How The West Will Resemble The Black Community… Or Worse: 1

Roma Gypsies Slovakia: Becoming part of Europe
Kosice, Slovakia.

An article was written for Return Of Kings two years ago about how black America has encountered the dark side of human nature within their own communities. While some of the black communities innate and extrinsic failures are self-inflicted, most result simply from it’s citizens’ being products of their environment – an environment produced by purposeful social, economic and aesthetical inequalities.

Ironically, it has also become a sneak preview for what will eventually happen in The Anglosphere, as a whole. Call it ‘karma’, ‘retribution’, ‘circle of life’ or “nature taking its course”, but even if I expire before its ultimate horrence, it’ll be well-deserved. The glimpses I see are already quite interesting.

One upside is that it may benefit alpha males more than ever in regards to the persuasive obsession with lust, hypergamy and living as humans instead of wage slaves and unethical whores. Another upside is that the lives of non-whites may prevail. For the rest – including guys who are into ‘slut shaming’ – it will resemble a horror story. The black community has already been there and done that, so they won’t be affected or damaged any more than they’ve already been.

ROK’s article blames this nihilistic future solely on matriarchy (feminism 1.0), unrestrained female sexuality and the lust for ‘bad boys’ rather than ‘gentlemen’. It goes much deeper than that, because since the beginning of time, women have always attached themselves to the dominant male and benefitted from the bloody spoils of war. What makes the black community fucked up isn’t lust for bad boys and bad bitches. It’s the lack of financial power, resources, education, pragmatic thinking, unity and constant attacks from impotent, feeble white men, trigger happy policemen and spiritual maniacs living in their own Disney Myth. The same thing will happen in western white culture…

– I can go on and on summarizing about the cause-and-effect, but I’ll just briefly point out several individual reasons why whites are sputtering their own demise…

1) Whites are a global minority – Whites know this already. It only seems as if they are at the top of the food chain because of demography and geographical restrictions. If every continent collaborated together or as long as things like integration and immigration occur in the west, it will reveal just how powerful and desirable they truly aren’t. This is why they are so dependent on militia, money and bullshit claims of high IQ/HBD perks. As far as the ‘high IQ’ claims, we know it does not constitute an astronomical life.

2) The consistent pandering to women – Though white women plagiarized the black woman’s playbook of matriarchy, they have also invaded legalism, basic human interactions, American economics and now, their matchstick men has invaded male-centric avenues like GamerGate and the NFL. Misandrist laws tears into the asses of most men (even the innocuous). Most men fall for their scams and fake-ass sob stories, not realizing their diabolical lust for world domination. Although feminism affects all men, it specifically throws white men for a loop as they openly complain about it way more than black men do. Because they are the ones who not only put white pussy on thrones, but they’ve used other races of women against their own brand. And the monster they’ve created is hitting them worse than other ‘brands’ of men in ways most black men will never stand for.

Most black men have too many options, even if they do pump-and-dump women. Most importantly, most of us know our history to where we refuse to allow it to repeat. Female consumerism doesn’t help, either. It’s funny how though men still make more money than women (except in the black community), women spend more than men. Whoever has more buying power also has the power to change how the world operates. And remember… the customer is always right!


3) The lack of accountability of the police – America is becoming a police state. There’s been not only rampant murders of unarmed black males throughout the USA, but police brutality and misuse of ‘authority’ is at an all-time high. Whether it’s ‘law enforcers’ who abuse women, prey on innocent people for simply following their instincts, send defenseless children to prison, initiate useless home invasions or swindling fathers and husbands in the family court systems – the message is one in the same: they get a free pass, you are not supposed to be in authority of yourself and once they run out of a certain demographic to fuck over, they swiftly move to another.

At one point, the legal system screwed over blacks and women in record numbers and percentages. The tables are turning… and now white men (as well as men in general) are on the receiving end of systematic abuse. Though modern technology exposes the fuckery, feminism worsens this earthly version of hell. I’m afraid someday, America may become a feminist-police state, ran by feminist oligarchies, like Sweden and other fucked-up, homogenized places in the USA.


