What Women’s Attitudes Towards Children Reveals About Female Solipsism


Growing up in a predominantly matriarchal community, I’ve immensely observed the healthy amount of disrespect that women had towards most men – even those who were good fathers and husbands. But I’ve also witnessed the horrifying attitudes they’ve had towards their own and others people’s children.

– Without speculation and making generalized swipes towards an entire demographic, I’ll tell you how and why this form of female solipsism has influenced their attitudes towards children…

Female solipsism is what causes women to pitch a bitch, allowing their emotions to override logic in attempts to have their way, or to have the last word. Anyone who will not allow her to have her way is automatically labeled as an ‘asshole’, a ‘creep’ or a ‘misogynist’. This type of behavior is also used when women deal with their own children. It’s also a breeding ground for various forms of child abuse and a total devaluation of human life.

I’m purposely starting off on the wrong foot – There’s been a lot of talk about Tiger Moms who uses extreme methods to push their offspring into a world of ‘success’ in white-dominated societies. There’ve been many opposing viewpoints based on East-Asian women’s aggressive-submissiveness to white men, or if Amy Chua is using her kids to obtain perks and net economic gain. Amy Chua isn’t whoring herself out for white America in a sexual sense (if she were, she’d be so much better off), but in a cultural and psychological demeanor. The fact that she’s forcing her unsound ideologies on her daughters proves how much of a asexual geisha massage bitch she truly is for white societies. Her daughters may be successful in the long run, but they may have “issues” as adults. Success doesn’t mean shit without happiness, accountability and individualism.

But, how are Tiger Moms different from black welfare scammers who’ve used their children as bargaining chips via the child support hustle over the past 40 years? How about women who purposely let athletes, celebrities and physically intact alphas raw-dog them either to collect paychecks or spread some legacy based on congenital traits? Can the same be said about women who marry overachieving idiots and on-point simps because they’re seen as walking ATM machines, rather than walking sex machines? Wives who are knowingly married to pedophiles, only to act oblivious to their husbands’ corrupt cesspool?

What about parents who push their kids into show business, then pimp them out of their earnings like crack whores? I mean, we’re all aware of what this has done to Michael Jackson, Gary Coleman, Jon Benet Ramsey, Macaulay Culkin, etc.

In some scenarios, this is what female hypergamy leads to.


Psychological and systematic abuse almost can almost never be proven, unlike physical and sexual abuse. Women are knowingly guilty of committing the former whereas the latter is mostly initiated by men (unless you consider female teachers having sex with teenage male students ‘abuse’, which in most cases, teen boys reciprocate to sexual advances made by them). If being a single mother is that hard, why fuck without the use of contraceptives? Why do women purposely keep the kids away from their fathers, then paradoxically complain about the epidemic of ‘deadbeat dads’? Not to mention how being a single mother takes a toll on a woman’s physique, sex life and psychological state?

Regardless of the hard facts written in stone, women do this because they can get away with it. In spite of how hard having a baby is, most do it to themselves and they wouldn’t have it any other way… because it’s a check.

In addition to this, there are virago-like behaviors some black women have towards their children, some of which can be observed in public or on social media. I’m sure we’ve seen instances of white women putting their kids on leashes. Women commit and plan infanticide, which is basically murdering another human. Don’t get me started on unstable bitches who run the public educational system. And they do so BTS (behind the scenes), not only because of their ability to run game, but because the men (even male principals) just won’t rock the boat and are too nostalgic or just plain fucking dumb. Since childhood, some women were intensely spoiled to where they put themselves on pedestals. They carry the pedestals everywhere they go and havoc is wreaked.

Like most people entering rent-seeking professions, female teachers don’t really care about their students. Just like most wives don’t really love their husbands. Instead, what they’re in love with is their own vainglorious self-image, status and ego. I’m reminded of one woman who hardly kept a job, except when she taught in elementary school for a couple of years. Her husband made more than her and supported her for most of her life. Whenever she invited her cackling hen cronies over, she talked about these kids like shit. Mind you, these were 1st graders.

