How Infallible-Types Cut Off Their Noses to Spite Their Faces: 03

In my previous installment of this purposely uncomfortable series, I’ve brought to light how those who believe in infallible ideologies and scams of religion and law-and-order screw themselves by simply defending something that is not only useless to them… but I’ve mentioned how it give people an excuse to give useless people the benefit of the doubt. Even when it works against their own asses!

Now, I’ll discuss the scams of patriotism, governmental education and racial ‘self-hate’.


AMERICAN PATRIOTISM – There are various forms of patriotism. Patriotism isn’t just limited to geographic pride, gender pride, racial pride, etc. When I mention American patriotism, I am discussing the saluting of the American flag, regurgitating God Bless America chants, which is a slick way of saying fuck everybody else. Let me explain it in further detail…

Throughout American history, subjugation of people (by laws, wars and slavery) were consistent in order for hierarchies not only be built, but maintained. The theory of ‘divide and conquer’ was not only maintained in the US, but it invaded other continents by large. Only bits and pieces of this ugly history has been put into public school textbooks, while most of the ugly history has been suppressed. Some folks advocate that because they are afraid it will make brown-skinned children hate ‘whitey’ even more. Some folks know innately that the African slave trade, the genocide of Indians and the ‘rape and pillage’ mentality of white men was a lot more trouble than it’s worth, which is why black conservatives love to create a belief of ‘white guilt’, but that’s another story.

Slavery, Jim Crow and the war in Vietnam created excuses for thousands of innocent men, women and children to be murdered and wiped out, all in the name of American patriotism (aka, white male ‘superiority’). Today, things aren’t that different, with the war on drugs, police raids, the war in Iraq, peaceful protesters being physically attacked by ‘law enforcement’, etc. These are all excuses to attack any possible retribution, let alone other races of men building their own hierarchies. Then, white guys wonder why they catch hell when they travel abroad from the citizens of other nations. And I’ve seen it happen, even on Carnival cruiseships, so I’m not exaggerating here. That is, unless we’re talking about certain Asian and Latin American countries where the women worship the ground white guys walk on… or black nations where white men are seen as ‘gods’ and white women are welcome, via female sex tourism.

Then, there’s this bullshit belief perpetuated by rich, fat, impotent white guys and other patriots who believe that fighting for your country is what ‘makes you a man’. I’ve even heard folks back in the late 1960s abhor things like the sexual revolution, accusing hippies of being spoiled children with no parental discipline who would rather play in pussy than fight for their country.

Wanna enlist in the armed forces? Go right ahead and be a dummy! You could end up like Ron Kovic or Joe Louis. You could end up an impotent paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down, homeless, begging for change in the big cities with a sign on your chest that says ‘Disabled war veteran, will work for food.’ Other folks are out making money, hitting the gym, fucking, sightseeing, getting high, living life. But your ass is stuck, meanwhile thousands of folks are driving past your dumb ass, not even acknowledging your presence. Even in my city, helpless people like these have become more common and are disowned by the very government and capitalists they loved so damned much. All of the patriotism in the world won’t give you the highest quality of life, regardless of how many bullets you’ve ducked and dodged, or how many brains you saw blown out in front of your face, you are still powerless in one degree or another. And if you think your time spent in an earthly version of hell can give you the power to put an end to all things war-like, you better think again!

EDUCATION – Before I start with this one, let me say that I am all for education as it pertains to thinking rationally or pragmatically, using an education to get a head start in life or to learn about the art of specific professions. I’m not all for this this traditionalist ‘go to school, to get a degree and a high paying job’ shit. This is what most educational platforms are all about, which is more about ‘popular wisdom’ or ‘popular opinion’, kissing ass and bowing down to power-tripping bitches and bastards instead of education. Entering high school, you realize most of the shit you learn is not advantageous in the real world. Hell, most of what they teach you can be found via Google, public libraries, Wikipedia or blogs.

Education is not about having a 4.0 GPA, entering costly universities and magically living in a gated community with a wife, 3 kids and a dog. That’s an illusion of luxury. Upon entering public schooling, kids are forced to adhere to a system which is dumbing them down – kids are being graded by their levels of obedience and taking orders (following directions). This includes – but is not limited to – raising your hand, stay in line, keeping quiet unless you are asked a direct question, keeping your hands off of the girls, no backtalk, no bullying (though the principal and some teachers are the biggest bullies), etc. Entering adulthood, you will be expected to go by the same platform upon entering the workforce. This is a destined failure for various reasons.

  1. Feminism has invaded public schooling and has interfered with the male children’s ability to grow into men and handle life’s challenges on a masculine standpoint. This could be one reason why dropout rates among black and Hispanic kids are at an all-time high.

  2. Third-world countries who practice this traditional form of education are failing their kids the worst. In many non-Anglosphere countries, they have no economy, it sucks being a sharecropper, an agricultural worker or working for ‘law enforcement’. The most viable way adults can support themselves and their families is through the ‘illegal’ drug trade, alcohol and prostitution. Either because they have no other option, or because it’s a profession they actually enjoy. When the U.S. funds some type of war on drugs in those countries, don’t be surprised when crime sprees occur in abhorrent ways that corrodes their own living standards.