4) The decline of consumerism – Albert Einstein said “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.” That has already happened. People prefer to interact with the online world and it’s mythical characters or play with iPhone apps rather than interact with most people in real life. So what does that say about our undercurrent? Youth unemployment/underemployment, feminism and cynicism causes even less interactions with most humans. What this also does is creates a decline in consumerism.

Be it capitalists, feminists or the government, they all depend on consumerism (which includes paying taxes and traffic tickets, buying overpriced houses, cars and furniture, weddings and divorces) to keep their asses afloat as they age or to put their kids in expensive universities. Without that, their power diminishes.

Don’t believe me? Black CONscious types boycotted Black Friday after Darren Wilson’s acquittal of killing Mike Brown in Missouri, USA. In my town, Black Friday sales dropped by 11%.

5) The rise of the captain save-a-hoes – White knights are some of the most pathetic specimen to ever hit the oxygen of earth. They will be the biggest enemy of social progression among the sexes. Unfortunately, these motherfuckers have invaded ‘law’ and capitalism, which has created a huge marketing genius of playing Captain Save-A-Hoe. As a result, we see constant pandering to women, which includes treating them with an infantile fragility and white men striving to protect women’s wombs from harm (sperm wars).

This, too, stems from an inferiority complex and the fear of women attaching themselves to men more optimal and dominant than them. Black men have known for centuries you cannot turn whores into housewives. This is where I have to say white men are the biggest white knights, manginas and cape crusaders brainwashed by feminism – even more so than the few non-white men who join their bandwagon.

6) The sexual demise of white men – It may not been concluded explicitly – yet – but most high-end non-black women sexually attack their own race of men, throwing their own brand under the bus by lusting after black studs and very few white studs. This is what white guys despise, hence the Elliot Rodgers of the world, not to mention ‘the manosphere’ blogs ran by guys who hate hypergamy and refer to white women who fuck black men as ‘mudsharks’ (read the comments on Chateau Heartiste’s Goodbye America In A Photo series).


Why does hypergamy piss them off? Well, competition hurts people’s feelings. Because no one picked them, they feel it should be destroyed. Nevermind them not having a problem with it until it starts to affect them (like women), but truth is, not all men (or women) are created equal. For men who aren’t considered ‘sexual material’ for most women (especially if they aren’t psychologically masculine), they can either become celibate, chronic masturbators, cave dwellers or turn gay.


Which brings me to the topic of rampant homosexuality among white men, although gay sex has always been active in European cultures. Not that homosexuality is bad in itself, but there’s a dark underbelly of it which reeks of filth and low-grade manifestations. Gay or bisexual white men have the highest rates of HIV than anyone else in the Anglosphere.  It may seem otherwise, but that’s only due to demography and geographical restrictions.

I plan to write another topic about the paradox of the current and future sexual demise of white men and the rise of slutty white womanhood.

Continued on How the West Will Resemble the Black Community… Or Worse: 2

6 thoughts on “How The West Will Resemble The Black Community… Or Worse: 1

  1. Heh – nice article.
    “Black guys never end in the friend-zone, they always go to the end-zone.”
    Yeah – that is one of the reasons why white girls lust after black guys – too bad that kind of frame-control did not extend to creating a solid family structure, but as you correctly stated – there are other factors at play.

    And yeah – there is almost a consensus in the ‘sphere that most society will move to where the black community is now – especially as structural, technological unemployment rises and more and more people on the dole.

    …too bad that kind of frame-control did not extend to creating a solid family structure…

    Not everyone is aiming for a family. It’s too much of a headache and it creates even more hardship, as it’s not about the individual anymore, but the extra mouths to feed. It doesn’t matter if it’s planned or not.

    And yeah – there is almost a consensus in the ‘sphere that most society will move to where the black community is now – especially as structural, technological unemployment rises and more and more people on the dole.

    Yes, money is a major issue, which is also why Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras is also so fucked up. That’s not the only reason why the ‘sphere will eventually end up in ruination. There are more reasons which I’ll be posting in a few days…

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