Hiatus # 2 – Possible Site Upgrading, Etc…

Okay, guys…

I am going on a very brief hiatus for the upcoming holiday season, so I will post my final topic of 2014 this week. I will be back to continue Year/Season Two on Wednesday, January 7th 2015. I will start the new year off with my topic I’ve written months ago about MILFs, Cougars, why they dominate the dating scene in the Anglosphere and the advantages they have over younger female ‘civilians’ in the dating game.

I’m considering making some slight changes to my blog, which includes a new home photo and a new subtitle or name addition to Home Is Where The Hate Is.

I’m thinking of giving it a subtitle, entitled The Triangle. Why The Triangle? Well, a triangle is more than just a shape. In a metaphorical sense, it can be used to describe a person who has three split personalities… It can be used to describe three corners, three directions… It can describe the areas of life: the black area, the grey area and the white area. Or it may even describe a mystifying, subliminal destination which can be seen as either a ballpark (Garden of Eden) or an inferno (Valley of Gehenna), depending on an individual’s belief value system.

The site design will remain the same. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve played around with the themes a little within the past year. This is the one that I am sticking to, as it is simplistic, it provides a glimpse and a photograph for each individual topic, instead of an entire blog being posted onto the home page, which causes lengthy scrolling.

I will also change my writing style even more. That said, I will try my best to not contain more than 1,500-1.600 words in my posts. I, myself, can’t stand long winded posts, but I can’t stand series even more – unless they are necessary. I will also try my best to refrain from using lots of profanity… but this does not imply that I will stop using it altogether. Again, this blog is certainly not for everyone, unless they want to learn anything meaningful about how the real world operates and get away from all the Disney Myths society has bestowed upon us…


Thank you,

Mr. Odessa

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