Thought Of The Day: January 23rd, 2015

black masculinity

– The late and legendary jazz musician Miles Davis said in his autobiography – two years before dying with cancer – that when it comes dealing with black men, black women see themselves as mothers, teachers or some other type of authority figure who’s supposed to have leverage over them.

According to American society, black lives are generally ‘worthless’. There’s a huge stereotype of black men being “all brawn and no brains”. The question is, what makes that so? I know it’s been this way since attempts by white America to make blacks work for free, without any form of retribution or kickbacks. I’m unsure if Willie Lynch was a mythical character or not, but that social contract has became a reality for far too long. Black men has always been purposely kept as an underclass. Even black women know this, which is why some of them like to flex their ‘power’ on black men, provoking them into being irrational.

Then, there’s the belief that if certain segments of America ever discovered what goes on in the minds and personal lives of black men, it would scare the shit out of them. That mostly turns out to be true. There’s just something about most black guys who refuse to take just anything that’s lashed out at them.

Statistically, black men fall behind black women in the arenas of economics and education. While that is generally not the case, it is true that the black community is laced with lonely, established women. You see, women like those come a dime a dozen. In addition, women of all ethnicities outnumber black men, especially due to the huge proportion of them being dead or housed by the prison system. That said, black guys realize pussy is convertible.

This is why a segment of women want to declare war on players, male promiscuity, mistresses, ‘side chicks’, escorts, strippers, etc. It goes deeper than men getting sex regularly to where he doesn’t have to tolerate bitchiness or mediocrity. I’ll conclude that their biggest fear is that the men will raise the bar to a degree where they will be leaders and set better examples for younger males. It will also get to a point to where most men aren’t dependent on women for anything other than sex in nature. All that ‘love’ shit aside, that’s what most masculine men want behind all those pep talks and rants about female hypergamy. Am I right?

Smart women actually expect men to sleep around, embrace their options and have a spine, whether game is ran or not. Only an idiot would assume they can rewire the process of human evolution and biological urges. Secretly, there are multitudes of black women who’d love to see black men fail, because – like racist whites – it gives them a sense of power.

That said, are black men really ‘beneath’ black women? Especially in scenarios where black men have the mental capacity, slickness and smooth operator tactics to sleep with, let alone game black women once they act up, thus turning them bitter? Look at the amount of aging, sloppily fat and bitter single mothers (sloppy seconds) who gave up on themselves. How many guys will give them the time of day? Yet, these are the guys who women throw themselves at significantly. Not just in the west, but worldwide. No matter how much some brotha put a chick through, most women will voluntarily run back to him or find another brotha similar to him (in physique, demeanor or other features). For others, marriage or playing an Olivia Pope fantasy is a last resort to find peace after a multitude of adventurous, yet fucked-up relationships.

Doesn’t this prove blacks have a stronger ‘game’, or more dominant physical, sexual or social qualities than ‘other’ men? (It’s typically white and Asian men who find self-value in playing captain save-a-hoe or being peons for the women in their lives.)

I’m reminded of an incident which occurred years ago: I’m in my car one day. A chick and I engaged in light horseplay as I drove her home. Some old white guy drives by us, just gawking, under the assumption that I was abusing her. He damn near got into a car accident thanks to his stupid cape-crusading tendencies. It’s like whenever there’s an allure of a ‘damsel in distress’ (especially when it involves white females, and/or black males), white morons act like a pack of dogs chasing a moving mail truck. Only when the truck stops do they realize it’s just a truck. Then, they piss on the tires.

Some of you may think I’ve been rampantly attacking whites lately. I’m not. It’s not my fault some people are vile and destructive by nature.

There’s something about brown men who has the strength to rise above the ashes of duress and strike back. Most of us would rather play before we get played, especially knowing the history of being played, pimped and reduced to slavery. Just so we’re clear, I’m not saying this to pump black men up. And before some black-CONscious MF comes at me with some theory of blacks being a nation of breeders – Look: People fuck! Responsibly or irresponsibly. That’s life!

If anything, breeding children (legitimately or otherwise) can peculiarly reduce the paranoia of the black race facing extinction (although sistaz abort children at an agonizing high rate).

