Conceptualizing Female Hypergamy


I want to offer my $2 in when it comes to unrestrained female hypergamy, its perks and its disadvantages towards society. In addition to this, I’ll provide examples of how anything that gives women options will make them even more one-sided.

Now, I’m about to say some shit most folks won’t like, so bear with me…

There’s a lot of talk, complaints and dissections among the blogosphere about hypergamy. Although hypergamy is not gender restrictive, hypergamy hurts the average male and female alike in ways that people assume will cause societies and family structures to collapse. People who do what comes naturally and live for themselves could care less about that for carnal and logical reasons. Face it, once your time on earth has expired, why would you care about what happens after that? Can you even care?

The fragile male ego is equivalent to old, beat-up and used women who don’t have the brain power to shake off the dust of bitterness. Men can cheat on their LTRs for years, but when the love of their lives step out on them, they go off. Humans can dish shit out, but can’t take it. This is where I’ll say that manospherians, captain save-a-hoes, feminists and religious fanatics are all similarly stupid in that they believe their idealism can override biology. Human evolution doesn’t give a fuck about none of that shit!

Women attach themselves to the man with the biggest balls, by nature. Why is this? It could be due to the biological standpoint of men being able to ‘provide and protect’, which includes eradicating anyone who tries to interfere with the flow of his money, pussy or regimen. He may have some type of ‘edge’ or ‘audacity’. He could be socially influential. He could be a masterful lover or have spontaneous genetics – the kind who women want to be inseminated by, to pass his HQ hereditary traits to a new generation. This could very much explain the modern undercurrent of black men who impregnate so many women and the women – knowing he could leave them hanging – choose to give life to their babies. This isn’t some new-age shit here. It may seem like a trend because of heavy complaints by feminists and members of beta/omega male cults being left out in the cold.

For gay guys, it’s no different. You want someone stronger than you and who knows what buttons to push – or which holes to insert – to tame you. Those left hanging become betas, omegas, chronic masturbators, manospherians or ‘payers’. Not to say ‘payers’ are betas, because you always pay. Some are, but some are alphas who only want the absolute best, like me.

Being dominant can mean scamming and attacking the tribes and heritages of others in order to uplift your own (something white men have been doing for centuries). It can mean engaging in and passing all the mind games (‘shit tests’) women throw at you, or beating her at her own game by using her own methods against her. It can mean being gifted with a supreme physique and/or athletic abilities. Scoring the most points on the sexual, political or athletic scoreboard. Having a certain skin tone. Having a big dick and using it frequently and masterfully. Being the head honcho at the corporate office, in the club, on the plantation, or in an impoverished neighborhood. You get my point?

Historically, many tribes, heritages and culture went under attack in order for men to gain some type of victory, or a fear or respect from other nations, let alone other folks who looked like them. This form of colonization, gentrification and hypergamy was not limited to white males only, even though they have benefitted from it and perpetuated it more than, let’s say… the Japanese, the Muslims, the Ethiopians, the Jews, etc. When it comes to this sort of thing, most brown-skinned men never engaged in this sort of thing due to lack of resources, or the fear of god or law-and-order and other scams meant to keep them submissive. Then, there’s these obsessions with traditionalism and infrastructures leading to some form of ‘victory’.

hypergamy 222

But remember what Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” Let’s fast-forward to today…

Even to date, western white women are able to enjoy the luxuries they have today based on the ‘victories’ (rape and pillage) white men bestowed on every other race of people on earth. But of course, they won’t admit that. I mean, it takes some nerve to create feminized ideologies about ending ‘rape culture’ when you’re benefitting from it more than anyone else. Women – regardless of ethnicity or class – have no problems with gentrification, colonialism, anarchy and hypergamy until it starts to backtrack them, or when they have a desire to try ‘something new’. However, with feminism, the civil rights movement and desegregation/integration being a game-changer, these things collectively came as a blow to white male patriarchy. Something changed along the way in American society which caused most white guys and their groupies to feel some sort of sting.

