Chateau Heartiste Explained

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading several topics from Chateau Heartiste (aka Roissy), along with his comment section. After finalizing several conclusions, I’ve decided to unfollow his blog and several others will be coming up… My reasons?

Recently, I made a topic about how white guys commit blatant plagiarism of black men’s playbooks on how to deal with women (via game, macking, etc.) while tooting their own horn with claims of ‘high IQ’ and how traditionalism was somehow stable. They use the allure or sex with hot chicks as a marketing strategy to lure in a bunch of social retards and sexual underdogs (probably 80% of more of people who read this shit). Funny thing is underneath all of this talk of game and bachelorhood, the demographic consists of dudes who are either not smart enough to game women, or are dealing with the opposite sex on a LTR level.

I read and enjoyed series about Why Chicks Dig Jerks, feminist fallacies and men having low standards, but I never really went beyond that. I say the same about Tariq Nasheed; I’ll listen to his radio show when he discusses business/finances, shade-tree women and such, but I don’t go beyond that, either. Similarly, Tariq Nasheed has a demographic to appease. Most of the callers on his weekly shows aren’t the kind of people who I, personally, could talk to for more than 25 seconds, as they are all inbred, sheltered and they all regurgitate ‘recycled’ game passed down from more seasoned players decades ago.

After reading between the lines, I’ve concluded that CH is borderline racist against black men – maybe not to the extent of a certain segment of his fanbase. At the end of they day, they all gravely want so bad to imitate a certain type of guys who they innately despise: the (black) alpha male!

Without getting into specifics (I’ll post photos and links as evidence), it’s very evident that the site is randomly laced with bigotry against blacks in general, but they also have a great fear of blacks and women. This is the attitude that was historically embraced in the USA and is responsible for the current state of affairs. Yet, the tables are slowly but surely turning. White men are complaining about a possible future of ‘white male pussydom’ and hypergamy prevailing, which leaves the ‘undesirable’ males stuck. Thus, a possible future of white men may become drones who are neutered, cuckolded or turned into sissies.

In the photos and links I’ll post below, you’ll see nothing but sheer evidence of how openly obnoxious a lot of CH’s followers are. This includes keyboard tough-guys guys like “whorefinder” and others who evidently get their jollies off by freely tossing around the N-word, referring to a black woman as a “jungle bunny”, blaming liberalism for things like integration, IR dating, porn and widening the competition pools in life. Conservatives makes great usage of the same shit, but that’s another story…

Recently, there were topics posted there about CNN’s Anderson Cooper being a ‘pussy’ when he discovers a slave murdered one of his ancestors who was a slave owner. Then, another was posted quoting the likes of Thomas Sowell, a black conservative who, like boot-licking Larry Elder (recently emasculated by KABC), love talks about ‘personal responsibility’, standardized education, white inheritance/domination being some sort of ‘achievement’ and liberal media portraying “parasites as victims”. If you look into the comments section of those topics, it’s quite obvious which group of people takes that shit and runs with it like an Olympian.

Building a nation based on lies, murder, scams, rape, plagiarism, then confusing human intelligence with ‘IQ scores’ and drugging everyone else into submission is some real fucking achievement, right?

Based on the responses of CH and his demographic when it comes to certain subjects, they have a great fear of blacks and women, just like their ancestors.

  • They long for the return of traditional parameters, yet one of their biggest fears is cuckoldry, leading to even more ‘white male pussydom’.
  • They feel poverty is caused by hypergamy and illegitimate kids, yet they feel lily-white suburbs are supposed to be immune to hypergamy (natural selection), because of ‘high IQ’, high standardized tests or some other shit.
  • They blame movies like The Blind Side, The Green Mile and Radio for promoting a ‘liberal agenda’ that involves IR dating; assuming white girls only fuck black men based on theories of ‘white guilt’, or black men being ‘gentle giants’ and other assorted retards.
  • They refer to white girls who have sex with black men as ‘mudsharks’ (a nice way of saying “n*gger lover”).
  • They make nasty comments about women catching Ebola syndrome from fucking blacks.
  • They feel ‘law enforcement’ is justified in murdering blacks and that cops need to be ‘tougher’ on them.
  • They, like conservatives, feel blacks are violent because they have ‘low IQ’.
  • They refer to black women as ‘jungle bunnies’.
  • They create derogatory terms like ‘Shaneequa Law’ to describe some refusal to indict blacks for non-violent offenses.

You see, this is the shit they live for. Chateau Heartiste may not be responsible for who comments on his blog, but it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to realize what’s really going on here.

