A Common Myth About “The Wall”


There is also a common belief on game blogs that Cougars and MILFs are the easiest women to game and fuck and for many reasons, this is essentially true. MILFs and Cougars are most certainly blowing most younger girls in their 20s out of the water in the dating scene. Most certainly not with their looks, but with their sexual availability and the ability to be more forward (two key elements categorized as ‘whorish tendencies’) . Another reason for this is because they outnumber younger females in the dating scene, especially via the internet.

An even wider belief among most men in the manosphere is that by the time women reach their 30s, either their stock value fades or they sow their wild oats. Granted, there are exceptions, but this myth is perpetuated by moronic men who are either dangerously inexperienced with women, faced rejection, too feminine or who were simply not these women’s types. 30 or 40 is not some milestone where women are supposed to hit a wall. I won’t even say that this is essentially true.

“The Wall” basically describes the finish line, where – in this case – a woman’s prime has died because her age and sexual demise has caught up with her and she no longer has what it takes to make a man’s dick hard, even in the slightest. This is essentially due to her aging process, being turned bitter (even with her being the common denominator), being career-obsessed, having an abundance of kids (and the toll it takes on her spare time and body), obesity or perhaps due to having a drug problem or failing health. Now some would argue that the experimentation of female sexuality would have never flew decades ago… However, in a post-feminist society where female sexuality is being embraced, approved and explored at an all-time high, women (either singles or duplicitous-types) have every reason to tend to their aesthetic performance in ways their foremothers have not due to their submissive, housewife platform.

Even based on my own personal experiences, I can inform you that many women never reached their sexual peak until they were well into their 30s. This is why there are so many MILFs (women in their 30s) and Cougars (ages 40+) invading the dating/hookup scene. But those titles are essentially restricted to non-black women (especially white and Asian women). The reasons vary, from a lack of experimenting with life outside of their bland marriages, childrearing, childbearing to obtaining careers in their 20s. How they look also varies. I do agree with AD that essentially – in comparison to younger women in their 20s and early 30s – these women do not look very good naked, even if they are slim and toned. It simply depends on a woman’s exercise regime, diet and her durability of taking things to heart (emotional or nervous stance). I’ve seen chicks (mostly black ones and several white ones) hit the wall when they reached 26 and beyond (mainly due to a drug problem, having kids or lack of exercise), reaching an inability to bounce back from that.

Here are some examples of the sex lives of MILFs and Cougars who I know personally. Their looks vary and while most of them cannot compete with younger females in their 20s, their sexual appetites soar higher than most younger females. Some details are purposely hidden or altered…

