On-Point Simps, Coons, Faggots and Paper Tigers

on point simps

The dark side of human nature reveals the uncomfortable nature that people love controlling other people; without that, most people have nothing. Every relationship is based on a zero-sum, Dominant/submissive [D/s] platform. There’s no way of getting around that. When it comes to dealing with women, it’s no different. Women – like black men – run the show under the table. The ‘king’, ‘queen’, or ‘director’ is not really in charge. Instead, they are lapdogs and drones who do all of the work and make rules for millions of others to break behind the scenes [BTS]. You see, there’s a reason why Thomas Tusser said “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

In the end, what women really want is a faggot (no pun intended to the LGBT community) – someone who is the bitch in the relationship. They prefer someone who’s established and who can provide and protect. But they don’t want him becoming hip to her duplicitous tendencies, let alone having ‘backup plans’. They want someone who’s slow, autistic and feeble.

It’s the same reason why women fuck the bad ones, but marry the good ones. It’s a hard pill to swallow and truthfully, the only reason most men approach women is due to sex, or the possibility of sex. This is their only bargaining chip and they know that. Once you remove that from the equation, it’s over.

While I don’t use these things as an excuse for my engagement in specific alt-lifestyles, the shit that goes on around me let’s me know that I’m doing the right thing by living for myself. Unlike race-CONscious types, MRAs and certain MGTOWs, I am more realistic in acknowledging that I – like anyone else – have desires and appetites that’s meant to be satiated.

You might ask what makes me different from most men. Aside from my being physically and psychologically intact, here’s a major factor…

I’ve been seeing escorts randomly for nearly 2 years. Without explicit details, I’ve been indulging in other labyrinthine alt-lifestyles. Let’s just say it includes other consenting adults. It essentially gives me more of a reason to finalize that I can get a lot of high-quality ass without any drama, stress or ultimatums from a woman suggesting that I “commit or else”. I’d rather be that “or else”… I don’t even give the average mediocre woman acknowledgement of her presence. I’ve lost interest in looking at videos and photos of women on social media networks who I know are flaky, or who loves drama. Why would I become fanatical, let alone being sweet talked by man-stroke attention whores who prey on the sexual vulnerability of guys just to get 100+ likes on her FB or IG photos?

The rampant social stigmatization behind these alt-lifestyles stems from them going against the grains of everything society and law has force-fed us about traditionalism being the ultimate goal of human existence. I’m not saying great sex is the ultimate goal of human existence, but it does make huge problems trivial and trivial problems nonexistent. While there’s more to life than great sex, it’s participants realize there’s nothing 1 woman can do that 10 others can’t. The same goes for bottom boy sissies – given that’s your preference – except, unlike them, women give birth. Upon realizing this, you stop getting into bullshit with women or mortals who are irrelevant to you.

While most women aren’t worth the hell they put you through, most men are dumb motherfuckers who’ll give people the benefit of the doubt, even if it works against them or anyone who resembles them.

Even though the ugly contempt and cynicism for black men – established or not – has been diminished over the years, it still hasn’t stopped women from begging men to come back to them. They understand that they can no longer rebound when the game was up long ago. Ever wondered why women bitch about men not being traditional or ‘on point’ while simultaneously crawling behind a guy who’s lesser than that standard?

I’ll tell you…

It comes down to women wanting to have their cake and eat it, too. They want a world where every man come back ‘home’ and marry, while their economic condition worsens. And to lead what example for their sons? An example of how to be broke? To have a short fuse? To have his woman ‘above’ him, stepping out on him while running the show on his dime? There are guys who are financial laborers, but their wives run the show BTS, or she’ll openly flex muscle on him. He won’t rock the boat in order to be at peace with himself, or because’s a paper tiger who believes in the slogan of happy wife, happy life. You would think that since a ghetto thug has no education = job/career = money = options, the he would be her bitch. But unless he impregnates, rapes or beats her ass, is that the case? Established or not, once you marry a woman, you become her bitch.

Wanna know why some brown-skinned thugs would rather make an illegal 30K than a legitimate 60K? But what does the latter spend that money on? How much of that money is disposable after bills, insurance, mortgages and impressing irrelevant people? Is he buying overpriced houses and cars to support those extra mouths to feed? The professional may not depend on a flake who will kick his ass out of her house either because she found someone better or she feels he’s giving “the other girl” more attention than her. He is better off than the pimp who’s dependent on his harem of women. Deep down inside, pimps have mommy issues and like a son whose mother disables him, they are dependent on women to take care of his ass, because he’s too weak or lazy to make his own way. But is the ‘successful’ brown-skinned man really better off if he’s a servant on the verge of burnout? Is he better off that the guy who would lived in a cardboard box and still get hot sex, as Dave Chappelle once said?

