A Recent Trip to Hooters Further Proves My Point

– The following is based on a very true story, just like most incidents which I write about in my blog. No speculation, no exaggeration, no lies.


Last week, I went to a Hooters in my town during Thursday Night Football – the Miami Dolphins beat the Buffalo Bills – plus it was All You Can Eat day. So, I’ve overheard a conversation among two thick Indian women in their late 30s. X did most of the talking while Y mostly listened, but based on their appearance, one would think they are either ‘prudes’ or traditionalists. So, I’m sipping a Soco with Lime and before I received my order of medium buffalo wings (some of the best goddamned wings ever made in the entire globe), I listened in:

Woman X mentioned to Woman Y about her boring marriage with an established guy, which was burning her out. She admits to being fed up and how she would rather look out for herself, chase her aspirations and live her life on her own terms. Understandable. But she explains in so many other words that his being established is all he was good for. That plus the years she spent being loyal to him was not reciprocal to her.

So, she feels robbed of her youth not only because of him, but her ‘helping’ him raise his son for 7 years, until the time he graduated high school and went off to college to play football. She went on about how stupid she thought him and his son was.

The guy’s son – from a previous relationship – is a football jock and is on his way to playing for the NFL. Though he has a promising future, she trashed the young man. She admits to treating him as if he was her own blood; She had bought him a box of condoms in his final year of high school. Yet, he still fucked around and got some chick pregnant. She trashed him for his apparent sexual irresponsibility, asking how could he be so stupid after she had shown him the ropes on how to deal with women. She said “If he was my son – if he came out of my womb doing that stupid shit, I swear, I’d give him a backhand slap and slap the shit out of his ass!”

Quite obviously, regardless of how established or ‘on-point’ her husband is, she felt as if there’s another world of excitement awaiting her. Her possible insatiable appetite or trying something new is aching to become an outlet and evidently, her stepson’s future prospects aren’t enough to satisfy her. Woman Y influenced her that she needs to start looking out for herself. I’m sure there’s more detail, but once I got my wings, I stopped listening and focused on how fucking good those damned things are and how the Dolphins was tapping the ass of the Bills.

At the end of the day, women complain about fidelity and loyalty, but it’s all psychological masturbation. How duplicitous women are, by nature, just has to be seen, observed and overheard in order to be believed. If only these pathetic, dickless, servile husbands and boyfriends of theirs ever discovered what the women in their lives truly thought of them, or said about them behind their backs… it would create a huge shitstorm, leading to a male-centric movement. But they would have to have brass balls! Now of course, hearts would have to be broken and tears would have to be shed first, but that would only strengthen any guy with a sense of self-respect or virtue. Regardless of how much you do for a woman, it’s never enough. Your money, credentials, prospects and sacrifices don’t mean Monterey-Jack Shit. Even if you fuck a woman good to where she comes 3 xs an hour, never underestimate her capability to choose the next group of guys over you. And whoever she sidestracks you for, she’ll eventually do the same to him, whether she’ll crawl back to you on all fours or not.

Hypergamy for the win!

One thought on “A Recent Trip to Hooters Further Proves My Point

  1. Couple of questions for you. When you say “Indian” women – do you mean women who trace their family to India, or West Indiian/Caribbean women? I come from an Indian family (from India), and don’t think I’ve ever known an Indian girl go to Hooters for anything, much less wings.
    But,I am not surprised by the behind the back bitching. What is amusing is that while women feel comfortable with such behavior by themselves, got help the other person, especially a male relative.

    I’m unsure of the specifics. Not that it truly matters, but I’ve not seen many of them in sports bars and nightlife settings myself.

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