Cuffing Season

CUFFING 3So, for those of you living in western society (or anyone reading this blog who is currently feeling the change in climate), you know (or should know) that the blistery mix of cold, wet wintry weather is right around the corner. As a result, ‘Cuffing Season’ will be in full effect. This implies that men and women are more likely to form relationships, catch feelings, or develop ‘deep emotional connections’ with one another out of boredom, horniness, lack of superior options, impatience, etc. In short, even seasoned ‘players’ and ‘picky’, hypergamous females eventually develop one-itis and lower their standards, even if it is temporary.

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘Cuffing Season’ is defined as follows: “During the fall and winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

Let me explain the phenomena of Cuffing Season in more detail.

Destructive comfort zones and laziness are a biological reaction to the season of winter and it’s blistery bad weather mix. Such comfort zones can set you back in a long-term sense. This is not only limited to human relationships, but it also includes feeding yourself the wrong diet (shit like sugar, carbohydrates, dairy and snacks). Yes, I know it’s hard. I’ve been there many times with my destructive yo-yo dieting. Dieting is counterproductive. Once the average person slims down, they become too comfortable. Upon eating ‘regular’ food, one can easily gain weight faster than they’ve lost it, or they may gain more than they’ve lost. Most folks forget that they’ve worked too damned hard to play gave with their lives and waste their time like that. My advice is to find the perfect fitness regime and stick with it. Take it from me. Leave the goddamned Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the Pizza Hut alone!

Cuffing season is when folks prefer to stay home, cuddle, cook, watch football and fuck. Their only outdoor activities include their daily commutes to and from their dead-end jobs, regimented errands, visiting family members they’d never be bothered with any other time and Christmas shopping. When it comes to women, there are similarities.

Those of you who read my blog regularly have probably come to terms that I don’t advocate LTRs, even if it’s an ‘open’ (polygamous) relationship where both parties get to have their cake and eat. It’s simply not worth it for reasons that are far more important than sexual jealousy or taking after someone else’s leftovers or sloppy seconds. Vitally, it’s a waste of time and it’s unnatural to say that one person is the end-all-be-all. I wouldn’t recommend a woman moving into your house. I damned sure wouldn’t recommend a man moving in with a woman. This leads to assumptions that someone can get away with running the show on someone else’s dime, not to mention all of the emotional tug-of-wars, etc. It’s just superior for men and women to rent and buy time with eachother, or simply hook up on random weekends. No strings attached, no wrangling, straight, no chaser.

Like monogamous couples, men and women heavily rely on eachother around this time of year because it is also the time when money and gifts are in exchange for an emotional connection or the possibility of sex. Women love money, they spend theirs and yours. Similarly, they love attention. Men stupidly give them both under the impression of the possibility of sex, or because their mothers and societies invaded by white-knighting tells them it’s the ‘chivalrous’ thing to do.

I will now provide supreme options that can be chosen to avoid this destructive behavior…

Depending on your method of transportation and whether or not you can stand going out in the cold, this is one of the perfect times to frequent escorts and strip clubs. You can flirt with the attention-whores on social media and online dating sites. But never project neediness and always let these women know that you’re busy so that they know your life doesn’t depend on them. Keep your distance and they’ll appreciate you more. And regardless of what game blogs say, always lay your cards on the table. This is a superior method when it comes to dealing with women you want to bang as you won’t be blamed for ‘playing’ her or turning her bitter… unless you’re just a badass who just doesn’t give a fuck. Remember: Catching feelings is not an option!

On days where you may not be able to get out (due to snowstorms or being financially tapped out), you can keep yourself occupied by watching (insert your favorite movie or TV show) on Blu-Ray! Hell, you can exercise at home or even visit some of your favorite blogs here via internet. This is supreme, especially if you don’t have a healthy relationship with family or if they live in another state. In a way, it’s quite therapeutic. This is when you can truly have tranquility with yourself. Spend your money on music, books, smartphones, travel, escorts, strip clubs, booty calls, clothes, sports bars, exercise equipment and lots of alcohol.

Right after New Year’s Day, most folks start up the same rituals pertaining to their shitty jobs, not to mention playing catch up on bills or struggling to get in shape before spring break. Truth be told, most people are set in life by filling their brains and bodies with malnutritious, microwaved instant bullshit, regardless of what time of year it is. That said, it’s just as easy to have a desire to cuff or be cuffed, so don’t think cuffing season is over after the holidays have diminished.

Cuffing season doesn’t end right after Valentine’s Day, either. It usually ends right around Spring Break. Then, you can dip into your saved money and de-winterize your car and/or take a trip abroad or to the tropics or in a state full of hot chicks, given you haven’t traveled during the Christmas holiday.


Here are the best ways to cope through cuffing season…




– HIT THE GYM. HARD! (Aside from cardiovascular activities, bench-pressing and toning is even better once testosterone-boosters, tribulus and select energy drinks are added to the mix. Hell, go tanning, unless… well… Without making it into a racial issue, brown-skinned people are not too receptive to tanning, nor the cold like Euro people are, but… you get my point!)

– PREPARE FOR THE SPRING (Again, hit the gym, eat right, buy new clothes and save your money.)

– VISIT THE OUTDOORS, EVEN AT THIS TIME OF YEAR (Take your ass out in the world, meet new people and do some shopping. Hell, put on your best outfits and go nightclubbing if you have to. It beats sitting at home catching feelings with love songs clouding your psyche.)

– FREQUENT ESCORTS & THE STRIP CLUB (Don’t go to strip clubs making it rain, like a rap music video from the dirty south. In regards to escort etiquette, well… Read this!)

– FLIRT ON FACEBOOK (Hook up with a few chicks there, but keep FB activity to a minimum.)


– OWN A PET (Dogs are the best. I have one. When you’re busy, find a dog sitter for it.)

– SPEND TIME WITH YOUR PARENTS & SIBLINGS (Given they were good to you or actually give a damn about you.)

– READ BOOKS & BLOGS (Educate yourself, read about travels, black science, your history and the dark side of human nature.)


– ENJOY FOOTBALL SEASON (It ends about 6-8 weeks before cuffing season ends.)

Cuffing around this time of year is a very easy trap to fall in, especially if you are a homebody, if you have too much time on your hands or if you’ve become too familiar with one type of pussy. I know it may sound bizarre for me to say it like that, but so be it. If that’s what it takes to save someone’s life from being wasted, so be it. That’s all I care about, not some funky-ass feminazi cunt who wants to get all into her feelings because someone attacked her in her clogged-arteries and pork-infested heart by something I said. One of the worst things a guy can do is waste his money, his time, let alone his stamina by giving it all to a mediocre piece of ass, regardless of it’s age. It’ll only feed further into the current devalued system pertaining to human relations. The curse of Winter can give you more ammunition to be your best and further aim for the best. All I can hope is that I’ve added some value into some guys’ lives with this one.

That time of year is here. Get your shit together and claim your sanity.

Questions, comments, concerns?

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