4 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day: January 23rd, 2015

  1. I am amazed by the solipsism of women, particularly black ones. Article after article is written about how black women can’t find “good men”, but what never gets mentioned is how these women are responsible for raising these men. Its easier to blame the men and absolve the women in order to make sure they stay “independent” or constantly consuming.

    Depending on where you stand black men either have the best or worst of it. Too some those guys are either losers letting women take care of them, or they’re letting their women play “Mommy” and deal with the system while he uses his time for himself and makes money off the books.

    Also these people need to stop with the “black race is going extinct” nonsense. I have four friends with 10 kids between them. Even if you knock up a white girl those kids will still be considered black…

    The entire blame cannot be placed on the women who raise young men into grown men who will have their own lives and do what comes naturally. Yes, too many black males are manicured and softened-up by single mothers and I made a post about this last season.

    And yes, too many guys have ‘mommy’ issues and they want women to take care of them. I can’t blame people who aren’t trying to take orders from people for a living, but many are too brainless and lazy to build their own empires. But this actually is no different from welfare scamming women who ‘nickle and dime’ the system and use their children as bargaining chips.

  2. “Black men lag behind women educationally & economically”

    The 1st part is true the 2nd is a well circulated myth based in part due to its conflation with the 1st. You can check census data and see that BM still make more on average & have a higher rate of business ownership. Most BW who self-title as successful have government and/or corporate desk drone jobs where due to racism can expect to be stuck in middle management for eons with no hopes of ever attaining power. BM are left to fend for themselves far more often due to white employers preferring BW.

    Also while BM’s unemployment rates are higher, the places where unemployment rates are extremely high (read: the hood) officially the unemployment rate may appear to be one thing on paper, but we know that many of these men still get money through, shall we say alternative means. Whether its drug dealing, pimping, robbery etc; street guys when faced with the reality of getting no female attention due to being broke will improvise a way to get paper rather quickly.

    By contrast, BW in the same environment have no such expectation to earn & through government subsidies can have most of their basic needs taken care of. BW are free to be as dusty as they want to and no one will ever say a word (man with no job=loser. woman with no job=woman) Thus the unemployment rates of BW are definite while those of BM have to have an asterisk placed next to them.

    Exactly. Now, I’m not advocating drug dealing, pimping and robbery (though corporations and capitalists do the same shit), but this is also why many black men choose to own their own businesses, work “under the table” or strive to be club owners, unsigned rappers and work in the entertainment industry. Sometimes, this is the result of serious dilemma. In a pragmatic sense, it tells us who’s smarter and ballsier.

    Women in general are free to be reckless because it’s more convenient for everyone involved, with the exception of desperate guys and traditional-minded guys who are stuck on race and matrimony, not to mention the general public. In the end though, you reap what you sow.

    1. Without a doubt. When I was in college I had a job in a call center making a chump 12 dollars an hour. My friend had a job in the same call center as a janitor but was driving a Lexus with Rims. Yes, let that sink in for a minute. Reason for his extravagant car and clothing was due to the fact that he made more than enough selling drugs and worked part time as a janitor just to be able to have a W2 and a check stub to show his parole officer as proof he was working. Once he got off he went back to the streets and due to the low REPORTED income he was able to get foodstamps on top of his dirty money.

      Like you I don’t condone drug dealing but this is a brotha that lived a more than hard life where he received no break, why shouldn’t he color outside the lines to get what he wants? Its not like the corporate empty suits who run this country and rigged the game so people like him would end up in dire poverty played fair. I would get jealous at times seeing how much he had but then I would remind myself that I was privileged in my ability to go to school and my station was only temporary, his was permanent. Mine was and is also legal, he has to risk his freedom every day just to feed himself.

      Later this month, I’m posting a topic I’ve already written about how fucking futile the ‘war on drugs’ really is and why it’s worthy of being entitled Jim Crow 2.0.

  3. It’s simple
    White men like to know that the women there about to have sex with and pay Don’t do black guys there are black girls says no black men and the majority of “johns” are white

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