The Lesser of Two Evils – 01

2 evils

I honestly did not want this topic to be turned into a series, but it ended up being that way and I am happy that it has. This topic was written carefully to reveal the options that most deserving men either do not acknowledge that they have or are too ‘slow’, temporarily emasculated or afraid to consider, let alone approach. Unfortunately, another reason for this fear of doing what comes naturally stems from not only shaming language from feminists, conservatives, race-CONscious types, but more importantly, this fear stems from issues of legality and spirituality – both of which are two of the greatest mind control tactics used to keep certain groups of people ‘in check’. Although these tactics exist outside of North America, it seems as is the American public does not have the balls, nor the brains to question or deviate from the status quo.

I’ve always knew before I reached my teenage years that most females are certainly not worth the bullshit that they put men through. Even then, my attitude towards women was not very healthy and it has nothing to do with being exposed to sex at an early age. As I’ve mentioned on some of my other topics, I’ve meekly observed the diabolical tendencies that women have towards the men they ‘love’ and especially those they hate. By the time I got to my late 20s, it only became worse. It just has to be seen or observed to be believed. You’d be amazed, women are worse than us (men); they love to complain about men avoiding marriage, running game and having multiple sex partners. But women can make studs, players and even pimps look like church boys, boy scouts with the game they run and how many dicks they’ve rode, by their own admission.

I’ve had a hunch that the female species were being overvalued by the time I had reached my teenage years and not only have I witnessed this in high school, but I’ve noticed via media and shit my dad says back then. My father was a playboy and even his lifestyle irked him to a degree. For instance, he would tell me about how to deal with women in a way my mother, nor my stepfather could. My stepfather didn’t because he didn’t really believe in having multiple women on rotation. So after a night of underage drinking with my dad, he told me about club chicks. He said, “Son, your daddy don’t buy a bitch shit! When I go out to nightclubs and they ask me to buy them a drink, I tell ’em ‘You got in free, you should be buying me a drink!” And anyone who I told this to, they found it highly comical.

Only in western society do when feel that they should immediately be given free seats and rides on the lifeboat and as long as white knights, thirsty types, manginas, nice guys and other self-enabling parrots exist, the problem will persist. I have my theories about white knights, manginas and captain save-a-hoes, but that makes up for another post. These pathetic specimen exist either due to childhood abuse, belief in racial superiority, being paid to act chivalrous or simply because they are sexless.

Before I get to the bottom line, here’s the reality that most men are too ‘slow’ to comprehend: That traditional shit is dying like the artforms of jazz, blues and boxing. The times when people used rules, laws, religion, public humiliation and forced shame to build hierarchies and families are trickling down to zero. In an age of feminism, technology, information and options, people act on one thing: Self Interest. Women, like the government and capitalists, depend on their environment and they will get what they want, even if it short-dicks the rest of the world. Anyone who consistently believes in failed institutions are no greater than animals who repeatedly chase after their abusers. Thus, they deserve every minute of pain, heartbreak and endless loops of agony they are in.

So now, particularly in a post-feminist society where not only are women coddled and catered to, but where women are only interested in a quarter-or-less of the male population, drastic measures need to be taken. Let me explain:

I don’t have to explain this to the thug-like guys… the bad boys… the studs… pipe layers, womanizers, dick slingers, male ‘whores’ – whatever you want to call them. They already know the deal (even if they have a few illegitimate kids here and there). They understand what most men don’t and this is why women – by their own admission – give the best years of their lives to them, leaving nice guys with the leftovers no one else really wants. You can either sit on the sidelines of life or you can consider the lesser of two evils.

The lesser of two evils concept is a theory that causes a person to choose one of the two bad choices, with the choice and it’s consequence being not as bad, ‘evil’, threatening or humiliating as the other. What is considered to be ‘evil’, however, depends on either the individual making the choice or in most cases, what society conditions us to believe is more ‘evil’. This must be practiced when it comes to dealing with women in a post-feminist society. Here’s my solution… Are you ready?


Consider the ‘consequences’ that comes from either creating a Huxtable family portrait or enjoying single bachelorhood.

It seems as if most men (race irrelevant) want a LTR or marriage with a woman in the end, even after years of hoe-hoppin’. Even close friends of mine eventually choose this route and their excuse is based on how ‘tired’ they are of fucking. My question is… Why?!

Even the race-CONscious types (from the southern white CONservative, confederate-flag waving types to the pro-black ho-tep Afrocentric types) believe that the ultimate goal of human existence is to reform and build family structures and infrastructures in order to keep their ‘legacy’ alive. While this may sound essential, what is in it for you? Secondly, how is that going to work? Even if some kind of future legacy/revolution occurs, you won’t live long enough to see it.

