Advocatus Diaboli’s Luxury Problems

I need to get something off of my chest, as it pertains to the pursuit of happiness — specifically whether or not luxury and privileges can provide that in essence…

I chose to name this topic Advocatus Diaboli’s Luxury Problems for several reasons. Obviously an Indian guy in his prime, he has a blog entitled Playing The Devil’s Advocate. His nightmarish worldview intrigued me right before I’ve discovered the underworld of escorts in the Summer of 2013. The more I read his material, the more I realized that his unpolished envision of humanity is nearly the same as mine. Irrelevance of whether or not I can relate, I finalize my point that he – like other materialistically well-to-do people – has what’s called a ‘luxury problem’ (which is similar to a midlife crisis). But he’s not alone. Most folks in a post-feminist, capitalist western society will eventually have this problem, or worse (unless it’s the greedy, weak-kneed whites who run shit).

Let me explain…

From about age 6, most of us enter a system destined for us to fail – the public school system. For 12 years, we have been conditioned to be good employers, or more bluntly, to be somebody’s bitch. To believe we are not supposed to be in control of ourselves. Now of course, most of us never know this until right after we receive our high school diploma. Some learn later in life and others never come to these terms. Most folks don’t have the balls, nor the brains to ask ourselves – like Tony Montana in Scarface – “Is this what it’s all about?” We either attend college, learn a skill or trade, join the armed forces or take years to build something. Others find comfort in depending on nickel-and-diming others or finding some connection between ‘criminology’ and self-reliance. The way things are going now, the latter may only give some of us piece of mind. Add in the fact that traditionalism, legalism and technology has failed most forms of human relations.

The desire to have an optimal lifestyle is entirely based in money, which is more essential than, let’s say, graduating from the top of your class. The world is full of broke, talented people while most in high-end positions with fat paychecks got there by luck, connections or brown-nosing. Everyone else is stuck on doing what they ‘have to do’, instead of what they ‘want to do’. I won’t get into some big explanation about who controls the Federal Reserve in the U.S. But, you should know how that works.

Most folks – especially those with brown-skin – who have decent-to-high-quality lifestyles have had to spend their best years sacrificing basic and healthy human relationships – let alone dignity – in order to obtain an optimal existence, which stems from having a decent salary of, let’s say 60K+. While the perks may provide privilege and a life of ease, the quality of said person’s life deteriorates. Which repulsively proves validity of the cliche that it’s pretty lonely at the top. The long line of folks waiting to pimp you (‘friends’, ‘associates’ and family – in addition to the government, scam artists and bill collectors) gets quite long. Providing you lose your riches, your mind or your life, you’re reduced to a paragraph or a photo in a history book. There are not many jobs or stable careers left, especially for men, thanks to feminism and capitalism. Add in at-will employment and you’ll never know which given weekday you’ll be booted or why. Your employers will know innately know why, but they won’t tell you!

While the government may not force you to live a certain way, they sure will try to interfere with your ability to live based on self-interest, self-reliance and doing what comes naturally (getting high, smoking Cuban cigars, smashing ‘whores’ or because you were on your way to the big city and passed by a neighborhood targeted by narcs). It further proves my point that for those in professional, white-collar careers, privacy is limited. Many of these people live in a world where their livelihoods are taken away from them based on their own personal lifestyles, word of mouth, or because of rants or photos posted on their social networking pages.

Those who have social power and stable relationships don’t make that much money. Shit, they don’t even make good employees. Those types are either celebrities or they pick the unethical, ‘illegal’ route. This is also why women prefer neighborhood bullies, musicians and athletes instead of professional types who ‘go along to get along’. Unlike them, they wield audacity and self-reliance. They form cliques, pacts and bonds, like the mafia and other older guys in power generations ago who took photos together at dinner tables, showcasing glasses of expensive wines. To hell with them not being remembered 10-20 years from now, because by then, their prime is probably drifting away anyway. Professional black men have it even harder as they tip-toe through landmines as a way to not rock the boat or hurt the feelings of the general public. This creates some type of luxury problem and egregious tendencies.

Drug lords, thugs, club promoters and the likes are well-respected by the youth and the women in their lives. Regardless of any illegality, they display power and sovereignty in ways the working man will not. Even the employers of professional non-white men see them as fungible, ‘weird’, ‘over-apologetic’, ‘twitchy’, etc. The same goes for women who are ‘wifey-material’ vs. the ‘bad bitches’ (sluts, strippers, etc.). The latter are the types that many men spend their money, time and physical-psychological stamina on. I say ‘psychological’ because you can’t perform sexually if your psyche is damaged, or laced with ‘what-ifs’ and fears (fears that plague the minds of most professional men) Even middle-aged women come to a conclusion in their lives that “hoes are winning”.

