Lisa Ann and Justin Brent: October 23rd, 2014

lisa ann

Earlier today, an article was posted by The Big Lead about a black, 18-year-old stud; a freshman receiver for Notre Dame, dating Lisa Ann – a hot, white MILF-turned-Cougar porn star who is currently 42 years of age.

Some of you may ask if it’s a big deal. Well, yes and no. And I’m not saying this is newsworthy because it’s a barely-legal black guy who is “hanging out” with an attractive blonde freak who is 24 years his senior. What makes it a big deal is not only because the woman is attractive, but it further proves my point that even though most MILFs and Cougars may not look good buttnaked like younger women in their 20s, there are exceptions to the rule. Lisa Ann is one of the few Cougars who still got it. You may say “Of course she has it, she’s a porn star. She paid for her looks with plastic surgery… blah blah blah.”

I guess my point is that to a certain degree, MILFs and Cougars have something most younger chicks do not. They are also the easiest women to game and fuck. Now, I’m unsure if Lisa Ann and Justin Brent are actually “smashing”. Who knows. But based on my experiences and observations, MILFs and Cougars are the biggest freaks. What makes it so? Well, because unlike most younger chicks – especially the man-stroke attention-whores – these women know exactly what they want and they waste no time. They lay the cards on the fucking table and they will tell you up front whether they see you as sexual material or not. Hell, some may even give it up once to a guy who she’s not attracted to because of their level of being ‘in heat’. Older females have seen it all, done it all, had it all done to them, wasted their time with bland or traditional relationships and they know they have few years left of their prime. That said, they waste no time fucking around or flaking in the sense that chicks in their 20s do.

This is one of the key reasons why MILFs and Cougars are dominating the western dating scene in a way most of us guys are just not ready to deal with. For another perspective on why some guys have no ‘use’ for these types of women, check out Dali’s contempt-filled posts about why he detests MILFs and Cougars, specifically because of their flakiness, based upon their racial selectivity of men (yeah, yeah, most of these types are only receptive to black and white studs, but it does work to our advantage. I’ve known it for about a decade now and I’m not trying to rub it in…).

I will soon be posting a topic I’ve written months ago about the myth of women hitting “the wall” in their 30s, the pros and cons of gaming and fucking with women who are 30+ (MILFs and Cougars) and the growing epidemic of Spring/Winter flings between younger men and older women.

Here’s some photos of Lisa Ann for your enjoyment…

lisa ann 5 lisa ann 4 lisa ann 3 Lisa Ann 2

One thought on “Lisa Ann and Justin Brent: October 23rd, 2014

  1. she’s a hot cougar but she’s a porn star. he would be stupid if he’s still “dating” her longer than a month.

    She still has some years left of her ‘prime’. Though there are a number of Cougars in the world who are 4s and 5s, she looks better than most Cougars. He’d be stupid if he knocked her up or gave her a ring, though.

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