Black Science Explained: 01

In this topic, I will explain the concept of ‘black science’, which is the art of psychological warfare and the dark arts of the human psyche, including hypnosis. I choose to explain this concept by providing ten prime examples of how the human mind responds to certain situations and certain types of people. 

1] Psychological Warfare 1.0

It essentially seems that life is a constant power struggle for folks to gain or maintain dominance over another person. Nearly every human relationship is based on the zero-sum platform; someone gains, someone loses. This creates psychological warfare, regardless of dominion is being dished out or received.

Historically, people were ‘whipped’ into shape or submission. Thanks to modern ‘civilization’, people can’t hit eachother anymore, unless it deals with a parent vs. child, or police vs. citizen dynamic. Now of course, everyone else can beat some ass, but at the risk of jail time or being sued. Slavery is abolished, so we’ve been transferred to mental bondage. This is why employers, teachers and authority figures pitch a bitch in order to gain attention. As long as they don’t touch (although in some non-western countries, people are allowed to hit their subordinates). This is also why when it comes to dealing with women, regardless of how sexually provocative her outfit is, there’s a golden rule that states “You can look, but don’t touch!”

Mental bondage is enforced by morality, media, mind games, outrage, disciplinary methods or fear of retribution, karma and expose. The fact that some people were born with mental illnesses (autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD, etc…) does not make their situation any better and they are quite the easy targets for bullies who play psychological chess games to gain the upper hand. Then, there’s the issue of drugs and alcohol, which helps ease the human psyche, but which also makes them more vulnerable to attacks, embarrassing or reckless behaviors, falling for tricks or even having sex with the wrong person. It’s the same reason why dumb, broken and impressionable people love fairy tales, religion, ‘game’ and blind faith.

As generations pass by, the general public somehow becomes mentally feeble. This is why we become nerve-stricken when we encounter nudity, hate speech, profanity, yelling and ‘uncomfortable’ imagery.

To get desired results, you go psychological or stimuli.

2] The Enemy of My Enemy

“The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend” is an Arabic proverb, which implies that two people or groups can posse together to dismantle a common enemy. The people or group which collaborates together can be of a racial, ethnic group, a gender group, political affiliation, etc. But let’s not get into the history or the politics of the concept. I’ll just bring up some examples.

In today’s era, this concept is very effective when it comes to dealing with women. In today’s post-feminist society, most men conclude that LTRs and mediocre women are a waste of time. Even throughout history, traditionalist women and housewives longed to defeat other women who were a threat to their lavish lifestyles and their persuasive power over men. This is why women – even to date – despise things like porn, paid sex, strippers, mistresses, hell even bisexual flings. Not to say that most men would stoop so low, but yes, some guys choose these alt-lifestyles as a way to punish their bitchy, unappreciative, scornful wives – or any random female with entitlement issues. This is also why sistas feel ‘hurt’ or ‘betrayed’ at the sight of black men with white women, or Asian and mulatto women – even though they may have scorned these men in the past.

When it comes to race relations, this concept can be used a lot. Especially when one group of people got to the top by gentrifying, colonizing and one-upping every other heritage of people, or using their own women or children against them. Do you like treating Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Indians as if they are “lower than a dog”? Do not be surprised if a possible revolt occurs where your collective enemies posse up against you. If that happens – and I predict it will in the future – it will be worse and more emasculating to white men and their sons than the rise of… something like… feminism – which cuts most men’s balls off slow.

3] Power Struggles – Psychological Warfare 2.0

Almost every relationship is based on a zero-sum platform, unless it involves the concept of supply-and-demand or certain business partnerships. There is no way of getting around that. So disregard what you may have read in romance novels or saw in chick flicks. Then ask yourselves… Who really has the power? The drug dealer/pharmacist or the addict? The buyer or the seller? The submissive, the dominant or the one who withdrawals themselves from society? Parents who go apeshit on teachers and students who bully their kids? ‘Law enforcers’ or the millions who break the ‘law’ daily? The pimp or his ‘hoes’? Or how about men vs. women in the midst of a stupid gender war?

Every form of living is based on commerce. Not to say that we shouldn’t entertain ourselves or anything of that nature, but hey… Most buyers are stupid. If people want to spend $200 on an old, ‘remodeled’ shoe that was popular 20 years ago, then it says a lot more about the buyer more than it does about the oversized, illiterate athlete whose name is on it.

