The Lesser of Two Evils – 02


– This is a continuation of a series that I am proud of – a series that provides solutions when dealing with today’s women particularly in western society.

Consider the ‘consequences’ that comes from being a husband/boyfriend or a booty call/’client’ of escorts.

So, you have the choice of spending the rest of your life being your woman’s bitch… I’m sorry, her ‘property’. When you first met her, she was a hot piece of ass. But that’s how most relationships start in the first place, especially in this day and age, am I right? Once you sign yourself into slavery (the marriage contract), you have no rights. You both get comfortable with eachother and she looks worse than she did when you started smashing her. What made you take that drastic step in the first place? Maybe you felt like you couldn’t do any better. Maybe you were a big fucking mama’s boy and you grew up in a matriarch that pressured you into doing all the ‘right’ things in life (getting married, going to church, praying and finding a mate within your own race – generally wasting your fucking time). Maybe you were lured into her web of deception because of her little quirks, which is something every woman has or uses to get what she wants. Maybe you didn’t learn how to be a man until it was too late, which is common today. Most men, including myself, did not start grabbing life by the balls until approaching 30. This is one reason why for men, 30 is the new 20, which is actually a boost.

Being a husband is a sucker’s game. We’ve heard and observed it way too many times before. And it’s for reasons other than mediocre sex or lack thereof. Women cheat way more than their significant others and what’s even more disturbing is the husband’s lack of awareness of his wife’s usage, abusage, cheating and gaming the ‘king’ in her life. Everyone knows it but him, the same way the Chinese understands how idiotic a guy looks wearing a green hat except him. Once he grows a spine, calls her out on her shit and treat her like the hoe that she is, she turns bitter and her mental sadism rubs off on the next generation.

Women know they have power because men give them that power; a la, ‘pussy power’. This ‘power’ comes from the results of attention-whoring, dudes being too obsessed with wanting to fuck them or the traditional notion of trying to ‘protect the woman’s sacred womb’, so that men can use it to impregnate women to give birth to his kids… to keep some sort of racial hierarchy going. There’s a reason why people used to ask “Would you want your daughter to marry one?” as opposed to “Would you want your son to marry one?” Women use sex as a tool of power to gain desired results from the men in their lives; they deny it or tease you with it either because it’s a game to them or to make you work harder for it. Women deliberately use other men to make you jealous, or to make you crave her more than ever.

While that traditional shit is trickling down to zero, many men yearn to find a woman who’s ‘loyal’ once they get old, get hit with some type or ‘tragedy’ or when they’ve sampled all of the poon and booty they desire, to where it’s not exciting anymore. Even some of my friends are gullible enough to believe that “Oh, my lady is pure as the driven snow!” Or they assume that she won’t throw HIM under the bus the same way did her former lovers and dick mills. Depending on what she has a taste for on a particular weekend, or given a nasty argument has taken place, she can always run back to a former flame who was either more sexual, raunchier, nastier or who was more masculine than her current yes-man. Add in the rigged feminized laws, female worshiping and female hypergamy, these dudes are in for a real treat. And there’s not a thing you can do about it, whether you accept it or not. Personally, I have no complaints about female hypergamy for various reason:

– I consider myself lucky due to my physique, athleticism and even my ethnicity, even though a woman can always sidetrack me for the next man. I can accept that because I know I’m better than most guys and I know some guys are better than me. It can cause me to better myself. But two can play that game (hypergamy is not gender restrictive). If a chick doesn’t like me, my feelings aren’t hurt. I can have hot chicks who are hotter than the ones who played me if I didn’t play her ass first. So, who gives a shit? – I won’t chase her. I’ll never impregnate her. I damned sure won’t rape her. This is where being a true ‘player’ kicks in. But if I were you, I wouldn’t worry about women saying they hate ‘players’ or ‘manwhores’. For the reason alone that women are worse than men when it comes to their count of bedfellows, plus women who complain about men being ‘players’ are usually those who don’t want the men they’re dealing with to learn how the game is play. Because they can no longer run game on you!

But I know many guys won’t have it that good, for whatever reason. Truth is, most men learn too late after lots of irreversible damage. So, in spite of all of the hardcore concrete evidence that’s written in stone, some guys still want to find the ‘right one’ to sweep them off their feet. They’ll only learn after chicks used him as a stepping stone to get to someone better. Then, his fragile ego is crushed, which leads to violent altercations, bitterness, divorce, asset division, etc. And who does that money go to? The woman and the court systems. Both of whom are fucking you over, but don’t have shit to offer you. No reciprocating reward. This is why my stepfather always warned me, by saying…

“Don’t you have any damned kids. Then you can have any and everything you want.”

