How Modern Technology Alters Human Relationships

There are various ways that modern technology (aka the internet, blogging, social media, smartphones, etc.) changes the world – specifically how people interact with one another. Blogging changes daily interactions and social media changes intrapersonal relationships. Similarly, easy access to internet porn, online escort services, hookup culture and other alt-lifestyles optimized by modern technology provides ample substitutions to LTRs, matrimony and other useless relationships.

I’m here to discuss the descending shifts of humanity regarding this phenomena, in the age of information and alternatives…


While my lifestyle choices revolve around a small circle of male friends, escorts, strip clubs, travel and various booty calls with ‘civilians’ (mostly inspired by modern technology), these collectively cause me to not only focus on optimizing my own life, but to conclude that most people aren’t worthy of my time, now more than ever. The more I engage, the less bullshit I tolerate from men or women, whether I’m fucking them or not. WordPress blogs and even YouTube vlogs just adds much more fuel to the fire and I know I’ve probably influenced some dudes to aim for the same, or better. And this is what I’m here for…

My youth would never allow me to finalize this point, but I’ve always had a strong suspicion that most people are stupid and are not worth the trouble they cause, let alone the so-called ‘demands’ they try to make from others who they claim to be ‘superior’ to. This suspicion has transformed into a reality, which is one reason why modern technology provides us alternatives, which not only replaces relationship sex, but traditionalism and nostalgic-based interactions.

Social media also provides us a glimpse of how solipsistic and fucked-up people are without wasting time, money and physical effort on such people, in nature. Fortunately, we can choose whether or not we want to waste time, money and physical effort on such people, in nature. We can cut ties with them by unfriending and blocking certain people upon discovery of them doing and saying stupid shit to offend us or cramp our lifestyles, even in the slightest.

In my topic about how winter season turns people desperate, I’ve provided one solution for people to optimize their lives, which is to keep social media activity to a minimum. This isn’t new to me, but I’ve witnessed close friends severing ties with eachother via FaceBook because of status updates. It could be the fear of differences, or lacking the wherewithal to settle them. I’ve seen it happen during presidential elections, debates on the rampant gender war of the west, people who profess their preference of lust over love, etc.

Recently, I’ve noticed far too many idiotic, cheeky-ass white guys who turn into keyboard activists and comedians after the ACJS’s wanton failure to indict terrorists (aka ‘american cops’) who murder unarmed black males. The comments championing ‘law and order’ are even more disgusting than the comments about the victims being ‘thugs’ who broke the ‘law’. Yet, it’s so obvious these cowards have a great fear of black men, just like manospherians have a great fear of women. It’s no different from feminist hags and SJWs who fear men in general, or basement dwellers who prefer video games over LTRs. Prior to social media, we’d never known who these people are, if they were our ‘friends’, doctors, judges, co-workers or those who’s supposed to look after the safety of us or our children. Now, these mummified losers put themselves on blast! Some choose to egg folks on by engaging. Me? I just laugh, observe and know where I stand with certain people. It’s much easier to block retards from your FB page than it is to block them outside, especially if they’re your co-workers or at your annual family reunion.

Social media outlets can give total strangers or your employer ammunition to use against you. Unfortunately, most people live in a world where their employers want access to their FB or IG pages upon hiring them. People lose their jobs because of what a person does or says in their personal lives, or revealing their vices, antics and rants, by choice words or photographs. This creates the evolution of bloggers who can speak their minds amid keeping their identities concealed. This is also why ‘law enforcement’ don’t like being recorded while “doing their job”, harassing and beating the shit out of people. Yet, they are starting to realize that even with solid evidence being used against them, they can still get away with all types of dirty shit.

At one point, this would have only happened to politicians, athletes and entertainers. The aforementioned would have been a much easier target than average persons, which is what tabloids and celebrity gossip outlets make millions on.

Now, things are different – and not because everyone wants celebrity status, either.

Then, there’s the whole issue of data mining, GPS, Google Earth and how these things can be used to keep tabs on people. A person’s identity, sex life, place of residence can be discovered by something as simple as a geotagged photo or a FB check-in. It doesn’t take someone who mastered the art of trigonometry to discover a person’s geographical location, government names or which camera or smartphone took specific photos, let alone which year or location specific photos were taken.

The internet is laced with blogs, movements and ideologies which help people turn their curiosities into outlets and more abrasively, to clearly and quickly understand themselves, let alone the world they live in. This also gives people with a half-a-brain the choice to disconnect from society in general, meeting like-minded individuals, instead of wasting time on people who pretend to be something they are not, or family members who treat their possessions, their pets or their employers better than they treat their own goddamned children.

As far as the things I discuss here? I can’t say a quarter of these things publicly, nor on my personal FB network without chicks, fake friends or family members being offended, let alone becoming vain. I probably wouldn’t get that job at HP or TruGreen if my blog was somehow linked to my identity. Not that I would give a damn thanks to my self-reliance, but others have much more to lose than I do. We live in a world where people can lose their composure, or their lives due to a rumor, a four-letter word or because someone yelled at them.

As far as these women and the consequences of them being heavier users of social media than men… I’ve seen stupid bitches who verbally and physically eradicate their LTRs and/or other females because ‘the other woman’ liked their man’s photos, complimenting his physique. I’ve seen FB status updates about women, Ferguson MO, traditionalism and such that caused major shit-storms, even among family. Women post multitudes of half-naked, attention-whoring pics, paradoxically telling men that THEY are somehow ‘desperate’ or ‘thirsty’ for liking them, commenting on them, let alone approaching them for the possibility of sex, when they are the ones advertising it. I’ve seen status updates from chicks who attack their providers, either because he was gullible enough to lure himself into her web, or because she – like most women – have zero sexual interest in him. I’ve seen too many friendships come to an end because of this.

My years spent observing social media brings me to this point: The badder the chick, the more friends she has. The more beta the dude, the more friends he has. Yes there are exceptions, specifically for a woman who keeps away from social media, uses it to an extreme minimum, or for family only. But then, I’ve noticed that places like POF (Plenty Of Fish) is full of homely, fat bitches, while SLS (Swingers Life Style) is filled with mediocre cougars with flabby, pancake-asses and couples and FL (FetLife) is filled with wannabes, rural trash and white gender queers with feminization fantasies. In short, without generalizing, most internet users are very sad people who transform themselves into bottom feeders. I cut a guy off for attempting to smear shit on my name assuming it would get him some pussy… from a female friend who he “stole” from my friends list, before I made it private. That guy? Over 2,000 friends (most whom he secretly gossips about), posting multiple photos in Vegas as if he’s ‘big shit’. Fucking idiot did a check-in at a bank, bragging about his big payday. I’m thinking “If I wanted to rob your dumb ass, I would!”

– I want to shut my social profiles down at times, but I keep them open to interact with 5-star females and a few guys who have the same commonalities as me. I have profiles at hookup websites where I meet ‘civilians’ for NSA sex and nights or afternoons on the town. Otherwise, this shit is getting pretty lame.

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