1] All this game talk is psychological masturbation and it confuses people into believing behavior drives the options when it comes to sex. Most people who read game blogs are overachieving nerds who don’t even know what pussy and ass tastes or smells like. That, or they recall how good they had it in 1997 or something else along the lines…

2] All this talk about IQ, white ‘achievements’, cheering on ‘law and order’, hypergamy, ascending female sexuality and blacks integrating with whites explicitly proves what the rest of us have predicted decades ago: Fear of retribution.

But hey, I’m sure it appeases a generation of men who had women rampantly dish out shit-tests or shit-turds in exchange for a small victory, or none at all. What’s even more pathetic are similar websites laced with dickless chumps, such as ‘the manosphere’ or PUAHate (which was shut down after the Isla Vista, CA incident in Spring, 2014). Would game have worked for Elliot Rodger when he hated the players and the game, as he confessed in his manifesto? Then again, he probably would have found solace in subscribing to CH, since he too hated black guys who tapped snowbunny ass.

It doesn’t matter if emphasis on ‘game’ comes Chateau Heartiste, Tariq Nasheed, RooshV or whomever, there are similarities. The same way white girls who go IR are categorized as ‘mudsharks’, black girls are categorized as ‘negro bed wenches’ for doing the same. While there is merit in some cases, it’s generally a shaming apparatus.

Personally, I have no problems getting ass, paid or unpaid. I actually enjoy showing ‘impoverished’ brown-skinned women great times that most white men and token black guys won’t – as long as she’s a 4 and above. So, I really have no need to learn how to pull magic tricks out of my ass to attract women (a la carte, a piece of ass). So, it’s all a bunch of shit I lack interest in hearing. All it takes is real-world experience, which is something most guys in this generation don’t have, unless they are night owls and black guys in impoverished neighborhoods with better social skills than their most ‘educated’ counterparts who spent years prostituting themselves in schools and universities for papers and plaques to enter a world of wage slavery.

At the end of the day, it really proves who the biggest bitches really are.



Heartiste Briefly Takes On Tim Wise

Women Might Catch Ebola By Fucking Black Men

Shoshona Roberts and Thirsty Black Men (I think some unpleasant comments about Emmett Till were made here.)

Heartiste Attacks Old White Hags

The Planet of the Mudsharks (Slutty White Teachers Who Fuck Black Teens)

Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side, IR Dating and White Guilt

Heartiste praises Thomas Sowell

Anderson Cooper and ‘White Male Pussydom’

More Fear of White Male Pussydom

Heartiste’s Fan “Whorefinder” Attacks a ‘Jungle Bunny’ (read the comment section)

Using Conservatism to Back Up Fear of Miscegenation



heartiste on Twitter   @ClarkHat Shaneequa Law meaning that cops pull back and don't arrest blacks for minor-ish offenses lest the cops get hauled before tribunal. The Real Meaning Of ‘Privilege’   Chateau Heartiste Comment Of The Week  Sandra Syndrome   Chateau Heartiste (1) Comment Of The Week  Sandra Syndrome   Chateau Heartiste “Get lost”   Chateau Heartiste (1)


– RationalWiki’s accurate description of CH.

9 thoughts on “Chateau Heartiste Explained

  1. I really dont think they understand how much this is hurting their cause. Men all over are dealing with tempestuous women, but all they wanna do is blame others for the fact they cant get the white picket fence dream they feel entitled to.

    That’s why I favor MGTOW, because it focuses on personal solutions, as opposed to the rest of the manosphere, which looks like little more than a hugbox for disaffected white males.

    I read CH, but I quickly stopped because of what absorbing that information can do to your mind. I read so many accounts of “nobody really likes black men” or “they feel good now but wait till (same race) alpha comes along”. The goal is to make you feel undesired, even though you can look at your personal reality and see the exact opposite trends.

  2. I used to read that site. The comments section made stop. I’m willing to bet most of those white males have no interaction with blacks daily and yet they are experts on black people.

    The hypocrisy of IR dating is that white male/Asian female is the most common type of IR couple as per the census bureau. The psychology of the Anglo Saxon male has always been to take more than his fair share. They claim to despise us but will sneak into the “slave quarters” when no one is watching. Let me stop before I write a novel.

  3. I used to read the site as well. It’s most valuable advice was on how women will say one thing, while doing another – and see no problem with that. This applies to women they label sluts or wife material. But anytime it touched on race, it exhibited some truly dumb behavior.

