Tokenism: 1


While tokenism is different from gentrification (aka “planning and development”), the latter influences it to a high degree and the two collaborates perfectly for specific results. Tokenism is similar to the Faustain Contract. This is especially true in regards to women and non-whites, especially black men.

Let me explain… and you know I’ll be intentionally nasty with it…

The Civil Rights Movement and feminism both stood up against tokenism. Sadly, it strongly prevails. But I won’t get into gender tokenism. That would make up for another topic. More importantly, black men in the west have enough to deal with without the scams of feminism and stupid gender war BS.

Due to systematic devaluation of black life in the Anglosphere, most blacks who desire a middle-class existence or beyond embraces tokenism. This includes severing ties from other blacks who they feel are ‘worthless’ or a threat to their lifestyles or pseudo Talented Tenth demeanor. Without question, this face-saving attitude is adopted and copied from whites, who practice gentrification in order to weed out the ‘undesirables’, or anyone who is a threat to their ‘infallible’ infrastructure.

While this form of face-saving isn’t limited to blacks only, they develop the same mentality as white ‘elites’ (conservatives, capitalists, etc.) who separate themselves from “white trailer trash”. The excuse has been heard before: “White people won’t let white trash bring them down. Why should we allow n*ggas, gangs, drug dealers and prison/thug culture bring US down?” They fail to understand that black ghetto life is more systematically enforced than it is self-inflicted. To be clear, I’m all for self-accountability. But in the west, whites are at the top of the food chain because of their lack of accountability.

Yet and still, non-whites continue to sign Faustain deals, depending another man’s infrastructure to feed their asses. It’s gotten to where most black bourgeois-types and black ‘elites’ (black conservatives included) don’t even like eachother, let alone someone whose living standard is lower, equal to or higher than theirs. Advocatus Diaboli said the same shit about Indians, even referring to Indian men as ‘chicks with dicks’.

This is one of the main reasons why black men cannot work together as a functional group, either. It’s also why feminism is such a huge success while even black mens’ movements are complete failures.

Now, I understand people refusing to put their names on anything that won’t improve. And that goes for women, contracts or even a street corner. Every street named after MLK Jr. is an impoverished danger zone. But even that is less chaotic than countries enduring rape and pillage by white countries. Still not convinced? Detroit, Chicago and Houston is so much better off than fucked-up, ravished places like The Middle East, Mexico or even Sweden. At one point, Detroit looked better than war-torn Vietnam. We already know who to thank for that…

Established black men have too much to lose, whether they’re hired by CEOs & MBAs or if he’s a business owner. Even entertainers and athletes could lose a lot because of their bad tastes in women, which means parenthetically, the ghetto thugs who don’t have shit to lose are better off – although they’re somewhat in the same boat. While other races have the same problems, if not worse, black life is examined through magnifying glasses out of fear, contempt and envy. For this and other reasons, corporate black men tip-toe through landmines and live hand-to-mouth in order to not bite the hand that feeds them, which further proves they are nothing short of a sideshow.

The real problem with most black men is that they don’t seek power. Most of it comes from being raised by single mothers who inflict fake morals and spirituality unto their offspring. Then, there’s the toxic effect the ‘war on drugs’ has had on black life which came right after the legislation of the civil rights movement. Add in pyramid schemes turned into social contracts, obsessions with spirituality and classism, it emasculates most men to a point where most feel that true masculinity and empowerment is only captured by enlisting in the armed forces or attending universities. But just like the women who attend universities in record numbers, they just will not rock the boat and they lead a servile existence. They’ve studied meaningless shit that they will not use in the real world, while the women of their dreams are getting bent over and dicked down by guys who they feel are “messing it up for them”. Paradoxically, in most scenarios, the women are more aggressive than them.

If it hadn’t been for integration, the pompous-ostentatious woman or even paid sex, it would be a very hard, lonely road for these guys. The number of men in today’s world complaining about how lonely they are is ludicrous.