Let me explain…

Logic suggests that women enjoy being overvalued and worshiped by men. So then, if white men are still telling us that ‘white girls are the best’, why did white women plagiarized the black woman’s playbook of matriarchy, turning into ‘feminism’? Why is hypergamy even an issue? Evidence shows repeatedly that women grow sick of regimented-based lifestyles, not to mention their ugly contempt for guys telling them how beautiful they are on a regular basis. Maybe it’s because women are like kids. The more you give, the more they want. Then guys wonder why they don’t respect them, or see them as a bitch with a paycheck. “Bitch betta have my money!”

So in a woman’s mind, if a man is nice or even if he’s a ‘good’ father, he’s weak. If he’s either an asshole or a guy who lets her mind wonder – one who is mysterious, unpredictable, rare or in high demand – chicks will break their fingernails or snatch eachother’s hair out to be the first ones to give him the pussy and booty.


Take a look around you today at the number of white and Asian chicks who prefer black or white guys over their own brand. This was the cause for white male sexual insecurity and rampant attacks against black men and, to a different degree, Asian men throughout western history. Add in the myths of black male sexual potency and ‘thug culture’ perpetuated by pop culture – or the feminization of Asian male sexuality and that white men are somehow ‘superior to Asian dudes – and that offers a huge boost. Honestly, it’s no different from ‘career-oriented’ black women who do not give white men the attitude they give black men. It stems from a Master/slave dynamic and the fact that white men control the Federal Reserve, major corporations and the pathetic educational system that all of us somehow depend on. For that, some black women don’t mind sucking white cock or taking two in the ass to maintain some type of ‘special’ status or a simple ego boost. For that alone, prissy suburbanite black chicks can know how it feels to have privileges and praise like white women. Likewise, white women never had a problem with their men’s drawn-out legacies of ‘rape culture’ until they realized their men loved black pussy more than he did white pussy. As long as other women didn’t cramp her style, she wallows in it the same way flies and pigs wallow in shit.

In the ghetto, it’s no different, except for the profession and the ethnicity of guys who are running the show and the quality of women who drop their drawers for whoever’s providing goods and services for the city.

In some urban, ghetto hellhole, poon is extensively given to guys who fall somewhere between these categories…

  • The thug
  • The bootlegger
  • The booster
  • The dope dealer
  • The cable guy
  • The club promoter
  • The pimp
  • The maintenance man
  • The unsigned rapper/singer
  • The preacher
  • The auto mechanic

I’m not advocating much of this, but I’ll tell you one thing: these guys get more than professional career-types who are materialistically better off. However, that doesn’t last long due to the fact that people age. Plus, no one stays at the top forever. Half of the guys aforementioned never make it out of their professions alive or unchained. The other half won’t even be remembered 10-20 years later.

Similar to the ghetto drug lords and pimps. When they spend their money on lavishing women with expensive gifts and driving high-end luxury or sports vehicles, he is ‘optimal’. Once he gets caught and is given a 25-to-life sentence, he is no longer ‘optimal’. She could care less if he sold heroin to a 13-year-old in jr. high. She could care less if he caught another woman ‘snitching’ on her, only to have her lifeless body found in the basement of a vacant house a week later with maggots all over it. She could care less if he chose that profession because of manufacturing jobs being exported. She could care less if he tore another woman’s ass up by beating her with an extension cord for stealing from him or for giving him some attitudinal ‘shit test’. If anything, she’ll goad him into being more ruthless, asking him questions like “Why is that bitch defying you like that? Be a man and go upside that bitch’s head!” Plus, as long as he’s spending his money on her – even if he is fucking several other women on the side – she has no complaints, no arguments, no beefs. Why? Because she’s living in a lap of luxury. He’s protecting her from other motherfuckers, plus he’s feeding her ass – which means she doesn’t have to do too much work, plus she gets the occasional pipe-down. This is also the concept of being what’s called a ‘bottom bitch’.

