The Living Contradictions of PUAs Longing For Traditionalism

Sometime last month, I stumbled across, yes, more articles at Return Of Kings and Matt Forney about the importance of bringing back traditional sex roles. Some of you guys and dolls are like “No, not that shit again!”

I’ve come to the conclusion that while yes, certain blogs about game (RoK, Chateau Heartiste) has topics that are on-point, but at times, I wonder if it’s all a ploy to lure in a bunch of losers. Biology does not support this criminally idealistic world that gamers, manospherians, feminists or white knights want so badly to go towards. While feminists, white knights, manospherians or gamers are different ideologies, they are the same beasts. How can you say it’s cool to fuck hot chicks, but then debase them simply for having sex with you? How can you enjoy hot sex from a woman, yet complain about not seeing a future with her? How can you engage in ‘slut shaming’ amid being most attracted to women who showcase their sexualities?

It’s equally despicable as feminists who cry about “rape culture” while reading Fifty Shades Of Grey or attaching themselves to the dudes who are most capable of tying them up and fucking them in the ass. You never hear women chase after puny, servile, semi-retarded nice guys. It’s like going to the gym for three hours, then devouring three Dairy Queen blizzards. It’s a living contradiction.

Listen up! If you already get pussy on a regular basis (flings, booty calls, escorts, strippers or FWBs), even if you are a bisexual male, why are wasting your time learning about game? Why are you reading all this bullshit carelessly tossed around from RooshV, CH, Tariq Nasheed, or books written by guys who recount their sexual adventures instead of creating your own? Or books that tell you how to game women with hypnosis or other Jedi mind-fucks? I could understand it you’ve been sheltered all your life, have a martyrdom complex or victimized by a mother-son dynamic in your community or heritage. Otherwise, why are you wasting your time?

Maybe it’s the allure of game, revived masculinity and hot sex that’s used to lure in even more losers – which is more than three quarters of the people who read this shit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, let alone cheap, useless Kindle books that has guys thinking they can have multiple sex partners on deck by joining some 30-day boot camp program…

You want to familiarize yourself with the endless duplicitous tendencies of the opposite sex? That can be done by real-life observation, via social media, sports bars, beauty salons, the workforce, talk radio, Hooters, visiting an escort or overheard conversations from women in your family about how they played men like dummies or how they put him in ‘his place’.

It doesn’t matter if it’s RooshV or Tariq Nasheed. The playbook of game, pimping and macking is deliberately plagiarized by white men – the same way black music and other forms of black culture were mimicked by white America. Tariq Nasheed (black guy) knows he can’t sell ‘pimpology’ anymore, thanks to the ‘war on drugs’, the war on pimps, the epidemic of deadbeat dads and female ’empowerment’. So now, he makes documentaries about black history, which is needed as most of it was wiped out by racist whites. I have a hunch Roosh, Matt Forney and CH may do the same shit with documentaries about how ‘good’ white men had it prior to the 1960s.

Some guys might be sincere in their approach in telling guys they can have better and I’m all for that. Most of the time, it’s just business. Yes, I actually heard Tariq Nasheed in one of his podcast radio shows ask a question along the lines of… “Why are you spending your money at the strip club when I’ve got books about game?” Not only did he write books about gaming women, but he’s also written one discussing the art of golddigging – a book which informs women how to get men to lavish them with money and gifts, without offering any sex in return. How counterproductive!

But that’s only a preface to the real problem…

Am I one of the only few who sees the desperate and castrating conundrums of pickup-artists who dream of using game (or status) to land the right catch? Or the fact that these guys talk about about how gratifying it is to fuck sluts, while complaining about the loss of religion, fatherhood and other types of traditionalism?

Then, there’s these speculations about black-on-white crime or blacks beating the shit out of poor whites while fucking their women. They obsess over ‘high IQ’ and standardized test scores and how it deciphers into an optimal life. Well, if high IQ is that foolproof, where’s the need to play bullshit coming from? Why travel abroad to find more feminine, traditional women, unless you’re a flat-out excursionist? Years ago, I had an idiot suggest that I take an IQ test at Mensa and pick up ‘hot brainy chicks’ there – whatever stupid fucking sense that putrid sense that made… Apparently, it’s all horn-tooting and psychological masturbation for the emasculated.