This can also explain why black women love bad boys. Not only are they self-empowering, but they can show impoverished women a good time and the finer things in life with sex or by spending his money on them. Said women may feel a sense of value, because bad boys can beautify her in ways most men won’t. Suburbanite black men, however, are too busy chasing mediocre white girls. Others have the perks to travel abroad for greener pastures, which gives them higher standards – just like the guys who prefer escorts, strippers or porn over mediocre chicks. Even then, to prevent conflict with the mythical ‘angry black women’ or sudden job loss, they run game or are secretive.

Another perfect example of tokenism is how corporations and franchises use educated blacks as pawns to separate them from ‘powerless’ blacks, to prevent unity, to mask their own cutthroat element and to shut everyone up about those old talks of white privilege. I’m aware some people believe this is the only reason why Obama became president of the USA, so that everyone’s ‘race card’ can be revoked. Yet, Obama’s presidency only made certain segments of white America even more openly hostile. In the age of social media and modern technology, it’s no longer a secret that these losers could be our doctor, lawyer, a uniformed terrorist, a Cold Stone Creamery employee, etc…

Established black, white-collar guys are too regimented, secretive, venerating of authority and mildly feminine. They don’t mind shitting on others, let alone throwing others under the bus to reap the benefits and perks of another man’s cesspool. Just like all other men who play by the ‘rules’, they are obsessed with appearing ‘respectable’, they have no heart, no killer instinct and no sense of cutthroat element. This is why other races of men have certain advantages and levels of self-respect that many blacks don’t have, unless they did grow up in the ‘school of hard knocks’. While professional blacks are not as bad as the Indians Advocatus Diaboli despises, they occasionally rub how ‘good’ they have it in the faces of others, while railroading others to make the playing field as unbalanced as possible. Thus, the ‘good’ is used as a tease.

I know the same zero-sum disposition is celebrated in rap lyrics:

“Now I got it good, made it out the hood –

and the rest of you n*ggas are just stuck there!”

But what’s far more disgraceful is the conundrum of token black guys in corporate America who condemn zero-sum rap lyrics while simultaneously laboring themselves into the delusion that they are somehow ‘better’ than lower-class urban blacks.

Fuck the tastes, the egos and the resumes of people whose lifestyles can be taken away from them at the drop of a nickel, slight word of mouth or decorative purposes. If they’re not willing to work with their brethren, what does it matter? More importantly, if it’s not yours, what’s the use of claiming it? That goes for houses, jobs, cars, pussy or anything else that’s only available for rent. Your job was given to you by someone other than yourself. If your employer feels like disposing you for the next ‘dark horse’, you don’t have shit.

Then, there’s people who brag about how hard they work or how hard their occupations are. It’s lamer than men who brag about how much pussy they get. Historically, guys got pussy on a regular basis with economics and money being a non-issue. That’s how the ball rolled in Indian, African and even Asian cultures. Do we live like that anymore?

Evidence proves that people do just perfect until whites and feminists invade their heritages in an attempt to colonize shit.

Black men devalue eachother based on sexuality, geography (class barriers, which leads to differences in standards and behavior) or whether or not they live in a cognitive dissonance that can’t even be measured. It would take the threat to bring back free labor in order for most guys to set aside differences, posse up and realize they have a common enemy. Until then, the general attitude is I don’t fuck with you.

4 thoughts on “Tokenism: 1

  1. This is a brilliant write up. A great read. America is a real messed up place on a lot of levels. Looking at those tweets turns my stomach. The irrational hatred from them can really shock you. The funny thing is that most of them have no contact with black people whatsoever. They hate just because we exist. That is truly disturbing.

    Those tweets get worse, but it really doesn’t shock me. I’ll post more soon. What’s really surprising is that thanks to social media, you discover these people work in high-paid professions, inheriting unearned perks. Whether they come in contact with blacks or not, people must pay for their actions, via karma or expose.

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