Misanthropy vs. Black Science

For years, my view of humans was not very healthy. The reason is because I’ve known since a kid that there has always been some desire for humans to one-up, outdo, outbid or overpower another. I understand the concept of ‘first come first serve’ and especially the one about it being a ‘dog eat dog’ world. I can accept that, but it doesn’t imply that I am in agreement with it. But I conclude that only the strong survive. Once you strengthen the interior of your psyche, then you won’t have to worry about falling victim to someone else’s ploys and mind games. Now, of course, you may encounter random attacks, but why wouldn’t you prepare for the worst?

Misanthropy is a general hatred of mistrust of the human species. While it’s true that people are temporary, we have to accept the reality that everyone gets used at some point in their lives – regardless of status, gender, income, or relationship with any person. I’ve come to terms that misanthropy is poisonous and it leads to a life of emotional sadism and contempt.

In western society, most relationships lack quality. This can be blamed on a multitude of things, be it feminism, media, technology, materialism, conservatism, excess or the general history of rape and pillage bestowed unto every heritage of people …except the bastards who want so bad to be in charge of everything, even when they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

I’d personally blame the collapse of western society on excess, greed and the illusion of power. We have everything and we still complain.

– Some of my subscribers have seen my use of the term ‘black science’ before, not understanding it’s concept. So, let me explain the concept of ‘black science’…

‘Black Science’ is the dark side of human psychology. Dr. Haha Lung – like Sun Tzu and Robert Green – has written many books about black science, explaining how it was a technique used in ancient history among those in power who swore revenge, or a victory. By using this technique of mind control, hypnosis and psychologically excelling, most of these men won, from ninjas to random evil bastards. Mind over matter is the name of the game and no one can apply themselves in any format if they do not have confidence or mental edge.

For those of you who still don’t get it… Black Science teaches us about the art of psychology, mind control and how to control and strengthen your psyche. Now, of course you’ll have to gain experience via dealing with people, setbacks, failures and tragedies. So don’t think that reading books will turn you into a seasoned player in the game of power. But a collective amount of knowledge, trial-and-error and real-world experience will show you how to read through people, scams, lies, ‘game’, control freaks and how to prevent these people from controlling your life, hypnotizing you with their bullshit. In the end, this will keep you alive, sane and aware of your surroundings, unlike misanthropy, where you’re guaranteed to lose, go through life like a zombie with a brain on the verge of shutdown.

Comparing misanthropy to black science is like anger or gunfire to martial arts. Without a doubt, one is more crippling than the other (although certain aspects of martial arts can cripple motherfuckers – Muay Thai is an artistic form of self-defense that has killed people). Unlike the more deadly one, the latter gives you the ‘balls’ to attack your enemy’s mind whenever they try to bring drama or any fuckery your way. However, in the end, both opponents turn out okay and boundaries are respected. This is what makes the likes of Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee household names.

Martial arts is indeed the art of ass-whoppings and that’s why decades ago, there were a lot of short men whose asses could not be whooped. Similarly, a black man who has a functional brain, who is insanely intelligent to where he can defeat his foes or recognize systematic conspiracies. Now that is a very deadly combination, which is more powerful than the stereotypical ‘nigga with a gun’. But in the end, even the for losing opponent, he lives to fight another day. Even random bullies from the boardroom to the bedroom are well-respected by this, not only by the women in their lives, but even the guys who envy them. Even men who envy them respect them for the belief that If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Throughout history, many men who practiced black science crushed their enemies into soil. And their ‘quick and easy’ forms of evil caused them to win. Others had the motto of “Not only will I succeed, but my stubbornness will grab a hold of you, crush you and make you wish you never heard my name. But in the end, I will not drag the world down with me in all of my failures or heartbreaks. I will watch you burn. Not the world. Because if the world burns, then I burn along with it.”

What I’m saying here isn’t limited to physical combat, but mental warfare as well. The problem with this generation is that men, like women, get too involved in their feelings, are weakened and take things personal. In this day and age, most people become misanthropists out of sheer laziness, or being burned too many times, or one time too many. Feminism and MGTOW are both ideologies of misanthropy. Both groups consist of men and women who are cynical of eachother, engaging in stupid gender tug-of-wars. However, it is a prime example of the reality of most relationships being zero-sum based.

Black science is similar to pragmatic thinking, which includes how to recognize who your enemies really are and how their minds can be your greatest weapon. Misanthropy is a general mistrust or hatred of humans as a whole, which creates anger and resentment. Black science – like ‘game’ or, in some instances, fear – keeps you on your toes, even if it is mental warfare. Misanthropy rubs off like AIDS, shit-smudges or diabetes, breeding only contempt and laziness.

Now, I understand that every relationship is zero-sum based, unless it’s a partnership based on equality or supply-and-demand. Since childhood, society and authority figures have lied to us that if we do x, y and z or 1, 2 & 3, we will be rewarded with some sweet deal in the future. After discovering it was a cruel joke all along, some turn to Jesus, or cocaine, or rebellious music – or misanthropy. It’s no different from alt-lifestyles which rebels against the status quo. As humans, there’s a lot about life all of us can do without. The powers that be don’t give a shit, as long as they have money to burn and get to hide in their gates communities while other people riot in the streets due to lack of respect, resources or a vital livelihood.

While black science does have streaks of misanthrope in it, that plus people skills teaches you the basic and intricate arts of seeing various types of bullshit from miles away. Misanthropists – like emotional sadists – are similar to those who enjoy reading about doom and gloom, knowing it’ll only further piss them off. Yet, they refuse to create movements or make any significant social change. Even if they become found some utopia, they’d be somehow too paranoid to show others the same route to paradise, which could save the lives of others… which pretty much makes most misanthropists useless, like the same folks they despise.

Black science teaches you the art of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. It tells you how to familiarize yourself with the psyche, habits, rituals and frequent fuck-ups of your current of future nemesis. If you can control or familiarize yourself with the environment, you won’t worry so much about your nemesis, retards, control freaks or other assorted human scum. Still, choose your battles wisely and you can get to your opponent either by influence or isolation. Most folks won’t understand this because most people think in group-think…

Comparing misanthropy to black science is like playing asymmetry warfare vs. chess.

– I’ll make another topic soon explaining and theorizing black science, which may turn into a mini-series.

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