Does Chelsea Handler Have a Point?


This was published today on Chelsea Handler’s Instagram page. The photo description, as typed by Chelsea Handler herself, says this…

“Can you believe more than 2 ass can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, Instagram.”

So, I’m unsure what to think of this…

Does Chelsea Handler have a point? Is she hating? Or is she just doing this for attention? Now, I am not one to follow celebrity gossip, entertainment news and drama of that sort… but I do believe that the epidemic of women surgically enhancing their asses is a disgrace. I’m not a titty man, even in the slightest, so it doesn’t bother me about women getting breast implants, though it has been going on since the early 90s. But some things should be left sacred and alone.

In short, do I feel Kim K. has a fake booty? In today’s age of ass-obsession and the success of cosmetic surgeries among women of all ethnicities, it wouldn’t surprise me not one bit. Maybe her ass is paid for. Then again, maybe it’s not. But it’s abnormal for a woman’s ass to be wider and lengthier than the rest of her body and you can tell whether or not it matches her width and length of the hips and thighs.

If a chick has to go plastic in order to gain attention, in my view of things, she isn’t ‘all that’ after all and it would decrease her market value, regardless of how much of a 5 she is in the face. I, myself, prefer natural beauty. I don’t know about the rest of you.

Another way of looking at this is… even older women approaching their use-by date loves attention-whoring. And they can get away with it for about a decade or more. One reason deals with the epidemic of slutty white womanhood, which includes their lust for black men, plus the fact that many young guys prefer Winter/Summer flings with older women (I’ll post my thoughts of this soon). I’ve noticed this a lot on Facebook, Instagram, FetLife, Flickr, etc… There’s a huge epidemic of women in their 40s (Cougars, MILFs — whatever you want to call them) who use social media way more than younger women in their 20s and 30s. These collective reasons are why they dominate the dating scene in the west. Now, I’ve discussed some of this before in other topics about Facebook being used as a spot for vanilla hookups and the uprising of Gen-Y hookup culture. But this also proves that in order for women to gain brownie points (especially for mediocre women who most guys wouldn’t look at), all they have to do is show their goodies and/or advertise their sexual antics or availability.

Chelsea Handler isn’t a bad looking woman at all and I can honestly see what rapper 50 Cent saw in her (they were dating at one point, though she spilled the beans on his sex style). I mean, like most petite, athletic white women, she looks as if she can endure some serious ‘manhandling’! But I suppose… she does have a point that women look so much better going natural, instead of portraying pathetic mimicries for temporary gratification.

What do you think?

One thought on “Does Chelsea Handler Have a Point?

  1. I always thought natural was best until I had my first experience with fake boobs. They are so perfectly shaped! Fake ass, I like those too. Natural or not, a nice ass is a nice ass and the same for boobs. I love Kim K’s ass and can see myself killing that doggystyle. However, there is a point where it can be a bit much. Btw, there are plenty of disgusting natural asses out there that are much wider than the hips and way bigger than Kim’s. Lastly, I also love little petite asses that are nicely shaped. In the end, if it is nicely shaped and fitting for the body natural or fake doesn’t matter to me

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