The Lesser of Two Evils – 03

This is a continuation of a series that I am proud of – a series that provides solutions when dealing with today’s women particularly in western society. In the previous post, I’ve discussed the consequences and the perks of being a husband/boyfriend vs. being a dick mill or a ‘john’. I am picking up where I left off…

Consider the ‘consequences’ that comes from being nice or being bona fide.

“Logic would suggest that a woman would want to avoid being brutalized, so then why does she so lustfully climb up on the back of a Harley, instead of, as usual, wait for a limo to appear?” ~  Matthew Fitzgerald (Sex-ploytation, 1999)

Without getting into depths of it, history and biology (human evolution) has proven to us repeatedly that bona fide thugs, jerks and assholes win. Women attach themselves to the dominant, adventurous male and even by today’s standards, pop culture, legality and hypergamy furthers the way the balls bounce. I understand there’s a difference between being dominant, being an asshole or being a ‘player’. This pathology has been explained many times before in pop culture, literature and the blogosphere:

Nice guys listen far too literally to far too many lies that women spread about how they want a nice guy (sucker), only to have their heart valves, psyches and manhood shitted on by these flying female vultures who fly past them to get to the ‘best’. According to Matthew Fitzgerald (Sex-ploytation was pulled off of the shelves), women are the best teachers who teach us through trial-and-error that being nice does not get any pussy. The nice guy hasn’t suffered enough trial-and-error to understand that the feminist agenda is to render most men neutered and emasculated. Therefore, nice guys spend the best years of their lives suffering from heartbreaks, wasted time, sexless marriages, repressed rage, chronic masturbation and substituting the real deal for skin flicks.

Most of us has seen in action that successful, dominant guys never got where they were by being nice, supplicating or having a providing nature. Not even a CEO, a lawyer or a business owner gained their profession by brown-nosing or being nice. In fact, most rich people and those in charge are some of the biggest liars, sociopaths, cheaters and villains. They know what most of us don’t and they have the balls most of us lack, which is why they are where they are, even though they may believe that reciprocation (teamwork) has to occur in order for the train to properly function.

Now, I’m not going to advocate overdoing the ‘asshole’ part, nor will I ever advocate any type of physical abuse towards women. Because even if a woman smacks you, would you beat her down? Would you beat down an 11-year-old because they may have spit on you? You grab those fuckers by the collar and let them know what will not be. If they continue to act foul, show them the door and write their asses off! I do, however, believe in reciprocation, regardless of what was dished out. Women get away with a lot and I’m unsure who to blame in most scenarios, even though most men allow it. They allow it either because they want to use a woman’s womb to maintain their racial ‘legacy’, to put on a façade as someone who does the ‘right’ thing or because they allow themselves to be brainwashed by the fucking lies white male patriarchy tell of women being ‘the weaker sex’.

This happens to be another reason why some women choose guys who are thugs, bad boys, in-demand pipe-layers or black blue-collared types, aside from the good sex, the drama and the adventure that comes with it all. Even for the women who use men like dick mills, they will walk all over a weak man and if they don’t respect a guy, she will either blow him off or being unnecessary drama in his life to where it ruins his progress. But again, most men allow it and hell, it could be that he has developed oneitis, they aren’t used to sex or because they idiotically believe somehow that it won’t happen to them. Then the rest of us wonder somehow why she gave the ass up to the guy who wouldn’t take none of her shit. Then again, technology, feminized laws and integration has somehow made life for most guys in the west very lonely. Ever wonder why women treat their husbands with the utmost amount of ugly contempt? She can fuck around on him and everybody knows it except for him. Which not only renders him a cuckold, but an example to be made of – the guy no man in their right mind wants to be, not even the younger dudes.

I’ve had a few married chicks tell me “You can do what you want, just don’t leave no marks on my body. I can’t go home to my man like that!” Why do women stay married to men who they aren’t sexually attracted to? Well, it could be for the kids. It could be for the money or the fact that he’s paying her way through life. Without his status, she wouldn’t have two legs to stand on.

What does this have to do with being a gentlemen vs. being a jerk who’s rough around the edges vs. being a ‘player’ with multiple women on rotation?

Well, men are measured by their accomplishments, their net worth and their ability to pass their hereditary traits to new generations, but that puts them in a more vulnerable spot to be taken advantage of, thus the line of people out to use these men gets quite long. When you are more of a brutally honest, bona fide jerk who proves that you aren’t needy and that you have backup plans (other women on rotation), then it can keep her on her toes, plus she’ll acknowledge that she has to be worthy of you. Just like the man who either keeps his distance or who has the balls to stand up to other men when they violate his personal space.

Of course, those on the receiving end of your wrath, your contempt or you ignoring them may get offended and may think you’re an asshole beyond approach, but if they aren’t feeding you, fucking you or financing you, so what?

Now in regards to being honest vs. being a player, that’s your choice. Brutal honesty has worked for me when it comes to dealing with women, but being a ‘player’ (playing head games with women aka ‘game’) may be equated to using women’s duplicitous methods against them and I have no problem with that. But aforementioned, it turns into psychological warfare or you being a pathological liar (which is a great thing if you are cheating on your significant other with side chicks and mistresses). That said, you are portraying yourself as an actor or a scriptwriter who tells women what they want to hear, which can add more charisma to how you are envisioned.

Now, some women appreciate honesty – especially those MILFs and cougars who are taking over the western dating scene. Older women are smart and expect men to fuck around, whereas younger attention whores believe in fairy tales and therefore are more gullible. Being honest will save you time, but it may make you seem vulgar or somewhat of an asshole. Game and being a player works, but it costs more time and can turn a woman bitter, because some women want more than sex. They want a lover, etc. Although it’s good to have some balls and show them you can always do better than her. By being a jerk, she can feel a rape fantasy come true. But the fling – like most flings – will not last. Nice guys do win in the end, but they end up with the sloppy seconds and leftovers that everyone else breathed all over…

For the guys who are too scared or too marginalized to patronize escorts, I would use this method of ‘game’ or being a brutally honest, bona fide ‘player’ in today’s dating scene. However, the results vary. This will possibly be the last resort to use in the western dating scene, just as cougars and MILFs should be the last resort for the average man who wants to score with multiple women. And since those women dominate the game, may they get all of the pumps and dumps they truly deserve before they reach their ‘sell or use by’ date!

So, the upside of it all is this: whatever you consider to be the lesser of two evils should be defined by you. No one else. Whatever one man considers to be ‘evil’ may be a virtue to you and vice-versa. Anyone who doesn’t have the decency to respect the life you chose, then fuck them. Their opinion does not define reality, nor does it have to be your reality. Some folks hold themselves back in life like retards and autistic, ‘slow’ folks. They basically waste the best years of their lives and repress their natural, biological instincts because of a good vs. evil complex; a complex inspired by religion, ‘law and order’ or a movie industry where in the end, the bad guys always dies, while the good, law-abiding, god-fearing folks has some fortune bestow upon them. Reality just doesn’t work that way.

The good vs. evil complex may have inspired the blue pill vs. red pill theory. Understandable. Even then, most men have been force-fed the blue pill and they become slow learners, or they bloom late in life, if they ever bloom at all.

So, what do you want your legacy to be?


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