Then, there’s women who attack the lifestyles certain women chose, by their own admission, to take care of themselves and their kids. Women charade other women who play the victim role and took some poor sap to the cleaners as if it’s a badge of honor. Recently, black male celebrities like Usher and rapper Ludacris changed the game of how women usually win in divorce courts; both men won custody of their children in spite of the scams the kids’ mothers tried to run in court. Rapper Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris got a chick pregnant, I’m assuming out of impulse. Many sources revealed he bribed her to get out of paying child support and even paid her to have an abortion, knowing child support payments would drain him dry. What he did was whacked, just like men who take their sons to meet their fuck buddies. But face it, that’s far less fucked up than shit women and their enablers pull when children are involved.

What does this tell you about the dark side of feminine nature?

I’ve written about the constant spousification and fear black mothers have for their sons lives, which creates mother/son drama a year ago. I didn’t choose to make extensive articles throwing the likes of Tiger Moms under the bus, nor predicting a future of women using men as sperm donors and workhorses (chattel) because for one, the black community has already been there and done that. But the question is floating in the air: “What is the difference between women using kids for economic gain and prostitution? Why in the USA is one legal and the other isn’t?”

Capitalism, governments and feminism has worsened female solipsism because of their ‘pass interference’. Truthfully, hypergamy wouldn’t be an issue if laws, legal wrangling and hurt feelings were nonexistent. Women would be having sex for recreation and procreation as nature intends, instead of reducing themselves to snooty, status-chasing whores.

The reality is… women love money and status. They could care less whose lives they ruin in the process of obtaining either.

To all of you guys out there, regardless of which life you chose, if you’re messing around with these women, know this:

You don’t have to get the chick pregnant. Fuck her all day and night! Why must you get her pregnant? Even if you want kids and she doesn’t (she exercises control over her body, has an abortion), you’re fucked. You inseminate her, you don’t want kids while she does, you’re fucked. Use those damned condoms or get fixed, fuck her good, make her cum and move on. I can’t stress that enough. Anything else gives women an excuse to build matriarchal societies full of retards and bitches in training. It’s simply not worth it. THEY aren’t worth it!

3 thoughts on “What Women’s Attitudes Towards Children Reveals About Female Solipsism

  1. The thing about Tiger Moms is that they can engage in their behavior only because someone else is subsidizing it. Something to keep in mind about Amy Chua – her family is ethnically Chinese, but are from the Philippines. My closest friend comes from a Filipino family, and says that in its ugliest form, the Chinese in SE Asia are viewed the way Jews were historically viewed in Europe – an insular population that got wealthy off the labor of others, often acting as middle-men. For all of her own achievements, Chua’s family in the old country were not struggling – which means they had the money and means for extensive child support – aunties, nannies, private drivers, exclusive schools.

    From that seat of advantage, Chua’s family moved to America. Did she use her advantage to help out those with fewer advantages? Nope, she spends her time teaching her kids how to identify how to advance themselves. She and her rent-seeking husband are both tenured at Yale Law. They will never experience anything close to financial insecurity beyond, “Hmm… that bathroom remodeling will costs a bit more than we thought.”

    Speaking for myself, I was raised by a Tiger Mom. But, we did not have the job security of Chua’s family. Dad had a lot of different jobs, and vacations were limited to car trips – which mean mostly in the NE part of the country. But just like a Tiger Mom, no real attention was paid to look after those who were worse off. If anything, such people were used as props to tell us what would happen if we did not do well in school.

    Thankfully, I was able to learn that you do not need to be loaded to help out for a few causes that are important to you. I don’t make much, but I do give to the local food pantry – food is a tangible good that many families need right now. That is not something you learn being raised by a Tiger Mom. A Tiger Mom would wonder why the hell you are donating money to people who deserve what happened to them, and it will happen to you if you don’t do well in school.

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