Women’s Pavlovian Response to Dominance


Here are the basics of what nice guy, white knight, captain save-a-hoe manginas are too ‘slow’ to comprehend with – which is also something power-hungry bitches lie about:

Women like dominance. They like being manhandled, told what to do and fucked into submission. Since the beginning of time, women have always attached themselves to the dominant male and ‘warrior culture’.

There are many upsides to this, but the downsides rarely go mentioned. And it’s deeper than the nature of hypergamy…

Dominance and ‘game’ differs from eachother by definition, but the two feed off eachother in many cases. Dominance, like game, is not only based on physical attributes, but is mainly based on psychological warfare. It is necessary to have not only when it comes to dealing with women, but employment, sportsmanship, childrearing, or even enlisting in the armed forces. But the thing about game is that you can never trust the person you’re with. While you’re trying to run game on someone, your target is likely to do the same to you. Like a timid employee stuck in a hostile workplace, you spend more time looking over your shoulder and trying to tone out distractions (mind fucks, intimidation) than doing your job.

To date, I’ve heard guys attack men who pay for sex, which is the most honest, ethical and less confrontational transaction between the sexes. They’ll ask stupid machismo-laced questions like “Why pay when you can buy a chick drinks and smooth talk her?” For one, they are too stupid to comprehend that even when drinks are bought, money is exchanged. Two, most men have far too much time on their hands to where they don’t mind wasting productive time trying to convince or coerce a bunch of 3s and 4s that he is worthy of sex with them. What this truly happens to be is a ritual of ‘whore-chasing’.

Pussy power is only as strong as a man’s ignorance!

As far as domination goes, here it is… I admit that playing D/s games can be real hot and create a huge spark, particularly if the chick is a 5 and is receptive to it. At times, it makes the sex so much more enthusiastic, nastier and meaner. It’s as therapeutic as creating a social vibe. But there are undertones and elements of one person being a fool. While I have no interest in playing on the hearts and minds of already stupid, gullible and needy women who love drama and being kept in the dark, what woman (or man) wouldn’t want someone to be a fool for them from time to time?

While most of my current flings are based on escorts and straight sex impoverished brown-skinned cuties, I can count by hand the few BDSM-laced flings I’ve had with a few women. This included the use of paddles, straps, handcuffs, mouth gags, masks, ass sex and authoritative commands. But how often does that happen with a woman who’s above a 4? Not very often! Hard fact is, most women who love domination mind games aren’t even 4s. Most brown-skinned women I’ve slept with will not go beyond a certain point, even if they like being under a man’s control in a sexual sense. Upon bringing up certain acts, they’d always assume I’ve been with too many white girls.

Women (especially black women) have a very potent ‘manhood-testing’ gene within them. This is why game blogs go on and on about specific methods required to pass a woman’s mind game (some of you call them ‘shit tests’ or ‘hoops to jump through’). This includes dishing out smart-ass comments, bitch-pitching, flying off with hands and goading men to be “strong enough to handle her”. At times, when her wish to be ‘handled’ does get fulfilled, she can still use it against him in the future. This is where I conclude that 22 hours of stress is not worth 2 hours of less of sex. And for many people, sex doesn’t even last that long. Some guys’ tire out too quick, have ‘whiskey dick’ – PDE5 inhibitors aren’t for people with significant health complications – and some females can’t reciprocate worth a damn, which has nothing to do with how bad they age.

Not everyone aims to build emotional connections with their sex partners and that’s fine. Lack of emotional connectivity creates some of the best sex, as well. To be clear, you don’t have to play stupid mind games for sex. But if you do, beat her at her own game. Don’t show an ounce of fear or sympathy. If so, she’ll walk all over you. Women innately desire to have their submissive nature become an outlet. They equate power, hot sex and episodes of anger with love and stability. A family-minded man is a burden, just like her overachieving father.

Understand this: Women respond to dick. Women respond to dominance. Women respond to deceit. Women respond to adventure. Women respond to mind fucks. Women respond to vulgarity. Women respond to emotions. Women respond to name-calling. Women respond to money. Women respond to game. Women respond to being called out. Women also respond to being ignored. You love them and they fuck you. You fuck them and they love you!