That traditional shit is gone. In order for any relationship, partnership or any type of ‘ship’ to flow, both people have to desire the same thing. Otherwise, people only operate on one thing: Self-interest! Nowadays, it’s about nature taking it’s course. You can be the richest provider, the best dad or the most romantic, chivalrous husband. If that other supposed ‘low IQ’ man calls her, who’s side do you think she’ll choose – his or yours? She’ll crawl on pins and needle to get to him, begging him to stretch her open. You – the provider – will feel the serious pain of being drained dry by a soul-sucking LTR as she goes back to the bad boys.

Without getting into the historical aspect and other specifics, white men are indeed the biggest white knights, manginas and captain save-a-hoes. This is why in countries dominated by white men, women get away with acting like bitches and entitled princesses. They have also pushed this lie that women are the weaker sex, thus the infantile treatment of women. Today’s man is learning the hard way that women are not the weaker sex, though it only seems so from a physical standpoint. Females are, in fact, worse than men when it comes to betrayal, having extensive bucket lists and rides on the cock carousel.

Matt Forney actually believes the “Muslim model” is the way to go, whereas black men have known for decades you can’t turn hoes into housewives. And not because of the Madonna/whore complex, but nature always takes it’s course in the long run. Everyone else learn the hard way because or karma, blooming late or because they were spoiled. It’s a feminine tendency to want to have your cake and eat it too, rather than taking the good with the bad.

Many men overvalue their race of women, but too pussy to date outside of their race or pay for sex for fears of public shaming. Or they’re obsessed with creating some racial ‘legacy’, which is hallucinatory. Then, there’s white MRAs whose solution is to “marry Asian”. Asian women have high duplicitous, scandalous tendencies and they play white guys like a sport!

Men may be measured by what they accomplish or their annual income, but it creates a long line of people waiting patiently to ‘pimp’ you. Guys who brag about their high IQ or how hard they work are just as bad as real pimps with mommy issues who go out of their way to keep their ‘hoes’ in check. They have one thing in common: the assumption that they can keep getting away with calling the shots on a woman’s dime and keep her on her ‘toes’.

4 thoughts on “The Living Contradictions of PUAs Longing For Traditionalism

  1. Been reading your blog regularly and everything you mentioned is why the manosphere isnt taken seriously. There is no way to deny the strong undercurrent of white guys pissed off that being a white guy no longer matters. They long for the “good old days” back when their word was bond.

    This is a silly conspiracy thought i have but I think feminism grew mostly because white women were sick of their men and wanted to branch out to other races without fear of repercussions.

    Plus most of their rhetoric is against white men. They even categorize MRAs as “angry white guys” even though it does have some men of other races. The implication being that only white guys need this movement.

    Largely true. And this is why they thrive off their own obsessions with guns, militia, ‘law and order’, IQ, etc. It’s quite the substitution for their own sexual insecurities. I’ll write about that before the end of the season. As far as your “conspiracy theory”, it has merit. I have no doubt that white women became so appalled by their men, but even that was plagiarized from the black woman’s playbook of matriarchy and it affects all men. A recent example was with Shoshonda Roberts’ ugly ass and her scam to attack black masculinity.

  2. If there are articles and posts on how men can improve themselves, regardless of whether it attracts women or not, that can be valuable. If all posts are just about how to get women into the sack, that is basically the female equivalent of Cosmo, which for decades has been giving women “secrets” on how to keep men happy. Which reminds me of two great quotes:

    “What do men want? Easy – food, sex and silence. Feed me, fuck me, shut the fuck up!” – Chris Rock

    “Want to know how to keep your man happy? Suck his dick, make him a sandwich and don’t talk so much.” – Dave Chappelle.

    Anytime I start to get a little lonely – I just have flashbacks to all the nonsensical arguments I have witnessed between married couples. Snaps me out of my daydreams.

    Here’s the thing…

    I have no problem with self-improvement blogs for men, especially in a post-feminist society where knowledge for men is fading away because the women are being overvalued. Magazine sections in drug stores and the educational systems are a prime example of this. But when it comes to self-development, do you really need game blogs or just common sense? Shouldn’t you be doing that for yourself anyway?

  3. I used to read some of the so called “game” blogs. I gradually stopped because of the ubiquitous racism. There is a constant undercurrent of anti-black anything, especially with sites like Heartsie and ROK.

    Most of the sites are created by white Anglo-saxon males. I get it. Their anger and discontent stems from their inability to rampage throughout the world without any consequences, as they’ve done for the last 400 years. People all over the world are starting to stand up to the godlike white man, and he doesn’t like it. No surprise they always talk about the “old” days.

    RoK has a multitude of different writers, including a few black writers. That’s what I enjoy about it. But, ummm… stay tuned for what I’m posting about “Heartiste”.

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