Black Friday Topic: If Jesus Saves, Why Are the Lives of Black Urbanites Cheapened?

Engraving Of Slave In Chains Praying

A spoken word (vlog) posted on YouTube from Sergeant Willie Pete has voiced out the recurring thoughts surfacing in my head since childhood about how damaging and counterproductive spiritualistic blind faith is.

I never understood the point of patriotism – in this case, African-American devotion to Christianity. I know the Latin community has the same sick devotion to Catholicism and the demise of specific Latin cultures has progressively gotten worse than the current state of black America.

Now, I’m not one to say that Jesus never existed, but I cannot defend a deity that can’t be proven. That would be as mentally ill as any grown-ass person taking pictures with Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. I refrain from spirituality as much as I don’t believe in an afterlife, or reincarnation. While I am a firm believer of things like biology, black science, hedonism and karma, I also believe that after whatever collective tragedies, heartbreaks or disappointments occur in everyday life, life goes on. As generations pass – in the age of information – any pragmatist will question anything before placing it into acceptance, instead of relying on blind faith, hearsay or scare tactics. That said, I ask this not-so-hard question:

“If Jesus saves, why are the lives of blacks (and other brown-skinned urbanites) so shitty?”

I am fully aware that things like law-and-order and spiritual playbooks are used as mind control techniques to keep them in the dark and feed them plenty of bullshit. It is one of the most effective mind control tactics, which has overtones of scam artistry and solitary confinement. Those of us with a brain know that these things were used to screw over Indians and Blacks, with everyone else following along. It’s creation was to prevent people from aiming towards the finer things in life (money, pragmatic thinking, sex, rebellion, etc.). This creates not only a waste of energy, but a waste of time. Black science and common sense reveals that too much wasted time = a wasted life.

This was done to prevent any real social progress and rebellion against the status quo. Before a multitude of revolts in the 60s, blacks in America (slaves) relied heavily on blind faith and marriage, simply because that’s all they had. That was what whites reduced them to. To date, there’s still a generation of spiritual sleepwalkers secluded from realism.

Religious fanatics coerce you into believing that if you ‘sin’ (if there’s a such thing) – including the engagement of sex, lies, drugs, politics, money and black science – you’re going to hell. Again, it robs people from their humanistic potential to have a supreme existence and rock the boat. This not only creates delayed gratification, but it induces suppressed rage – specifically among those who may have endured years of being pissed on, having it called rain. The peddlers and systematic bullies who run opium dens of failure could care less about how years of disenchantment can somehow accumulate psychological scars average people have to live with until they die.

Which brings me to another point… One of my favorite lines spawn by women and pathetic, broke-down old folks is that when a person dies, “S/he’s in a better place.” Can this exactly be determined, unless it’s evident that person was dealt a very bad hand? Has the person in question said that they’d prefer death over life? If death is better, why do most people fear it? And please, don’t sell me that slave-mentality of that person’s reward being in heaven or being reincarnated into a tree or a fly on the wall. It’s the same stupidity that causes decomposing, old ladies to say “These are the last days we’re living in” upon witnessing anything that makes them personally uncomfortable – like scantily-clad women, ‘immoral’ sexual lifestyles and orientations, profanity, male bachelorhood, rebellious kids or mass murder. How can these things represent the end of time when these things have been around since the start? Nothing is new under the sun, is it? (*shudders*)

Decades ago, I’ve noticed how, ironically, spiritual people have the shittiest lives. It doesn’t take an expert in astrophysics to see that regardless of how many megachurches are located in impoverished neighborhoods resembling Middle Eastern war-zones, it will not bring economic resources, leading to optimal living standards. Their quality of live has been damaged beyond repair long ago, even if it is partially self-inflicted. This is not only the case in places like Detroit, Chicago or any predominantly black city in the west. Mexico is a prime example of the rude awakening that all of the spirituality in the world remains useless. Nor will it legalize the drugs they highly dependent on for a decent lifestyle for them and their rugrats. The failed American drug war has ultimately degraded and devalued their situation even further.

Is this the case for spoiled suburbanites? In fact, how many crack-houses of hope do you see in lily-white suburbs?

I can talk about bible scriptures used to justify the dis-empowerment of blacks and women. Ironically, these same groups are the most threatening to the ‘natural order of things’ to the point to where the ‘rulers’ of that time felt they had to be dumbed down, kept in fear, enslaved and neutered. Today, people have transferred from physical bondage to psychological bondage. People embrace ideologies such as religion, feminism, conservatism, liberalism and mission statements pushed by their employers… the same way social misfits embrace game. The same methods southern plantation owners used against their cattle are the same mind-control mechanisms used on employees in the workforce.

I can talk about religious leaders loudly rebuking homophobia and adultery. Yet, there are annual sex scandals in the Catholic and Christian churches. Catholic priests are rampantly called out for the sexual abuse of male children the same way black pastors get caught spreading HIV to their ‘groupies’. Meanwhile, other minority groups open up businesses, becoming more successful than those in their own ghettos while they waste their time plastering themselves, waiting on Jesus, obsessing over celebrity gossip and materialism, all the while complaining about ‘unfair’ life is. Are black people really that stupid or are they being hindered by too many obstacles, distractions and Disney Myths?

At the end of the day, the peddlers of false hope are no better or worse than the impressionable retards who literally believe that prayer changes things. Meanwhile, the capitalists and the conservatives who ‘control’ everything, from the Federal Reserve and the weapons of mass destruction to the type of books children read in school, operate on a totally different platform. Yet, they lie to everyone else by telling them the quickest or the ‘moral’ road to an optimal lifestyle is prayer or pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. Poverty-stricken towns devoid of economic resources causes a direct correlation between crime and hope – which includes resorting to drug trafficking, welfare scams, or pimping out emotionally and mentally unstable women with massive drug problems. Yet, something tells me the ‘cops’ will show up in their town before ‘god’ does, just to keep them as docile and distraught as can be. Then, there’s the association fallacy, where innocent people are harassed and imprisoned because they looked too ‘rich’ to be on certain sides of town. So, don’t give me that shit about the love of god being the reason for black lives being disenfranchised by lack of money, rampant rates of obesity and HIV/AIDS, mental illness or being the highest receptors of systematic, sexual and mental abuse.

black friday slavery

– The concept of good vs. evil fucks us up. But as long as people are stupid enough to believe it, they deserve what they get…

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