Why Black Women Will Be Desirable Again

black girls

I’ve posted previous topics about my reasons for not finding most black women attractive (Matriarchal Societies Are in Dire Need of Extermination and An Alternative Explanation For Black Female Rejection). Much of that stems from matriarchal upbringings, high rates of obesity and unrealistic expectations stemming from tokenism. While some of this is a result of white male patriarchy and institutional racism, other problems are self-inflicted. Collectively, black women are very repulsive – even for some of the ones whose aesthetic performance is beyond mediocre.

Progress has been somewhat made in regards to the aesthetic performances, the sexual ‘services’ and other forms of femininity of black women, though it still remains a commodity. But that also depends on geographical restrictions. This also includes having a certain level of respect for not only themselves, but masculine black men alike. What I’m about to say may be ugly to some of you, but without sex- or even the possibility of it – women wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Because that’s the sole reason why men approach women from the start and why women even become mothers. Truth be told, the age of rampant promiscuity has made sistaz more desirable now than they were decades ago!

The hidden ‘fact’ is: Almost every race of men essentially finds black and/or brown-skinned women to be the most desirable. Though some men won’t admit it, there’s always been some strong desire to fuck black women – even for the black guys who refuse to deal with their repulsive diva complexes. It’s been this way even during the plantation era, when whites were more sexually attracted to black female slaves than white women.

Based on my personal experiences, the best sex I’ve ever had came from light-skinned mulatto (multiracial) black women and other brown-skinned women. What made the sex so good? Well, for one, there’s racial differences in body-types. Most black, Latina and SE-Asian women biologically have more body definition and curvature than white and East-Asian women. It doesn’t matter if they are slender or a borderline-BBW, they are livelier when it comes to sex. Add in reciprocal abilities – something most women of color possess – then what you have is a total fucking package deal! While I have yet to be with an East-Asian woman, most of them are far too bony, even though they have some of the best legs I’ve seen.

Most white girls, on the other hand, are like fucking corpses. Having sex with American white girls makes me feel like a necrophile. Regardless of how uninhibited they are, they are far too submissive to where they just lay there with no sense of reciprocation. Whereas brown-skinned women can ride a dick just as vigorously as they can take it. This is where I say white girls (European exempt) are a total fucking bore.

Now, some of you may say pussy is fungible and to an extent, I agree. But without sounding like some race-CONscious lunatic, most men finalize at some point that collectively, there’s always one or two specific ethnicities or hues of women who usually brought out the best in them. And that’s certainly not limited to aesthetics only, because for one, if a chick is an airhead, a drama queen or a crack whore, she’s easily disposable. This isn’t to be confused with white men who over-hype and overly defend white women as being ‘the best’… White women usually portray themselves as freaks to attract black studs, to maintain a career in porn, or to escape their homely upbringing. After awhile, they become bland.

A lot of black men are crazy for ‘snowbunnies’ because of the historical stigma (which leads to ‘white guilt’ at times). Then there’s porn, dominated by white starlets depicted as nasty ‘whores’ who’ll do things many black starlets refuse. Other brothas choose them exclusively because they feel black women are ultimately fucked up, or they were emasculated and exploited by sistaz at some point in their lives… but that’s another story.

Black women can be delusional, combative and barbaric. Negro bed wench fantasies don’t help, either. African-American women prove time and time again that they are highly submissive to their ‘white daddy’, in the same sense as, let’s say… East-Asian women are. Yet in the presence of black men, they suddenly become conservative or spiritual, throwing on poker faces of fake ‘respectability’.

But most blacks who complain about it are too traditional, they have mommy issues, drunk from the Kool-Aid of tokenism and are too hell-bent on trying to find ‘the perfect woman’ to have his kids and live in the ‘burbs with him. They lack the concept, balls and masculine energy to fuck multiple women and go on about their lives. They blame black women for chasing ‘other’ women while condemning sistaz for lusting after blue-collar guys, dope dealers and other masculine ‘losers’ for thug dick instead of choosing the on-point guys. All in all, it’s sour grapes (loser’s scorn).

My dislike for token black guys isn’t just about their failure to empower others, but like the white game practitioners who assume high IQ will make them desirable, they jump through massive hula-hoops for pussy. Ghetto hoodlums and black blue-collar guys waste no time and lay their cards on the table, although some women are stupid enough to let these guys enter raw.