And see, this is another reason why ‘impotent’ doesn’t even begin to describe white knights and captain save-a-hoes.


Then, you have the welfare queens who take their child support or government-funded handouts, spending whatever’s left from bills on beautifying themselves, drugs, alcohol, sex toys, condoms and KY Jelly for multiple guys to run through their asses. To be clear, I’m not saying women should not aim for better, but you’d think that most women like these would be content. And the truth is, this is what most women desire, though they may not say it explicitly.

So then, you may ask “What’s the point of feminism when women can enjoy great sex and luxury all on a man’s dime, not to mention his blood, sweat and tears?”

Well, it could be that ugly bitches complain the most. Maybe feminism was built on some diabolical lust for world domination. Maybe it’s because white men saw their women as ‘kids’ and women got sick of being housewives or servants for traditional or mediocre men. Or it could be a simple reaction to what happens when old, ugly, fat, plain looking women can’t accept that they don’t have what it takes to engage in the game. Younger studs who they badly want reject them for hotter younger and more sexually available women who look and feel better. Either that, or they’ve been played left and right by men when their youth card was still valid. Because of that – especially if these women have daughters – you even have few 4-star-cougars and ex-sluts talking the latest feminist crap about ‘rape culture’ or how men ‘objectify’ women. Black matriarchy is a different story, though they did what they were told by the alphas back then.

I remember my aunt saying that if she placed a dating ad which said “Looking For Someone To Struggle With”, the line of guys would be unbearably long. And that makes perfect sense, though at 17, I thought she was just intolerably insatiable. This is what most guys fear. They wonder about things like “Is his dick bigger than mine?” “Did he fuck her in the ass?” “Did she do things to him that she didn’t do with me?!” You know, bitchy shit.

I’m aware that most idiots put the entire blame on integration and the welfare state for putting thugs in high demand, pushing professional black men (breadwinners) the hell out of dodge. While the welfare state plays a small part, feminism actually made it that much sweeter, as far as women are concerned. Thanks to online dating, 5-7 chicks on Facebook can get fucked by one supreme stud, whether the other women know it or not. Somehow, he is in high demand, either because chicks chose him or he has the money, the transportation or the luxury to travel from state-to-state, country-to-country, fucking hot chicks. It becomes self-explanatory if a chick has 2,000 friends, but she’s only fucked about 10-15 of them, leaving the rest to be used for her own egotistical gratification, with the hundred-plus likes and comments.

These aren’t the women who have any use for feminism or white knighting tactics. Women who make their own money have no reason to settle, nor stay, whether they are welfare queens, ‘whores’ or working girls. For that, women use men as stepping stones even more. Remember too, most divorces are initiated by women. As far as women cheating on their husbands or cheating with knowingly married men, the message is one in the same.

Some guys have no clue on how to read between the lines, because they’ve spent most of their lives with their head in the books or playing by ‘the rules’. So, I’ll say this: If she likes you, she wouldn’t be giving you a bunch of attitude. She wouldn’t be playing games with you – unless she’s using another man to make you jealous and run after her ass. It’s not always that she’s playing hard to get. Women spend their best years mistreating, teasing and dodging you, pitching a bitch at you, while bending over for the men who just won’t take none of her shit. They walk over the weak like anyone else because it’s entertaining. It’s the only grail of their lives. If she’s not attention-whoring, bossing around or man-stroking thirsty, impatiently horny losers, she ain’t got shit else to do!

Truth is, most men are not sexually attractive to most women, which is why some turn gay or go awol – and I’m not male bashing at all. It is what it is. Instead of raising the percentage, guys rather do what’s ‘right’ or ‘comfortable’. Most men are stupid, or they overachieve in areas that no one – specifically the women in their lives – really gives a shit about. Which leaves most men in the west… unscrewed!

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