  3. In the age of capitalism and the American budget deficit, there is almost no job stability, the cost of living skyrockets while the value of the American dollar decreases and some states have ‘at will employment’, which means your employer doesn’t even need a reason to drop your ass on any given weekday. There is no guarantee that a college degree will guarantee you employment for the rest of your life. And even then, employment is also a zero-sum platform where fear is king and most employees live hand-to-mouth. If your government fails you – and they always do, as manufacturing jobs are exported overseas, plus the fact that capitalists, business owners and CEOs replace human labor with machinery and technology to keep their pockets fatter, because face it, they know how to make money, you don’t. So you not finding or holding down a job is your problem, not theirs! – then you’re screwed in the ass with a door knob, because all you know how to do is work for other people. And people can only do what they know. This is why Malcolm X stated boldly that, “Anytime you have to beg your enemy for a job, you are in bad shape.”

ETHNIC SELF-HATRED – Racial ‘self-hatred’ is another mechanism of cutting one’s nose off to spite their face. I’m aware of how Asians, Indians and few Latinos are guilty of compromising their heritage in order to fit in with ‘The American Way’. I choose to focus on the American systematic disenfranchisement of blacks (particularly black men), which has caused even professional black men to play ‘go along to get along’, delay gratification and do useless work to make other folks feel ‘at ease’ with him. The best examples of racial self-hate consist of black women who dilute their skin tones with bleaching creams and such. Then, there’s the epidemic of how black women give black men lots of attitude and contempt, but somehow switch when she’s around other races of men. This happens a lot in the workplace where black women are present. I’ve noticed in my teenage years of how some AA women have a master/slave dynamic where they allow the white men in their lives to get away with shit they throw black guys under the bus for. Now, I know other races of women are just as bad towards their own race of men (white women being sexually racist towards white men, Asian women’s healthy amount of disrespect towards Asian guys), but considering the ugly history blacks have with whites in America, it speaks in different volumes. Black women call the police on brothas all the time when they can’t have their way. When these same cops physically attack black women, they sing a different tune.

What’s equally horrible is the ideology of black conservatives who – like certain professional black men – defend a system where their employers openly despise them and do sneaky, underhanded shit and play mind games with their employees to get desires results (obedience, a promotion, etc.). The same game is played by prissy suburbanite ‘sistas’ and professional black guys who try too hard to appear ‘respectable’, ‘infallible’ or who have a heightened sense of embarrassment. Therefore, they go out of their way to save face. This is one main reason why most black men can not work together as a functional group, all preferences, lifestyles and ideologies aside.

Self-hatred does not reserve itself to black men who are not attracted to the aesthetics of black women, brothas who fuck white girls, or blacks who want to sever ties with ghetto life, thugs, or even prissy black bitches and negro bed wenches. Yes, there are some who separate themselves from his poverty-stricken brethren in order to ‘fit in’ or make themselves appear less ‘threatening’ to those whom he answers to in corporate America in order to have an optimal lifestyle, or gain systematic or monetary ‘kickbacks’. I can’t blame them to a degree, because some of us have seen many examples destructive ‘niggas’ (degenerate blacks) can be. There are many psychological disadvantages which stems from the impact of single motherhood and ghetto life, which has rubbed off on many young brothas. It goes deeper than some neck-rolling, loud-mouth, psychologically damaged black woman pitching a bitch when a brotha gets in her face, understands her scam or when she sees brothas dating white women in public.

Then, there are those idealistic-dreamy black CONscious types who use traditional shaming language against individualism or random reckless behavior. Same goes for miscegenation and integration. The blogosphere is full of dudes who waste their time talking about how black women are ‘queens’ and ‘goddesses’, then complain about all of the other assorted bullshit that comes with it, like the fake hair, the attitudes, their lust for ‘good dick’ and the quantities of illegitimate kids. The positive side about the kids born out of wedlock, in an odd sense, is that it proves that the paranoia of the extinction of the black race is just that. Paranoia spawn out of the mouths of stupid race CONscious types who use that paranoia as a ruse for black men to marry black women to have black kids and to avoid things like being a ‘player’, interracial dating or even homosexual flings.

What most race CONscious, Afrocentric and Hotep types fail to realize is that not only do people live based on self-interest. But when it comes to dealing women, regardless of what race they are, if they make your dick hard and you can see yourself putting your mouth on them, then they’re alright!

Conservative blacks are the epitome of blackface for Gen-Y. The self-hate category is also reserved for professional blacks who ‘go along to get along’, dudes who’s been mind-fucked by black women, prissy suburbanites, ‘talented-tenth’ types, negro bed wenches and other black bitches who hate the skin they’re in. Not the hedonistic brotha who likes to stick his dick in non-black women. Hell, not even the brotha who avoids most AA women based on their failed aesthetic performances and emotional sadism. It’s not their fault some women collectively have a fucked-up reputation.

-In the fourth and final installment of this series, I’ll finally discuss the self-inflicted problems caused by the fragile male ego and problems associated with the failed institution of monogamy. I may discuss white knighting, but I’d rather do an individual topic about that alone.

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