In regards to online hookups, they can be reliable given that you can read between the lines and know when someone is faking, flaking and is just a waste of time. Booty calls are different. Booty calls are often random and unexpected. They usually occur because a chick might like you, but has no time for sex due to her hectic schedule of being a single mother and/or paying her own way through life. Women who make their own money have no reason to give up the ass for a guy she doesn’t view as ‘sexual material’. Which is why guys on blogs complain about female hypergamy. That said, if a chick who blew you off in the past calls you at 2AM on a weekend, it’s only because she’s drunk, has a dry spell or the dude who got her nose open is disappearing in and out of her life. So again, no woman will ever love you for you. The sooner you clear that stupid Disney Myth out of your head, the better off you will be.

Escorts and strippers hurts monogamy, mediocre woman and the power-hungry bitch in a different way that porn, hookup culture and attention-whoring does. I’ll explain in further details later. You can destroy the status quo by hurting the pockets of capitalists, businessmen, doctors, lawyers and legalism. As far as women goes, you can change the status quo by simply not giving simple chicks and attitudinal, uppity bitches the time of day. But you should get rid of those perks for yourself. Forget about social change. You can’t change these women. You can’t turn hoes into housewives. Just master your own destiny. Because at the end of the day, these women aren’t going to give up their solipsistic, vainglorious, lustful desires in order to get with your program. They’re not. Would you?!

The USA views casual and paid sex (escorts, strippers) to be ‘immoral’ with religion, feminism, ‘law and order’ and conservatism feeding into the social shaming of such escapades. Things like ‘winter-summer’ flings, hypergamy and promiscuity are seen as a ‘sickness’. As long as you’re not involved in LTRs, marriages, fatherhood or anything abnormal such as sex trafficking, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, pimping or domestic violence, whatever reason you choose to have sex (which is a human need) is your choice and it’s really none of anybody else’s business. I choose escorts, strippers and a few online hookups because to me, it’s all about having the absolute best. Add in the fact that I have the ability to think pragmatically. When it comes to the former two, you must use your head and trust your inner senses. I can’t stress it enough. But here’s another way of looking at it…

Sometimes, the lesser of two evils is seen as the most evil by society, religious nutcases, feminists, old folks, tabloid junkies, the government and it’s peons. But who cares what they think?

Pragmatic thinking causes me to come to this mind-blowing conclusion: Depending on your state or jurisdiction, you get caught fucking sex workers, it is a misdemeanor, not a felony. The consequences are the same if you are caught using profanity in public or pissing by an abandoned building. You either pay a fine of several hundred dollars and/or spend 30-90 days in jail. Unfortunately, we live in a world where people get riled up over simple 4-6-letter words. The same world where people love overhearing celebrity gossip and sex scandals, which is scarily stupid. Now, in other states where there may be a ‘zero tolerance’ for it, laws are ever harsher (some people are forced to register as a ‘sex offender’ for having sex with another consenting adult). That said, I strongly suggest you read about ‘the laws of the land’, make the wisest choice and consider international travel.

Another way of looking at it is this: Depending on your state or jurisdiction, you get caught fucking sex workers, it is a misdemeanor, not a felony. You either pay a fine of $500 and/or spend 30-90 days in jail. In some cases, your vehicle may get towed and you pay to recover it, but that’s it. If you have money to burn or own your own business, it’s not much of a loss. But it pales in comparison to child support payment, alimony, the cost of raising a family, divorce fees and post-divorce division of property. It’s almost like getting a vasectomy, which I highly recommend. You get a vasectomy, you’ll be in pain for a week, but depending on your health insurance, it’s only a one-time fee of only $500 – the same price you may pay with a ‘misdemeanor charge’. With child-support payments, you pay $500 a month for the next 18 years of the rest of your life. You fail to pay child support, see what happens to you. The consequences are even higher, due to felonious charges, which leads to expansive jail time, asset forfeiture, your ass being taken to the cleaners, plus the social stigma of being a ‘deadbeat dad’ and having your own kids shit all over you when they become of age.

So, you see, the world does not owe you anything. Likewise, you don’t owe a woman a free seat on the lifeboat. Aside from your parents, nobody’s going to give you shit. You want something? You have to build it, work for it or take it. Now, I’m not saying “take the pussy”, because whether money is involved or not, a woman has to be a willing participant. Regardless, even if currency is involved upfront, you always pay for sex. I don’t want to provide these solution to breed laziness. I strongly advise that even with this theory, you can take time out to focus on yourself and acquire currency, health, fitness, educating yourself, spending time with loved ones and seeing the world. Having relationships takes time away from all of those things to make your life paramount. You won’t have to make yourself vulnerable to shit, like ‘violence against women’, begging via a marriage proposal, insemination (though I know some stupid MFs who got strippers pregnant) or develop one-itis.

The Lesser of Two Evils – 03

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