  • Lady A: Rich, politically conscious white woman whose pastimes are sex with black men, cooking, reading about ponzi schemes, gardening, home decor and smoking weed. Curvy with a bit of flab. Wasted her 30s and is making up for list time (like most Cougars). Now in her mid-40s, she has 2 roommates; both are black studs who she houses… 1 is a regular sex partner. 2 is a former fuck buddy turned friend who is like “a brother” to her who is living off her to get back on his feet. Both live in guest bedrooms, takes turns fucking her and she simultaneously hooks up with various guys from her social network profile and such. Therefore, she has a steady dick supply.
  • Lady B: Girl comes from a traditional Italian family, is short and a borderline BBW. Unhappily married, husband is clueless about her philandering, she reached her peak in her 30s, hooks up with various black studs and catches feelings too easily. Husband is unaware of her social profiles and that she fucks around on him, until she catches her cheating one day and forgives her. She continues to cheat more slick and cautiously only after her husband’s discovery; her flings becomes more salty. One guy fucked her in a minivan in the parking lot of a mall one afternoon, dumps multiple loads in her, but her tubes were tied. Though she is insatiable, she still has more borders than most women I know. She will not engage in anal sex or group sex whatsoever.
  • Lady C: Slim and toned Canadian woman in her 50s who got breast augmentations around her 49th birthday, is married to a white man, but prefers black men only for sexual gratification. Husband is strictly clueless. She attends black male strip clubs, engages in sex tourism with a close girlfriend (who she also messes around with) to land black studs. Tells husband she is going to concerts, but is really at bars, strip clubs, has a virile black dick mill who she pushes the envelope with. Her and her black ‘master’ has sex in public places and they frequently push the envelope by engaging in various abhorrent acts, which includes his black stud’s fetish for watching her defecate. Again, her husband and daughters are clueless.
  • Janet from A Canadian Threesome: I no longer want to discuss this retarded, lowlife, rat-faced bitch, other than the fact that she was a heart attack waiting to occur who has mental issues, caught feelings for the first guy to make her come and therefore, made a giant fool of herself. I fucking loathed her. Janet has a long history of sexual abuse, which led to severe amounts of recklessness and unhealthy masochism.
  • Lady D: Another married white woman in her 40s. The married couple takes a trip to Vegas. Husband falls asleep in hotel room one night and leaves her hanging. She attends a party in the hotel where she meets 2 black guys, gets drunk and has a nasty threesome with them, trying black cock for the first time and gets hooked. Has no respect for her wimpy, fat provider husband, says she’s only with him for the money he makes. She admits that if she made enough, she would leave him for good and remain a bachelorette. One morning while her husband was at work, a stud flew in from another state to fuck her in a nearby mosquito-infested forest for 5-7 hours before catching a flight back home the same day. Very common.
  • Lady E: Amateur porn star, website model – well-to-do and racially selective white woman in her late 40s who gets an endless supply of black meat from her black stud boyfriend and other black studs who she hooks up with via her profile from a swingers hookup website. Some hookups are videotaped, photographed and online reviews are written by those who have seen her. Family members disown her due to her preference in black men. She is an enthusiast of the underworld of suburbanite swinging and engages in female sex tourism to Hedonism annually. Very slim, toned, but has a very flat, pancake-y ass. Common.
  • Lady F: Amazingly beautiful Hawaiian woman who is in her early 30s, already has 5 kids all before the age of 29. Always been a sexual unicorn. Former amateur porn star. Though she is bowlegged and her ass has no definition (flat, pancake-y), the rest of her is no joke!
  • Lady G: Another married white woman in her 50s living in Germany. Has absolutely no respect for husband. The only “good thing” he has given her was a son. Has a black African stud lover and hates white men with a passion. Says all white men should be gay and has no problem with the rising epidemic of gay white men, but a gay black man is “a waste of a good dick”…
  • Lady H: Mentioned her previously in my topic about Southeast Asian women being receptive to black men. This is one of the few who blew my mind. Filipino woman in her 40s figured out that there was a whole ‘nother world outside of her boring marriage to her fat, control-freak, biker husband who looked fresh from an episode of ‘Family Guy’. We’ve spent lots of time showing our genitalia on cam, sexting, phone sex, etc. Then one day, I lost contact with her. Damn, she was so amazing and she still turns heads to date. She sent me multiple videos of her deep-throating her fingers, bent-over shots of her ass and inserting objects in her rectum. Damn, I miss her! And I miss those videos she sent to me. After falling in love with fat-ass Georgia, I deleted them. Why the fuck did I do that autistic shit?!
  • Lady I: Married Jewish woman in her early 30s is an attorney. Married to an obese white man in his 60s who makes more money than her. Before the birth of most current hookup websites, she spent a lot of her spare time on Yahoo, in search for high-end black studs to fuck her mercilessly. Her girlfriends formed pacts and went on prowls for black studs online or in nightlife settings. She admitted to me that she only married her husband for his money and after he found out about her antics, dumps her.
  • Lady J: Emotionally damaged white woman in her early 40s; does not look good naked, has a belly like a kangaroo and damaged teeth like a crack whore, but has a decent ass. Has two kids by an abusive white man who left her, her desperate black stud fuck-buddy/’master’ died in a freak accident. The stud’s sister hated her guts simply because she is white (common) and felt her brother should have dated black women exclusively (typical black matriarchal bullshit). Has very low self-esteem, likes BDSM, choking during sex and has abduction/kidnapping fantasies, but has epilepsy, some mental issues, a drug problem and lives on welfare. I wound up being desperate enough to visit her one morning, just so I could spank the evil out of her using various spanking devices and having her toss my salad. – Mentioned previously in another blog topic I’ve recently posted about me banging below my standards.
  • Lady K: One of my personal favorite ladies (like Lady A, E, F, H, L & even M), this imported brown-skinned Asian woman was diagnosed with a terminal illness and reached her peak in her late 30s. She enjoys herself more than her younger years, since her kids became an adult and has crafted lives of their own (common). Knowing she is on borrowed time, she allows herself to live true to her insatiable desires, experimenting in unfettered promiscuity. Works at an airline. It is possible that there will be more to this story…
  • Georgia: I have yet to meet a woman who can top her level of horniness. From what I recall, she has 3 sex partners in one week, was highly insatiable and once she got hooked on a pipe laying loser, an ex-Marine, 37, living with his grandmother (his ex cracked his skull with an iPhone out of high anger), he turned her out and was the best she had. Not understanding the difference between love and great sex, she and him fucked on a daily basis. until he stole money from her the day before Christmas Eve (the day before I planned to take flight to see her fat, dumb ass). I grew to dislike Georgia for how she played me, but when I moved on, you better believe that it hurt her more than it did me. She, however, hit a serious wall when she got into a relationship with a man – the longest one she ever maintained and he started spoiling her fat and rotten. Eating out at buffets on a weekly basis eventually made her big as a damned house!
  • Lady L: Mentioned her in my topic about how the sexuality of married women has taken it’s course. A Southeast Asian woman who was a self-made business owner who drove a Benz. Her black stud of a husband became desensitized by her hedonistic, exhibitionist and insatiable sexual appetite. Unhappy with his inability to match, her hypergamous nature causes her to cheat on him on a regular basis with other black guys who are just as hypersexual as she was/is.
  • Lady M: Older white female in her early 40s. She is another borderline BBW with an over-sized ass and has endured a very disgusting amount of abuse from her white husband, who she has several children with. After the nasty split-up, she emancipated herself, becomes a new person and develops a high sexual interest in black men only. Has a part-time job as a paid dominatrix, whose clients consist of emasculated, weak-kneed white men whom she spanks with hairbrushes, defecates on and inflicts sexual demise on. She, however, annihilates one black man she visited because the loser turned out to be abusive, broke and homeless. She visited him in another state and paid for everything on her dime, plus the guy frequently voices out his fetishes for sexual torture and making women cry during forced anal bruising on social media.

