When Education Leads to Sexual Martyrdom

There’s something really peculiar happening in the western pool of sexual opportunity, which stems from higher education and feminism creating an upsurge of lonely, established people.

Not too long ago, I was listening to an old podcast radio show with Dom Torres and Naughty Nomad about sex tourism, monogamy and promiscuity. Dom Torres mentioned the phenomena of entitled western brats and cunts who feel that unless you’re having sex with one of them, you are somehow ‘exploiting’ women who are less ’empowered’ or ‘educated’ than they are. The same applies to pompous-ostentatious urchins who feels that because she owns her own beauty shop, works in broadcasting, financing or public education, or because she’s some lousy ‘god-fearing’ clergy girl that you owe her a ride on the lifeboat. They feel if you travel abroad or visit gentrified, impoverished cities where the women may be hotter or freakier, you are fleecing them.

They feel that porn, strip clubs, paid sex and booty calls with ‘other’ women degrades the female gender, when it truthfully just makes it hard for them to get men to enslave themselves and surrender their entire lives to a bunch of virago-ish, power-hungry, status-obsessed bitches who don’t deserve it. Then there’s the white knight, captain save-a-hoe who mindlessly joins their bandwagon. Except the cape crusaders feel it’s also a man’s duty to wife up used-and-abused cum dumpsters who’s far past their prime and has been rode more times than the penny horse at a Meijer’s grocery store.

I’ve noticed this type of entitlement long ago in the black community, whereas black women pounce on black guys who date European, Asian, Latin or light-skinned mulatto women.

It’s no different from nerds, betas and nice guys who complain about women going after bad boys, thugs and other hyper-masculine assholes. A lot of men are falling into the ranks of slut-shaming or attacking the concept of female hypergamy, simply because they are not being chose. This is a bitch move. It’s what women do. But most guys today are bitches themselves.

This leads to sexual jealousy, martyrdom and an unavoidable destabilization of society, from a biological sense.

These assorted losers accuse the opposite sex of sexual ‘exploitation’ and ‘degradation’ while one-upping their competitors amid advertising their own sexual availability, aesthetics and other irrelevant perks. The self-advertisement is so futile – either with their pompous body language, demeanor, wording or perks. For example, you browse certain social media profiles or observe certain Facebook status updates and they read something along the lines of these (sarcasm and pun intended)…

  • “Hi. My name is Debbie. I have 3 PhDs in cosmetology. I’m a queen searching for a king. Come… eat my entitled pussy!”

  • “Hi. My name is Isabel. I am a god-fearing woman. I am a born-again Christian. I’m a strong black woman. No kids. No deadbeat daddy issues. Sign your name on this marriage contract and I’ll guarantee you’ll get to ride me in missionary position only. Then you give me 3 kids.”

  • “Hi. I’m Tamika. A former jumpoff turned cougar. I’m a struggling single mom with 5 kids. My college degree from Georgetown University means the world to me. If you don’t want to be with me, you aren’t strong enough to handle me. I need to be tamed like a wild cheetah.”

  • “Hi. My name is Ken. I have a high IQ. I have a degree. Get on all fours and craaawwwllllll to me!”

  • “Hi. I’m Elliot Rodger. I drive a BMW. My father is the assistant director for The Hunger Games. Leave those black monkeys alone. I’m so, so cool. GIVE ME THE PUSSY!”

  • “Hi. I’m Chateau Heartiste. I write a blog about game and why chicks dig jerks. I’m a white nationalist who thinks all non-whiteys should be deported to a deserted island. I make money in the ________ department. All white babes, come suck my dick. NOW! No mudsharks allowed!”

I am aware of the feminist agenda to emasculate most men to the point of having no choice but to choose from a small, incentuous ring of overachieving, scrotum-twisting bitches to surrender their lives to. I am also aware of bullshit artists (PUAs, MRAs and select ‘game advisors’) and on-point simps who use their claims of high IQs, test scores, race realism, spirituality and ‘superior genetics’ to coerce women into a life of servility. They brag about how cool it is to smash ‘whores’, only to dismiss them as not being ‘pure as the driven snow’. All in all, both types of people are such jokes as human beings.

I mean, how many women marry these men out of love or sexual attraction? In the end, once the shit hits the fan, it gives the divorcees a giant payday. What woman finds herself gushing and twitching over a man’s IQ, or how high his SAT scores were? What man feels his nature rise at how many law degrees a woman has? Isn’t sexual attraction based on aesthetics, physique, skin complexion, bravado, sexual prowess and availability? Today’s woman doesn’t need a man for anything other than to father her kids and/or help get her rocks off. And it doesn’t matter how she makes her money – via the welfare state, city jobs or whoring. Same goes for men who don’t desire women for anything other than immediate gratification. I agree that you either accept it or you don’t, but collectively there’s nothing you can do about it.

Same goes for the so-called ‘strong’, ‘independent’, ‘educated’, ‘clergy’ women who proudly possess ‘bitch shields’. None of that makes a man’s dick hard, nor will it convince a dude to respect them. The only guys who care about that shit are mama’s boys, manginas, white knight captain save-a-hoe cape crusaders, or mooches who are looking to use them – or at least, those trying to make sure she’s not eating off of him for free. Like the saying goes, “Ass, gas or cash. Nobody rides for free!”

When it comes to being able to converse with a person and build a connection, social skills are important. But education cannot provide that. Life is filled with highly educated nerds and prissy bitches who have bad social skills. But some pompous asshole decided to measure human intelligence based on high IQ scores and college degrees. I’m saying that to say that being highly educated has nothing to do with sexual compatibility. To some degree, it could give a person more subjects to talk about amid conversations. But I’d never recommend a guy getting political and pragmatic with a chick whom he’s trying to make an impression towards for the sake of scoring. Any guy stupid enough to discuss things like god, religion, politics and gender wars with a woman he’s trying to screw deserves whatever repulsive response she gives his dumb ass.

Sadly, people are catching on. However, this includes severing ties with a society which allows such flunkies to bulldoze themselves onto people. Most people don’t understand how scandalous women can be and those are the ones who women trample over the most. The rest of us know the game, except nostalgic guys who use the allure of ‘game’ to create a lineage of undesirables.

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