Here’s another scenario: Cop pulls you over. They’ll manipulate you into giving up your rights – stare-down contests, threats, planting or tampering with evidence, asking the same question in 7 different ways, taking your photo without your consent… He aims a gun at you, saying “Stop or I’ll shoot!” Do you think he’s joking? Or “You have no business being in this town” (guilty by association). Then there’s random harassment for those who do what comes naturally, such as drugs, sex, being black, self-defense or feeding the homeless. This is also why people are discreet about their vices. You know there are informants and agents pretending to be a genuine friend. You may have known that person for years and told them your darkest secrets… You know why they tell you that “Anything you say can or will be used against you in the court of law?” Keep your mouth shut and get the power of attorney. 9 times out of 10, they know how to play the game better than you and them!

4] The Honey Trap Test

The biggest distraction of progress among all men is — pussy! Women by nature have, as Cornel West once said, “the weapon of mass distraction”. Women’s only power is sex, or to give birth to the traditional man’s kids to create some kind of generational ‘legacy’. Women know that men are sexually vulnerable and they will use it to their advantage. The government is aware of this as well and this is why they use certain women as a honey trap to get to you and your sons. They could be women who look too good to be true. They could be those bitches with attitudinal tendencies which turn violent.

I’ve witnessed that inflicting physical damage towards a woman does not compare to the psychological damage a woman or her white-knighting lapdogs can inflict towards the men in her life. Most men learn this the hard way, unless they are hardcore red-pill theorists – players, ‘payers’ and gay guys included (which is why women and white-knights see them as ‘public enemy #1”). But real players don’t hit women, unless it is out of self-defense. Pimps and assholes do. You see, a real man can shut a bitch down. Players play mind games or run ‘game’ and they can make a woman feel low or betrayed by his hypergamous tendencies. This includes having multiple sex partners on rotation or by ‘sleeping with her enemy’. Another prime example of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Women love delusions. This is why they use beauty, alterations and the possibility of sex in order to gain results, even if she already feels validated. If you’re smart, you’ll know this is what occurs daily on social media. Anything that gives women the illusion of options of an inflated ego makes her fickle. In fact, they take pride in going out, just to ignore or reject the dozens of dudes who show them attention. A recent example of this is the recent NYC “Street Harassment” video, which went viral.

Understand that most men are stupid and most women are duplicitous.

5] The Power of Body Language

Body language, physique, wardrobe and even something as simple as preference of gum says a lot about a person’s characteristics, lifestyle, income and tolerance levels. You think that woman who works at the bikini barista was happy to see you walking in her place of business? Her eyes rolling and that dull look in her eyes that said “Not him again!” actually said otherwise. Her conversing with you for 15 minutes was just her doing her job, or simply being nice. You can also tell how interesting a person is based on how long they shake hands with you. If a person fears you or think of you as a fucking pest, they’ll go out of their way to avoid you – similar to blocking someone on FaceBook.

Similarly, if a guy is out with a woman and he spends more time staring at his smartphone than he is her, it says he is either not that interested, immature or he’s kinda ‘slow’. When it comes to dating ‘regular’ women, some of them encourage guys to view them as an object of desire. Others get quite offended if you stare at her tits instead of making direct eye contact. Yes, dating regular girls is too much work.

In regards to game, some guys believe showing up to a nightclub suited and booted will somehow get them some ass. Truth is, it makes you look like an idiot to sweat in your best gear while it’s stuffy and hot. Besides, it’s usually the dude with the baseball cap and hip-hop gear who gets all of the action. The same hip-hop gear that you may wear while attending a neighborhood fight. But in most aspects of western life, the guy in the suit is taken more seriously by not only the people who are paying him, but high-end chicks. Options drive the behavior, not vice-versa.

You can tell the qualities of a person by their poisons, the gum they chew, their zip code, favorite sports teams, tastes in the opposite sex, sense of humor, fragrances worn and even their sexual orientation – unless they are on the DL.

See that guy with his arms folded? Or the other one with his hands on his waistline? Which one do you think is more confident? Which one is more malleable? How about the guy who sits at a restaurant with his back erect? Or the one who is so relaxed, he sits like a slouch? Which guy at the gym gets the best results? The gym rat who lifts more than he weighs or the one who uses the gym as a social club? Do you think the employer on a power-trip actually enjoys their job? If they did, would they work themselves up over the simplest provocations? You’d be amazed. That could actually be the highlight of their lives. When they go home, someone calling the shots on their asses, be it their spouse or their own kids.

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