Cougars are the kind of women who have been in the world long enough to encounter men in their lowest forms. If anything (unless they turn bitter like most black women in their 30s and 40s), this gives them the ability to not waste time; they are more direct, blunt and forward. They expect the men in their lives to be the same way, instead of playing hard to get, which leads to men going through rituals of chasing. They know their time (prime) is nearly up and this can be one reason why they may be easy to game and sleep with. This is why a friend in high school repeatedly told me when I was 15 to talk to older women. “Young hoes are full of shit”, he would say. Essentially, he was right on the money. But even though MILFs and Cougars invade the Western dating scene at large and are the most sexual of most women, they can still be flaky based on their own racial selectivity, hypergamous and underhanded tendencies.

Collectively, these women are either single or enslaved by matrimonial commitments to overworked, impotent and sexually devoid husbands who makes more money than them. They only stay together for the sake of kids or her dependency on his breadwinner status. Again, they invade hookup culture at a more alarming rate than young freaks in their 20s. Even so, you would be an idiot to hire an escort who is above the age of 30 or 35, because for one, most of those women can be spotted anytime, anyplace. Therefore, they come a dime a dozen. Two, their bodies are not as outstanding as young chicks in their 20s, even if they are health-freaks, athletic or curvy. These women also have the ability to teach us (men) the valuable lesson that sometimes, we have to take the good (sexual availability + insatiable appetite) with the bad (aging process + high experience on ‘the cock carousel’).

On another hand, if paid sex with professionals ever becomes even more criminalized than it is today (given the number of men who are too dickless or psychologically feminine to do what comes naturally), these will be the kind of women who will wind up being the primary and collective choice for most men who prefer FWBs, NSA sex or long-term game.

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