Thought Of The Day: February 3rd, 2015

Here’s another problem that I have with all of this emphasis on ‘game’ and ‘game’ blogs, which is similar to effeminate guys reading erotica…

Why are guys wasting their time reading about the sex lives of other humans when they can simply create their own sexcapades and keep their mouths shut?

I remember when I was just started high school — I was a social retard and I used to talk on the phone with this one chick for months and months, beating around the bush. Similar to my relationship with Georgia, I would listen to her talk for hours about her boyfriend problems, sex with random guys, etc. Except when I was a teenager, of course I was a bigger idiot than I was when I was 27. One of my closest friends back then (currently in prison for murder) went off on me because he felt I was wasting my time. He asked “Why the fuck would I want to listen to other people and their sex lives when I can go out and build my own sex life?”

1997 was a very turbulent year for me, for a lot of reasons I choose not to get into right now. But let’s just say I ran with a crowd of older urban ‘thugs’ who, like my stepfather, had shown me the ropes when it comes to dealing with real manhood shit. So, this group of neighborhood bullies also taught me how to deal with women and have a backbone. No pep talks about ‘game’. These guys didn’t have ‘game’. They just had bravado and a sense of masculinity – whether they were involved in gangsterism or not. They didn’t take shit off women and randomly threatened to go upside a chick’s head if she ever stepped out of boundaries. This caused the chicks to have more respect for these assholes than the nice guys who kissed their ass, in hopes of getting ‘kickbacks’.

Another guy, five years my senior, told me that every woman is a freak. It just depends on who she wants to be a freak with. A third stressed to me to “Talk to older hoes. Younger hoes are full of shit.” Much of this I’ve observed based on life experience and I realize these guys were right. This is also why narcs in my high school hated me hanging around these guys, because of their fear that I’d get a backbone. So, I did lose my way somewhere and I allowed myself to let bitches waste my time. But I put an end to that shit several years ago.

I didn’t have to read game blogs to teach me this shit, unlike most of you. I’ve also learned by trial and error.

To a large degree, guys who watch porn or homemade videos shot by smartphone cameras of real people having fucking on social media (Zoig and Facebook included) have more virtue and are more sexually awakened than guys who read useless kindle books and blogs about how ‘good’ someone else has it. You see, without providing extra details, I have a decent sex life. I have no problem getting ass, paid or unpaid. Ass comes a dime a dozen in this generation, especially if you’re a fit, hypermasculine and self-reliant black guy who’s in tune with your sexuality and in your prime. Not to mention my flings coming from adults-only hookup oriented groups and social media sites where thousands of hot black, Latina and other brown-skinned attention-whores throw ass as guys regularly. Now that I’m in my prime, I have had some of the hottest chicks the USA has to offer. I have yet to travel abroad, but again, I’m just getting started 3 years ago. And I swore I’d never let age catch up with me and so far, it hasn’t.

I’m saying that to say that I don’t waste my time listening to the sex lives of others, be it from a PUA fraud who’s trying to make money selling dreams, nor a woman who loves to hear herself talk about her dick issues. Years ago, I met a guy who stopped giving his phone number out to American broads after being spoiled with overseas travels. His reason included how they loved to ramble on and on about their man problems – like anyone has time for that, especially if they’ve dived in the most exquisite waters!

Why would you listen to someone else boast about how ‘good’ they have it when you can strive to have it ‘good’, if not ‘better’ than them? Are they helping you have it as ‘good’ as them or are offering a bunch of hot air? Isn’t that a feminine trait?

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