Living for yourself can be stressful enough dealing with shitty jobs, maintaining decent credit, daily commutes and trying to maintain physical and mental health. But let’s say you’re single and you have no one to answer to when you enter your own castle. Given your ability to ‘game’ women, there’s still stress which comes with that, because game is ‘psychological warfare’ (read the comments on Advocatus Diaboli’s topic about why using ‘game’ in LTRs is ass-backwards). Granted, ‘game’ gets you pussy on a seasonal basis, fine. But even then, you have to go in predatory-mode for it and play a numbers game (10 women:3 at your feet, if you are lucky), not to mention the mixed messages that requires being read through and you portraying yourself as an actor (as if doing that for a paycheck isn’t bad enough).

Failed institutions such as marriage worsens shit. In fact, the consequences are much higher, causing more alterations of your identical self than those resulting in ‘game’. Marriages create dry spells, high stress, burnout, solitude, financial destitute, kids, the costs of raising them, grooming them to be ‘upstanding citizens’, etc. In the end, you may be hit by a rude awakening and discover that your ‘lovely’ family portrait was ruined by something beyond your control (freak accident, job loss, birth defects, falling out of love, hypergamy leading to cuckoldry/infidelity, sudden death, ‘domestic violence’ laws which tells you how to discipline your own damned kids while American ‘cops’ and their watchdogs can get away with murdering them, etc.). It offers no prediction of reciprocation or gratitude, let alone guarantee.  I am not one to blame failed economics on why marriage and LTRs are a joke, but that’s only icing on the cake. Which brings me to another question:

Why are people having kids in a recession?

Do you know that it costs about 250K to properly maintain each child in western society? You know what you could have done with that money if you were living single? That money could have been used for escorts, strippers, international travel, designer clothes, one or two cars, maybe some desired cosmetic surgery to enhance your body, money given to your parents to help them with bills, furniture for your bachelor pad, tattoos, sports games, etc. Ironically, male celebrities know this and even though some may act on it during the height of their careers, most of them (especially black celebrities and athletes) start acting like they aren’t used to shit. There’s not a year that goes by where I don’t hear horror stories about niggas getting into jams with child support, post-divorce division of property, ‘legal’ fees and violent disputes. And for what? Now, of course I’ve heard of ‘bachelor taxes’ (some call it ‘Obamacare’), but still, it’s not as bad as the aforementioned.

This is why you don’t see a lot of rich people, CEOs and entrepreneurs having kids or being put on blast with sex scandals. I really hate to say this, but this is where rich white and Asian guys have the upper hand. Black men are an exception for reasons I’ve mentioned above, plus the fact that brothas love to raw-dog women. I’m sure there are other reasons, but I won’t get into that right now. Maybe rich white guys (like Asian businessmen) are greedy with their money, which causes them to overwork themselves to get more or they spend it on their own preferential types of bullshit (mansions, maids, nannies, overpriced furniture, overprices toys for their rugrats if they have any, stocks and bonds, etc.). Or it could be that whites just have no respect for humanity in the first place, yet they fear retribution somehow. (I’ve heard incidents of rich white CEOs paying degradingly low wages to their employees or leaving ‘cheap’ tips at restaurants they’ve dined in… but anyways…) Every once in awhile, you’ll have a black celebrity spoiling their kids with high-end gifts in the same sense as some rich white guys do (which opens doors for cackling-hen diva bitches to provide unwarranted lip service), but how often does this happen?

In regards to some black men choosing the wife-and-kids route, some only do so to save face and appear ‘respectable’, you know… since some brothas are sexually irresponsible and “can’t keep their dicks in their pants”. Others believe black folks can ‘rule the world again’ and attack ‘white supremacy’ with matrimonial unions within their own race. What they do not realize is that as I’ve mentioned before, picnics can be planned for years, but the weather can never be predicted. In today’s era, people have become more educated, observant and the young generation has witnessed how ‘doing the right thing’ had mysteriously fucked over those before them… which leads to more independence, cynicism and reliance on self-interest. So, I wouldn’t worry about some possible ‘extinction’ of the black race. With all of these sistaz having knucklehead babies from thugsters, wannabes and one-night-stands gone sour, we’ll be fine. Just so as long as the government run out of ways or reasons to kill a black man on his wedding night or arrest them on a ‘guilty by association’ platform. Sadly, people don’t stay together just because they have kids anyway.

I could write a book about how marriage is a man-made concept which has degraded the basic necessities of life, such as sex and individualism. Some choose marriages and LTRs when they approach 35-40+ because their trump cards (youth and stamina) may be expiring and they don’t want to be alone or lonely. It could be because they have sampled all of the pussy, mouths, cocks, butts and anuses they can handle. Fair enough. Although women and men age differently, men can engage in ‘the high life’ longer than women can. However, even for the average athletic, health-freak, high-value man who is approaching 60, he might as well hang it up. Yes, there are exceptions of rich jerks and sugar-daddies in their 60s banging hot chicks (‘bad bitches’… whatever you choose to call them). But how often does anyone see this?

In the end, you as an individual have to determine which side of the fence you choose to be on and deal with whatever joys and/or consequences that comes with whichever life you choose. And that is your choice. Not your parents, your God, your race, your religion, your country or it’s rulers and ‘enforcers’.

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