Similarly, established nice guys have no clue on how to deal with women. They’ve listened too literally to too many women tell too many lies about how they want love, chivalry, fidelity and other Disney Myths, only to get friend-zoned while they give up the ass to thugs, celebrities and in-demand bedroom bullies. How many women marry the established out of love or lust? When boredom overclouds stability (which it will), she will eventually make a walking ATM machine and/or a cuckold out of him. Then he’s paying child support for kids he don’t interact with, plus asset forfeiture for some pussy and ass he can’t even taste, touch or smell anymore.

Most established men (especially those of color) play “go along to get along” in order to make the general public feel at ease. This includes turning on other men who look like them, which is based on the illusion of victory, for power or profit.

But these are the kind of men women see themselves happy with in the end… established, well-connected manginas and overachieving idiots.

Most men are pariahs, actors, guard dogs and servants. Even for men who avoid putting on acts for women, they put on acts for their employers who feed them. This is one of the reasons why women see men as disposable, although sex is the main ingredient for their own hypergamous tendencies. Fact is, most men aren’t sexual material for women. They can rely on celibacy or being reduced to sexual material for more masculine men. Their career choices, loyalty to patriotism (blind faith, race, spirituality), morale and draconian upbringings explicitly worsens their situation. But who is really to blame? Single mothers peddling piousness? Societal indoctrination, such as ‘law and order’, the fear of prison, god or other invisible dieties?

What has been going on in the black community for decades is finally invading western society as a whole, which is why ‘the manosphere’ exists. But I don’t have too much empathy for white male emasculation, or white men paying for the sins of their fathers, be it out of their pockets or out of their assholes.

There was a time when guys would band together and destabilize the status quo, but that’s history. Nowadays, established men are too concerned with “unintelligent blacks” possibly ruining their perks. This explains why most hot, younger women avoid these guys, unless money was peculiarly entered into the equation. Though they’re better off, self-reliant thugs determined to not allow anyone to piss on them and call it rain are have a more respectable existence. They – like the mafia and other assorted gangsters – have more unity and rough edges than professional black men with luxury problems.

Only when women realizes that the size of their stamina is larger than the size of their bank accounts – that is, unless they get hit with lengthy prison sentences – is when they’ll run to the established types or the simps who are allowing women to play games with their lives, or run the show on their dime.

Too many men – race irrelevant – take women back after decades or centuries of irreversible betrayal, cuckoldry and other mechanisms of treason. Even after observing the bullshit their fathers and other men before them have endured, they blindly assume they’re beyond enduring “girl problems” or BWE (“bitchy wife experience”). True, women will gladly sell you out for some thug dick, or a free seat on the lifeboat. But men let them get away with it, so sometimes, I can’t tell who’s at fault. Since adolescence, most men are trained to be on-point simps, coons, faggots and paper tigers.

It’s not your job to find out what’s wrong with them or analyse their character. YOUR job is to stay the fuck away from these bitches and bastards. But if you ARE cursed by being in their presence, play dumb. Keep your mouth closed and that way, they won’t make your life difficult with their bullshit, unless they are supremely toxic, which most of them are. Just live on your terms and remember, no one gives a fuck whether or not you are ‘on point’. Your being established actually makes you more vulnerable to the long line of  ‘pimps’ trying to extract from you.

11 thoughts on “On-Point Simps, Coons, Faggots and Paper Tigers

  1. Deep down inside, pimps have mommy issues and like a son whose mother disables him, they are dependent on women to take care of his ass, because he’s too weak or lazy to make his own way.

    You haven’t happened to read Donald Goines’ “Whoreson”, have you?

    I haven’t.

    Anyway, I live in a black country , so there is greater variety of black women, including those that do not exclusively use on financial status or reciprocal altruism to evaluate a partner;s status.

    In fact, it does seem that many of these “simps”, “manginas”, PUAs and “nice guys” also use rational altruism when dealing wit dese bitches, because they are also emotionally stunted , and are thus forced to use the same techniques that they employ when playing Role-Playing Games on their computers (Sarging to “Level Up”, making money as a form of leveling up,”, treating human interaction as a sort of “fetch quest.”)

    Yes, they are trying to run a game in their own sense. As I heard someone else say, ‘game’ is mental masturbation.

    Anyway, back to dese bitches (I have become more cynical these past few months….). The type of woman that isn’t one of dese bitches isn’t hard to find around my parts. And I suspect the same is in your neck of the woods. The problem is that I see most them have been in monogamous relationships since childhood, or have given up on our generation and get with older men (daddy issues maybe?) But, right now, its either (1) Find’em, Fuck’em, Flee – or (2) bags of ice for my blue-balls.

    Post 2020, it will get better. But we have to devise reasonable plans till then.

    Traditionalism is dying and isn’t coming back. Even post 2020, things will be better for most young men in their 20s-40s. Unfortunately, the older generation don’t have it as good as we do – young guys.

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