possible dangers or discrepancies of that job/career. Wouldn’t anyone think that’s more important than the amount of annual salaries, perks (hookups, benefits) and sweet-ass pension deals? Did they at least determine the possibilities of working with certain people – dangerous or otherwise – before accepting the job? Or were they just too obsessed with the perks rather than the realities of public relations? That said, should I have any sympathy for them or any other idiot who chose high-stress professions by their own fucking admission? If I were to take a job being a prison guard, lording over caged ‘animals’ (murderers, rapists, terrorists, etc.) and for no reason, five guys wanted to rape me or throw feces on me, should I blame them? Or should I look at the fact that I chose that occupation? I accepted the occupation, I signed the contract and before making that vow, I should have reviewed the job description and duties in the same matter my employer has reviewed my application and interviewed me beforehand. So placing blame on anyone other than oneself is not something I have any respect or empathy for.

2] Let’s have a look at how anger and emotional intelligence collaborates: Your day is hectic. For whatever reason. Your wife gives you a hard time about your choice of entertainment or coming home at 3AM. You leave home and instead of having the balls to put the bitch in check, you bring that attitude with you into the world full of total strangers whom may have issues you are unaware of. You punch a person in the face and break their nose. Yes, you feel gratified temporarily and that person may have felt serious pain bestowed upon them from your wrath. In today’s era (especially in an age of smartphones and modern technology), that person wins. Because you could go to jail or worse, have a lawsuit filed against your ass. Similarly, you are angry. You punch a brick wall… the wall wins, you fool! If you are lucky, you will feel serious pain. Unlucky? You’d have broken your wrist or other bones in your hand. Okay. Any rational thinking person should know this already. Hell, some of us were taught this when we were kids. So, what the fuck makes cops any different? Why should their erratic actions become ‘justified’, as if they are elderly or pregnant women acting based on impulse?

What is the need for ‘law and order’ anyway? Is it for public safety? Fulfilling personal vendettas? Or is it just a business, or a sum-zero platform just like nearly every other form of human interaction?

The war on drugs, the feminized ‘war’ on prostitution, street harassment and the friends of the court are all prime examples of how personal vendettas, backseat driving and fearmongering fucks up the rest of the world to where people simply fail to function or are too afraid to do what comes naturally, or head towards a better tomorrow. But again, it’s all a business. These are also examples of how American capitalists has turned racism, sexism and discrimination into a business. Advocatus Diaboli has made many pragmatic topics about this subject herehere and here!

Let me say that I am not a fan of the police most of the time, but it is what it is. If you feel that you are being unfairly targeted and want to win, you have to have the perks and the knowledge to fight from within. Unfortunately, most young blacks and others in poverty do not know this shit. Why? Because they are too obsessed with spirituality, materialism and trends. Therefore, they act as if they aren’t used to shit. It’s as if the only thing folks in poverty know how to do is buy shit they don’t need and pray to the deluded image of ‘Jesus’.

In the future, I plan to write an even lengthier topic about the flawed concepts of legality in the U.S.


Again, I won’t go over 2,000 words, so I will pick up where I left off here by discussing patriotism (American pride, cultural pride), the educational system, monogamy’s irreversible effects bestowed upon the sexes and the self-degrading concepts of white knighting for women.

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