The Underworld of Black Men and Gender Queers

Now, I am most certainly not one to attack or degrade a person’s sexuality. Once you do that, you degrade them as human beings. Even terms like “sex addict” were historically used to demonize the sexuality of black men, women and gays alike. I am thirty years of age and I admit that some would label me as a “late bloomer” in regards to my not experimenting with certain alt-lifestyles until I approached… let’s say… 28. But hey, 30 is the new 20 for men, which is a boost.

Long story short, I’ve just engaged in certain aspects of sex, such as ‘mongering’ almost two years ago. I’ve heard about black men on the DL a decade ago, but none of it comes as a surprise, nor an interest to me. Over the past six years, I’ve studied the growing epidemic of a reciprocating lust among gay, bisexual and bi-curious sissy bottom boys and transsexuals that are attaching themselves to gay black men.

Though homosexuality is not race restrictive, we must admit that throughout history, gay sex was a celebrated norm in Anglo-Saxon, European and Asian cultures. This form of sexuality – physical or otherwise – has invaded other heritages of people, causing natural curiosities to become an outlet. Homosexuality, like wayward heterosexuality, is collectively based on biological urges (including the nature of one person being submissive, with the other being the ‘top dog’) and moral ‘failure’.

In regards to why some black guys have a secret lust for sissy bottom boys, again, it’s a secret because of homophobia – perpetuated by the black church, hip-hop and Caribbean guys who run them the hell out of dodge. Homophobia is a prime example of how morality and backseat driving fucks up the rest of the world. Thanks to that, people are leading double lives in order to save face. The assumption of black women catching HIV/AIDS generally from bisexual black guys is asinine, because the truth is, according to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, more gay and bisexual white men are infected with HIV/AIDS than gay and bisexual blacks, generally. It may only seem that more blacks are branded for life with it because of demography, plus it being used as a weapon of fear to paint blacks as somehow ‘undesirable’. So, do black women genuinely have something to be angry about? Or are they using their own negligence and failing health as an excuse to justify their hatred for something they personally find detestable? Because more straight black women are also infected by it than straight black men. So what’s really going on?

According to this recent study from the CDC, more white men who have sex with other men are infected with HIV than black men who have sex with other men. This also shows that more black women are branded for life with the virus than straight black men. So, what does this tell you about where the fake outrage is coming from and why?

A friend of mine who works in the American entertainment industry had confided in me that many popular rap musicians are, shockingly too, engaging in a very dark underworld of being bottom feeders… you know? Oddly, they are, in some instances, worse than your average brotha who’s leading a double life, class irrelevant. This guy, who will remain nameless, had mentioned some of the biggest names in the industry who catch feelings and hard-ons for other men, sissies and trannies. Regardless of how tough some of them act in their persona or via rap lyrics, many times, it’s just an act. I was informed this after I told him that I thought Sidney Starr looks better than most western women. After seeing her twerk video, it did fuck me up to learn the chick was born a boy. In fact, there are tons of sources that reveals that “she” had flings with several rappers, with one in particular ending in a tragedy.

Folks may wonder “What the hell can a tranny or a butt-boy do that a woman can’t?” Or, “Is there something sissies can do that women can’t, even if they are on the receiving end?” Let me add in that even for a guy like me who’s been around, I notice that most women – even escorts – really don’t like ass sex, unless we’re talking about white girls. Now, most guys I know – especially those who traveled abroad – tell me they have yet to meet a Latina who does not like it in the ass, but I have yet to sleep with a full-blooded Latina. Some guys just crave butt sex so much, they’ll go for a bottom ‘boi’ just to get it. Lesbians feel they can get something from another woman – sensitivity and pacification – they can’t get from men, unless he’s effeminate. Similarly, gay or bi guys feel they can get something from a transsexual or crossdresser – domineering, mean-spirited and nasty sex – many women just will not engage in, paid or otherwise. I can also assume there may be less drama than LTR sex with a woman. That said, some guys may conclude that gay sex is less work.

How the USA uses the prison industry to house black men plays it’s significant part along with the advocacy for gay rights in the outside world. With no access to women, in prison, men are faced with dilemmas by picking one of the four choices: Enduring dry spells, chronic masturbation, fucking another man or getting fucked by another man. In the court of public opinion, none of these options sound good. Others justify their homosexual fornication with the cliched “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.”

Over the years, I’ve witnessed and encountered multitudes of white and Asian guys with feminization fantasies. Some of which comes as no surprise to me, because I know my history. I know that since the African slave trade, white guys tend to worry about the black man’s penis so much that he forgets his own. Therefore, they become envious or even curious to know how it feels to have a dick in their ass. Hell, to some of them, it’s heaven on earth. Some white guys idiotically believe it – like interracial swinging in the suburbs – will create some sort of racial harmony. It won’t. Not when ‘cops’ are murdering unarmed black males left and right, not to mention the purposeful economic demise among blacks and Latinos, perpetuated by colonialism = gentrification and spirituality.

Other than homophobia, shaming language isn’t as strong as it used to be. Which explains why the most comfortable people concern themselves with being labeled as “gay”, “faggot”, “queer”, “sissy”, “tranny” and such. Truth is, most forms of human sexuality are not socially or morally acceptable. Homosexuals, bisexuals or bi-curious folks aren’t the only ones stigmatized by society, feminists, conservatives or religious fanatics about how they like their dick served or provided. Even when it comes to paid sex, polygamy or the promiscuity of Gen-Y hookup culture, old-schoolers or other “authoritarian figures” despise it. Be that as it may, they are the ones who’s stuck on stupid. I mean, anything beats a LTR or traditional union to a hag who ages like dairy, or a fuddy-duddy bastard whose belly gets 2 inches bigger per year, overdosing on pizza and Oreos. Single and promiscuous people stay on top of their health, unlike their married counterparts who get too comfortable.

– I found a pretty graphic, tasteless photo caption, which compares the sexual ‘perks’ of being with a sissy vs. a woman. I didn’t want to post it here, but… is there any merit to this?

2 thoughts on “The Underworld of Black Men and Gender Queers

  1. The caption is somewhat true but sex can be harder to get from gay guys than women at times, that’s one reason why transgender girls are in.

    No gay or women drama.
    Just pay to get your way.

    That being said, I don’t see how the photo is tasteless.

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