    Although I am not a fan of his, Jesse Jackson said that black people are the canary in the coal mine of America. Any social pathology that America says “tsk tsk” at in black America, will soon affect the rest of the nation unless policies are made to address it. So, back in the 1960’s, when black illegitimacy was about 25%, government could have enacted policies to halt it. Improve schools by moving away from property taxes as the chief method to fund schools. Don’t enact policies that remove the cost of having kids out of wedlock.

    Of course, a combination of bad welfare policies, and a drug war that disproportinately affects minorities did just the opposite. Now, the black illegitimacy rate hovers between 60-65%, and whites are 30% for white women who do not graduate from college.

    Of course, don’t expect the guys at CH to address this – after all, that would require them to scrutinize the behavior of white politicians and white law enforcement agencies. Are they out to maintain law and order, or make a living by locking up people?

    Reihan Salam had a nice article yesterday of how the upper middle class enacts policies that benefit them, while hurting the middle and working class. Worth your time.

    The Upper Middle Class is Ruining All That is Great About America

    One of my favorite quotes in cinematic history comes from Killing Them Softly, where Brad Pitt’s character says in the end, “America is not a country, it’s just a business.”

  4. I would slightly disagree with the assertion about Tariq Nasheed going in on BW who date interracially. The only time I’ve ever heard him use the term negro bedwench was for full-on sellouts who use their IR relationships to sh!t on BM, like Kola Boof. In other words just simply a female equivalent of uncle tom, if he has used it in another context I haven’t heard it.

    Yes. Tariq doesn’t make broad generalizations to blacks who date IR. He targets that term for the ‘sellouts’. However, I’m pretty sure CH feels the same way about white women who date IR, labeling them as ‘mudsharks’ or other types of ‘race traitors’. Tariq’s contempt has merit. For guys like CH, though, it stems from retribution and phallic jealousy.

    1. I agree that Roissy and his followers ain’t sh!t. I remember reading his blog for an extremely brief moment about 5 years ago when I was first introduced to the so-called manosphere. Its not that I don’t believe in mens rights or that I’m not absolutely disgusted by the contradiction that is the family and divorce court machine, its that much like you as a black man their constant jabs at black people piss me off to no end. They also take legitimate mens issues and veer off the deep end into actual misogyny instead of simply making a point. To hell with game, these fools need a lobotomy.

      In reply to the final sentence: Yes! The comments are irritating, but after awhile, you get used to it. Imagine how much older blacks became immune to hearing whites say shit like “They’re animals anyway, let them lose their souls.” Upon hearing/seeing certain things from certain people, you’ll know where you stand with them. In a way, it’ll make your life paramount.

      1. Its just that their “issues” are so irrational to the point of being laughable. I remember a commenter stating that it wasn’t fair that most of Frances Football (Soccer) players being Black was proof that too many immigrants were in Europe and that white countries should be represented in sport by whites. They also went on to show the tumbling Euro-White birth rates dropping while Muslims in Europes were higher meaning in 150 something years there would be more Muslims than Europeans, I kid you not. As you stated the fear of retribution is clearly happening to whites if they’re sweating about long term hypotheticals like that.

      2. @Sauce on the soccer team issue: the funny thing about this (aside from the sheer inepty of the complaint) is that the commenter seemed to coneniently forget that all french black people (and it’s especially true when it comes to professional sports) aren’t descendants of immigrants: far from it actually.
        A good deal of our best French black athletes are actually West Indians, who are every bit as French as the whites (and have been so since slavery ended almost 200 years ago), but naturally you can’t expect most white French to even make a difference.

        The fear of retribution is indeed really real, but then again what did they expect? 2000 of non-stop warfare with the rest of the world to build and secure their own fortune was bound to come biting them right in the ass sooner or later.
        And this is just the beginning.

    1. Pretty much.

      For how misguidedly the words “misogynist” and “racist” have been used and abused by feminists, I think both terms perfectly describe CH (along with other manosphere/PUA type blogs).

      There’s no need to read between the lines when the comment section reeks so much of bigotry, hatred, frustration and fear. Honestly, some of the posts and following reactions are so bad I would understand why one (especially women -of all races- or black men) would be tempted to become a feminist and/or grow wary of all white guys after reading those.

      As you said being exposed to those messages for an extended period of time is more unhealthy than anything else.

      Yes. CH’s commentary about women is worse than the more realistic commentary of women found in rap music. Between CH and Tommy Sotomayor, I’m unsure which of those blowhards are worse.

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