Black white-collar guys may have may drive Cadillacs and Benzes, live in a gated community and they may travel abroad to study about other cultures and fuck the women in whatever countries they’re visiting. This doesn’t stop the unsettling fact they have too much to lose. For that, they want to separate themselves from urban ghetto thugs who have nothing to lose and peculiarly have more social power or sexual potency than their white-collar counterparts. It could be to save face, gain privilege or because they know that if they show up in some ghetto hellhole driving anything other than a Ford, they may be robbed, murdered, made an example of, or ‘law enforcement’ can nab them on a guilty by association platform.

White-collar types – like spoiled kids – have a lot to lose and their privileges can be taken from them. Only then, they can understand how good they have it or their ‘bad behavior’ can be curbed. Whereas folks in poverty who have nothing to be denied because no one ever gave them shit, they have nothing to lose. As a result, they can pretty much do whatever the fuck they want. The only thing folks can do is push the fear of god, prison or discipline onto them, which doesn’t always work.

Regardless of it’s perks, they are irrelevant if you have to beg someone else if you can use them in advance. If it has to be done on someone else’s dime, watch or terms, how does this differ from voluntary slavery?

A servile mindset will rub off on you and your children, whether you are white collar or blue collar, or even if you’re on TV making $2M a year to perpetuate popular, public opinion, which includes throwing other people who look like you under the bus. Will these people side with you or show you sympathy after your employer throws you under the bus?! Then you will find out what’s really vital, who your real accomplices or allies are. Most folks in these professions are in it for the perks. Thing is, others use their professions and perks to mask their social and sexual discrepancies. Those brands aren’t hard to spot. At all!

When it comes to these women, let me just say this… One reason why luxury problems exist is due to the lack of quality in human relationships, be it social or sexual. This is one reason why suburbanites buy a lot of bullshit they don’t really need. True, most women and alpha studs have no use for feminism, but it evidently worsens shit. In former generations, people didn’t need jewels, furniture or stimulants to have sex, but things are different now.

Why do most men want to become successful? Is it to lord over others and have plaques to keep their hierarchies alive or is it for women? If the male drive for victory and sex were to be eliminated, the economy would crash and western society will eventually look like Flowers In The Attic or Pink Flamingos. More guys would have no use for women, because let’s be honest, that’s all most guys want anyway, underneath all the mood swings, shit tests, drama and courtship, right? Why would women have a problem with prostitution, yet demand equality and liberation? LTRs and marriages are the same, except there’s massive amounts of time wasted and mixed messages to be read through. Oneitis is counterproductive. Some men have no time for them, nor do they want them. More men will realize that most western girls ain’t worth the trouble they cause.

What I’m trying to say is, success doesn’t mean shit if you’re not happy, accountable, healthy or have vital human relationships. What is the point of money if you can’t spend it how you want, even if it is on sex, drugs and geography? What’s the point if you can’t finance a car or a house if your credit is damaged? Nevermind if your mom fucked it up by putting cars in your name, only to have it repossessed… or because you were too young and stupid to manage a cable bill at 19 and it caught up with you 10-15 years later.

As far as AD goes… The things he says are spot on, but regardless of his financial or economic freedom, he cannot say these things publicly, or even to some of his closest friends. He would lose everything and would probably be blacklisted in white society for life. His hatred for white guys and white western women are self-explanatory, though they are the ones giving him a lifestyle. Now, if whites ever became extinct or exterminated, he probably would be happy, whether they took the Federal Reserve with them or not. But of course, that would mean NO MORE ESCORTS (unless women started fucking for free)! Maybe he – like most brown-skinned folks (and certain feminists) would probably feel at ease. His blogging mixed with a concealed identity allows him the luxury to attack the very people giving him a lifestyle, though they simultaneously fuck over other folks who look like him. Even then, the truth is a very ugly thing, but it can cool those flames of anger bestowed unto you by years or decades of being force-fed white lies (fairy tales) or black lies (speculation and fear tactics). 

His luxury problems are similar to the figuratively lifeless protagonists in cinematic stories, such as American Beauty or Fight Club. It can very much happen to anyone. Your daily regimen brings you unconsciously closer to a midlife crisis while you’re too busy buying shit you don’t need or looking for a sexual release that will cripple you, via masturbation or sleeping with the wrong people. Then you realize as The Notorious B.I.G. said, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems. It’s the opposite of what Robert Loggia’s character said in Scarface. You’ll realize your biggest problem is not knowing how to spend money, but bringing in the stuff… or wondering whether or not you’ll either keep the job, or have a slave-mentality rub off into your personal life, thus losing your mind.

This is what Dalai Lama meant when he mentions The Paradox of Our Age.

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  1. y’know if I had the misfortune of meeting Advocatus Diapercrapacoli IRL–we’d probably look at each other with contempt and disdain….

    He’d look at me like a low class, uneducated halfbreed….

    I’d look at him as a pompous, condescending asshole who sacrificed his whole life earning money and handing it over to sleazy women who would happily leave him dying in a gutter…

    We both have enough insight to know that neither one of us is “alpha”…

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