Be that as it may, professional black men will attack women for being a welfare recipient, having a preference in ‘bad boys’, ready-made family or too much experience on the cock carousel. Or they’ll attack her because she listens to rap music with oversexed lyrics about “pussy popping” and such… Then there’s the bullshit epidemic of dumb fucks who learn about game and economics in a dickless attempt to marry a traditional woman who’s either a virgin or one who has no kids.

It may sound peculiar, but alt-lifestyles like paid sex, strip clubs, urban nightlife, social media, raunch culture and rap music has made black women more desirable and feminine today than ever before. Sexual objectification is the name of the game, but isn’t that how it works? Of course, there’s more to life than nasty sex and smashing “bad bitches”, but without sex or the allure of it, humanity will crash.

Because of this, black women will certainly become more desirable in the eyes of most men and there’s a huge possibility of offsetting the white standard of beauty. Some of you may feel “Well, won’t that give sistaz more of an excuse to act like bitches in public?” Maybe it will, or then again maybe it won’t.

I’ll tell you why…

The sexuality of women of color has always been policed, degraded or transformed into mimicry. For a long time, black women weren’t sexually compatible to black men because of the spirituality scam, matriarchal insanity and white men’s legacy of ‘rape’. Then not only have white women become sexually available to black men since the sexual revolution, but they began imitating black women’s style of dress, jargon and either working extra hard or paying to have a physique brown-skinned women were naturally born with.

The stereotype of black women having knee-jerk reactions is very accurate. But ask yourselves: Are black women that fallible when they – like cougars – are the easiest women to pump and dump, being left with a reckon amount of illegitimate kids?

Black women are becoming more desirable in the eyes of men – particularly black men – now more than ever. Likewise, a certain demographic of black men are also becoming more masculine and aware of their heritage. Yet, there’s still more work that needs to be done. It’s not going to be easy for various reasons. More than half of AA women are still overweight, have reckon amounts of STDs and illegitimate kids. The black community is still under the matrix of matriarchy and as a result, women have more balls than most men. That’s why most men don’t have the wherewithal to ‘check’ them. To be clear, I don’t condone domestic violence, but there’s instances where that’s what it took for a woman to embrace her femininity and stop her shit, or fulfill her wish of finding a dominant man who’s ‘strong enough’ to handle her. For others who will not do that, there’s always black science or other styles of mind games.

A real woman knows she can’t get far in life by being a total bitch.

But in The Anglosphere (white-dominated countries), most men are brainwashed to treat women with an infantile existence, allowing them to self-destruct and jeopardize public safety by being a ‘virago’. But then, some men like viragoes because of an intrinsic lust to “tame the beast”. I met a number of black women who have man-testing genes to where she goads physical fights with men, whether it’s whimsical or something along the lines of being more extreme.

3 thoughts on “Why Black Women Will Be Desirable Again

  1. Don’t see it happening.
    The young generation of 18-22 girls – White or even Asian – get their cues from porn at an early age. They are doing stuff their 28yo sisters would not dare doing.

    Being a greater hoe is never a good selling point.

    African black girls are different if you can get them fresh of the boat – they resemble more EE/FSU women in character being more feminine and submissive. I have dated one whose sisters and cousins were all similar – educated, feminine, killer-bodies – the total package. Wanted me to settle down with her.

    Alas – we do what we do around here.

    Being a greater hoe is never a good selling point.

    According to whom?

  2. Black women have always been desirable by men of different backgrounds. But, the issue is long-term viability. There are perceptions that however attractive black women are when they are young and fit, that is a short window. Once they have a kid or hit 30, they will turn into one of the obese women you see on the subway.

    There is also the perception that however attractive a black woman may be – what of other issues, like her family, her financial status etc? She may not fit into the images that the nightly news bombards people with – but if you date one, can you be sure that you can keep those undesirable factors at bay?

    Bingo! Truth is, nothing lasts forever.

    Also, given that black women still have the highest rate of children born out of wedlock, that is still a “no-no” for many men. Who wants to deal with that drama?

    I feel that. Be that as it may, again, most men who complain about it are looking for something long-term. Me? I’m not trying to be anybody’s husband or anybody’s daddy. Even then, it’s hard to smash some chicks if their kids are always in the mix, not well kept or if the kids are just bad as hell. I agree, it’s not a good look to have multiple sex partners around your kids, so some women know how to balance their personal lives with motherhood. Others? Hell no.

    Again, these are perceptions as they relate to long-term issues. It has nothing to do with whether or not black women are sexually desirable. A good chunk of the hip-hop industry owes less to the often interchangeable beats and repetitive lyrics, and more to the stunning women in the videos.

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