Now, this does not imply that I condone any type of abuse towards women, but face it, women like mind games. On another hand, why put all that effort into one woman? The game you play that will win her over today will eventually outwear its welcome and the excitement will be lost. She will get bored and you’ll have to play bigger mind games or find ‘new’ ways to keep her interested. Can you top with that one incident that brought her on her belly, on her back or to her knees? Can you do better? Because in the back of her mind, she’ll feel that she can do better – and the truth is, she can. Because whatever you can do, another man can do it better. He could have a bigger dick? Darker or lighter skin? Taller? More cut? More shit talking skills? Maybe he lives closer to her than you do? Maybe he has is own place where he can host? The ability to spoil her?

Women outnumber men (especially black men) at a very high sex ratio. There’s nothing one woman can do that ten others can’t. You may have to pay for it (which you always do), travel the globe for it, do some hard searching for solid 5s or explore women of different ethnicities, but that’s it. That said, any man who is dumb enough to succumb to her domination games after a few good sex sessions is wasting valuable time, energy and resources. Any man who is dumb enough to marry her – or any woman (especially if she’s past 35) is getting a bad deal. He’s paying full price for an item that’s value is depreciating – an item that’s no longer an asset, but a liability instead. He’ll eventually have to deal with kids that aren’t his, attitude and baggage that’s not his, STDs that’s not his and possible charges for spousal abuse – all for a piece of booty that will fall apart as the years go by, just like any other piece of booty. As a result, he’ll look 2-3xs older than he truly is.

Alphas, studs and pipe-laying urban ‘thugs’ know better, so they tend to “get ‘em while they’re young” – or “while they’re hot”.

Oversexed and hypermasculine ‘thugs’ and players, like sex workers and their clientele, are very straightforward. Most of the time, it’s about “let’s fuck, be friends and live freely” and they hook up every other weekend or month. That said, no wasted time, no broken hearts and everyone leaves happy… unless the chick is stupid enough to let him rawdog her and thus, she gets pregnant and becomes another addition to the avalanche of single mothers. I mean, a man cannot rawdog a woman unless SHE allows it.

If the mangina, white knight, mama’s boy, self-enabling captain save-a-hoe, trick-ass cocksucker want to play cape crusader and save the used goods amid attacking other men in the process, then the stupid games are on him.

The latter are usually men who operate under the guise of ‘morality’, aren’t having sex like most normal men their ages or are just a bunch of butt-hurt pussies.


2 thoughts on “Women’s Pavlovian Response to Dominance

  1. An obsessive concern with dominance is nothing more than a sign of insecurity. Its poor psychology.

    Trying to dominate implies neediness. It means needing another persons reactions. You need her to submit to you. A stronger frame is to fearlessly go after what you want – she can respond, or not respond. Its up to her. You are not trying to force submission – you are not dependent on her reaction.

    Needing to control every aspect of the relationship is also weakness.

    There are 3 types of men.

    A strong man stands up for himself and does not let himself be mistreated but respects others. An insecure man needs the reassurance of others submitting to him. A weak man lets others walk all over him (“nice guys).

    It is perfectly possible to be clear about what you want, express it fearlessly, display initiative and decisiveness, reject any mistreatment, while being polite, kind and accommodating in a reasonable fashion.

    Dominance is a need to be validated by others reactions to you. Its extremely other-dependent.

    Its extremely common for men who have a history of weakness to overshoot the mark in the other direction and try and be too tough and strong – which is just another form of weakness. Only others submission can convince yourself that you are truly “strong” – because you know on some level that you are in fact weak.

    True strength is stands up for itself but does not need the validation of disrespecting others.

    No one sees the swaggering street thug – eager to dominate and display to the world his machoness – as strong. Everyone correctly understands that he is overacting out of insecurity.

    Peace, and good luck on the path to maturity.

    No one sees the swaggering street thug – eager to dominate and display to the world his machoness – as strong. Everyone correctly understands that he is overacting out of insecurity.

    No different from the American police and their lack of accountability. They’re, in fact, worse than the aforementioned.

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